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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Kencha Saga – 7 ScrewBalls The Wrong Turn..!!!J

The Kencha Saga – 7

ScrewBalls The Wrong Turn..!!!J

Drizzling rainy days was no new for us in rainy season. It’s the age when the blood is too warm and always asks the warmth… and warmth without any friction in those chill weather is like trying to light fire with just a match stick. Without a rubbing surface there was no fun of fire. Well the evening hot mirchis & spicy chatey with hot dosas was our regular feast to keep ourselves warm. But did it serve all…???? Well human nature is like that… its never been said to be accomplished with all its desires. Well desires ignited more and more as and how the mercury lost its stamina to stand erected at its normal length. I mean to say atleast 240 C.

Well something to be found alternative to maintain the ecological balance. Kencha read something new in the video theatres. That cost around Rs.10 – Rs.15 which was far cheaper than in any theatres. A month back Laxmi video theatre was re-opened after a raid for 3 months. There was no big deal to close else than they showed some realistic which the big screen hided from big audience…J but nevertheless these had potential to grab youngsters much into its den.

Cool air was passing through all pores that came in touch. That evening we got to know about the new movie inside the small den. It was Screw Balls… and there was no sigh of saying no to it as all knew that it was a good movie to watch. That too watching in a video theatre is something that can be done in that age itself J …Kencha smiled at us and asked… “Chale kyaaa…????”Well it was not any tough question to answer and Me, & Jatti nodded with a smile…J

2 cycles with 3 guys seated... the troop started by 9.10 pm. Movie was at 9.30 pm. We were on the way to the finest video theatre. Poster said something ‘Cold Blood’. But the movie inside was really hot. Well ‘Screw Balls’ series are always hot. Hmmm the movie started in the dark den. No one could see each other. Well the screen also had no much things to show with heavy lightings. Everything went in dark and there was much biology and science to learn. Well somehow movie came to interval. Guys and only guys who acquired all 118 seats came out to fresh up. Believe it or not all were of same college as the college hostel was just 300mts from the door steps of theatre. Its obvious to meet all. And many of them were Kencha’s classmates….LOL J

Well we re-gathered to witness the next half of the movie. It went on for 45mins more. No was willing to move out till the last name on the screen disappeared. As all the making of different shots were shown at the end of movie with some credit song. Hmmm the actual fire was now to ignite. No one had the bit of information about it…LOL…

We three were about to step out…suddenly people rushed as there was any big tsunami inside the theatre…..well the waves were about to hit us from front… it was not any Tsunami but the Police around that area had came to know about the reality if the theatre and it was again to be raided…lol J and we three successfully ran to the cycles. Kencha forgot that he had placed his cycle on the other side. Well he already took a wrong turn…!!!! We both somehow made our way out but Kencha had to rush on the direction where the constable was running towards him with his long stick rolling in his hand. Kencha had no option else than to move away from there. We escaped from there in next 2 seconds but kencha ran as fast as possible… pathetically he could not race with the rolling stick which the constable that swung at 90km/hr. The stick made its milestone mark on his big ass like a bee making its life sacrificing bite…!!! He made a quite huge sound which we heard it on the adjacent road. Jatti peddled with all his energy zipped down on his feet. Kencha somehow escaped in the darkness and was able to collect the OC cycle after spending half n hour in dark.

We were waiting for him at hostel doors. 35 mins later kencha arrived like risen stallion dividing all his 65,000 grms on the 2 peddles of the cycle…LOL J he had similar posture all throughout his travel as he was now unfit to sit pleasantly on his own butts anymore…J

Sweat was showering on his face and probably from each cell of his body was hot now…J that night he slept with fan on in a rainy night with his ass towards the ceiling to catch all possible chillness around to cool down itself from the burning shot. For the next one week he sat on desk as if he is ready to run away from the college…J sitting in this same posture from the start of the class till the end promising the lecturer that he have no intension to run away from class is aint a easy job either….lol J… Well at this stage of life… Kencha was so fulfilled…I can say he was more overfilled with all desires…LOL J He… no more dared to watch any more movies there after in that theatre….lol J

After a gap of of 365 more days… it was far enough for him to forget the last season…J But this time it was a big screen…J Kencha again hicked up to say… “Chale Kya..????” smiles nodded J

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Kencha Saga-6 Beardville…!!! J

The Kencha Saga-6
Beardville…!!! J

Farmville.. is a quite familiar game on today’s internet updates...tons of people who log into facebook, only traces might have been away from seeding a single seed into it. Including me people open their account in facebook for playing Farmville…J LOL…

Farmville.. is a quite familiar game on today’s internet updates...tons of people who log into facebook, only traces might have been away from seeding a single seed into it. Including me…people open their account in facebook for playing Farmville…J LOL…

Well my point of discussion right now is not to make my reader go nuts on Farmville …but to drag the attention again none other than towards our loving Kencha…J.. Well this is not to say that Kencha play Farmville or something…. But Yes… Kencha was a real Jeeni…J.He adopted these games in himself ages ago…J Well system & internet in every rooms was hard to find out in those days where a normal low configured as much as 40GB Hard Disk with 1 GB RAM cost around 40K…which was no fun to find in every roo

m and was as same as a color TV in the whole of town and hundreds came to watch ‘Ramayana’ around 20 long years ago…J

Well let me come back from long flash back to the good old hostel days… Well Farmville was hardly had any meaning by then and No dictionary gave the meaning either.. But our Kencha played Beardville… Let me explain you all what exactly it meant… it is nothing but utilizing the resource like blade, razor, scissor, shaving cream, shaving brush, mirror etc like using tractor, seeds from market etc as in Farmville. Using these things appropriately at right times is where the real intelligence meant. He looks very innocent in pictures. Well looks shall be depictive J He can be studied only when someone really smells his closeness. And 4 years is sufficient to earn a professional degree… I guess its not less to learn lefts & rights about this elliptically oriented guy J When as there is some limited timing for crop harvest Kencha had timed his beard for a month and mustache after every fortnight. Well the idea behind it was… As mentioned before.. He was very much good in mathematics and henceforth it was his duty to surrender his talent and use it in present lifestyle. His main aim was to save as much as possible. May be that is the reason today he own a 2 bedroom flat and 1 car with 2 second hand 4 wheelers hired on travels…& also now booked a site in Bangalore. Well booking a site in city called Bangalore that too in this young age is no reason to be called any Joke… Oooopppsss He is the man with business chip fixed by default in his pointed haired head round black head.

Well his budget was Rs.60/Sem. This was divided as 6 blades cost Rs.6, hair cut once in every 3 months, Rs. 20 each… half shaving cream pack which came around Rs.14/- Really I had so many things to learn from him….lol J I always amused to see him whenever he would come out of saloon, he would come wit 5mm hairs on head and 15mm beard. He would harvest all his hairs on face at one stretch with some trimming of his mustache. No wonder it would take 3 more months for his head to fertilize his hairs for harvesting..!!! Well nevertheless he always noted all these things in his personal dairy with all accounts attached…!!! ! Tons of patience bounded in him to keep a note of all these activities… Hats off to Kencha… J

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Kencha Saga-5 The Red Nightmare…!!! J

The Kencha Saga-5

The Red Nightmare…!!! J

Hi all… Kencha again J…. This character has enormous potential to generate story at his very breathable moment… I mean until every moment he lives for himself and others.. J Well this is again connected to the previous blog where he meets a nightmare with one eye open… J Dear readers.. Lets explore a wonderful journey with our Kencha and lets enjoy another feasting saga in the below unread lines…J Well I already thrown my life onto edge of sword by writing his stories… well Cowards Die Hundreds But The Brave Die Only Once- words of Julius Caesar of my sixth std English lesson sharpened my thoughts to pen down further blogs of my dearest Kencha.. J

It was 4 days on our Diwali holidays …we landed in our respective hometown. Well now it was time to pull back onto hostel again. The bus started 5 kms from my hometown where Kencha dwelled in his den. Bus started from his place. And he reserved a seat for me from his place. Bus was merely empty with traces of night journey lovers. Well he picked 4th seat from front on two seaters leaving one for me. He was dressed up pretty red which he always loved to… and accompanied by a shawl that protected him from the external chill. Bus stopped on my stop with a conductor whistle… Kencha raised his hand to make his identity in the uncrowded bus. Well… it took a minute later to say bye to my papa who came there on that drizzling night to leave me to bus stop.

After an hour we were in a big stop where we could find tons of people immigrating to Bangalore after diwali holidays. I got down to take some fresh air. Well getting fresh chilled air in that rainy night aint an good idea either. But still came out to stretch arms as we had to sit next 4 hrs like GOD until we meet our destination. Kencha stayed in. Conductor blew his mighty whistle as if he is the only and last man on earth to transport other living creatures to their destinations. People assembled back into bus as normal but I found something abnormal. The crazy abnormal thing was Kencha was not on his seat where I left him before I left my seat. My eyes rambled rest of the seat atlast found him on second seat of three seater side with a unknown fairy on his right. I saw him, his eyes caught my vision and told not to make any make any creepy noise that would lead to disturb him from that place. Well his vision has already betrayed my eyes and I had no option than to forget this cheating eyes once that jut blinked for me…L well the next stop…a mighty country side granny sided my right side and that was not new to me…LOL …J Almost atleast 90% of my whole Engg holidays travel.. I spent beside most good old senior citizens who might be having last wish to see me aside. Well I don’t want to pull my black & white story in between when you readers are enjoying Kencha’s colorful story…J

Well moments later conductor finished his homework of issuing tickets. The queen of sleep was laying her hand on my eyes and calling the day off from the cool breezy window of the bus. And so wasn’t the same for Kencha on the second seat. Well to say exactly…on the hot seat…J as a hot gal was beside him on same seat. Kencha never had such opportunity of being beside such a beautiful gal …J not atleast in his class…lol J thank god I don’t know any of the gal in his class either…Else after seeing these blogs they might have screwed me up to nuts…J the holy darkness took the whole bus in its hug and gave a peaceful sleep for almost 50 passengers out of 52….And those 2 were Kencha and the Driver. Off course driver was busy awake just not to make our destination …A black destiny!!! There was some meaning in keeping him awake… He was driving all 50 passengers to their safe destination. But what smelled with Kencha to keep him awake all length and breadth of journey..???? Rain started crying cats & dogs…. And such kind of rain was no surprise as snow in Siberia… J but this guy was not settled at all… I don’t know what went wrong with him or may be the beautiful gal might have sucked all sleep from his eyes… I could see Kencha blinking his eyes only when bus passed some street lights on nearby country side roads. The rest of all….i assumed that he was awake.

Well after sitting for an hour in darkness and chill air..its natural human tendency to shutdown his eyes and make his eye lids meet each other for longer period of time… Kencha was not a exception and he do and did belong to same human race…LOL…J naturally sleep laid its eyes hands on Kencha also …J he started floating in deep sleep and unfortunately swayed to his right. He never knew.. the beautiful girl would turn to be a nightmare in few moments… He had a jerk..!!! he hit her shoulder with his broad forehead. Ohh!!! That was something that might not started….atleast at this point of time..!!! Kencha couldn’t control his blindness in dark…though he realized that he had crossed the border which normally any gal in any bus draws up a Lakshman Rekha especially when she is beside a creature called MALE. And Kencha was undoubtedly definitely male…J Guess what… he hit her second time again… just as Harbhajan Singh took second continuous wicket against Pakistan… Kencha was celebrating fro inside… But he never knew…the third wicket would be self bomber…It would have been fair idea to remain behind the enemy lines…. But I guess Kencha adopted the Julius Caesar’s words in pretty young age and every drop of blood in this veins was the witness for the same….LOL J

Well it was time to Kencha for a hatrick and that beautiful gal to hit a six on a NO BALL in that holy darkness…LOL…J As soon as he pulled the trigger of land mine for the third time she turned around and gave a nice slap with a bashing digital clear sound….!!!!! L CHHHHHHaappppppppp!!!! Was the sound that can anyone trace in that darkness..Thanks to holy darkness…and fore-thought of that driver to put off the lights… else it would be like bombardment from unknown nations for no sins….LOL J

Well 5 mins later… driver pulled down the switch and our station was on. We had to switch on to next bus. Half n hour later we got another bus and Kencha was dull with those 4 fingers printed red on his left cheek. Till now even I was in doubt that something really went wrong. But in the next bus also a girl was sitting alone in the front seat and we got into 5th seat… still Kencha remained beside me with blinking his eyes for rest of the journey and rest of the night. Poor blinking eyes that once betrayed my eyes …conveyed all story that happened in darkness . He back-packed that shawl in his bag, may be that slap was so hot that he dint even feel the chillness in rainy night..!!! OOOPppppssss…!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Kencha Saga-4 The Drunken Master…J

The Kencha Saga-4

The Drunken Master…J

Fifth sem…Room changed from 23 to 27…a rainy night…we just covered ourselves with necessary warm clothes which any intruder who gusted inside our hostel can easily say…”Yeah this is rainy season & guys do feel chilled out of cool air kissing every end just anywhere outside the room” . Most of us stayed in room till tummy alarmed evening spicy mirchi bhajis or the famous Benne Dosa…J Well, in this prospects Davangere is as sweet as nectar inside un-pollen flower from which we bees suck the nectar every evening without fail…J every hostilities and rest of the lifes in the same state would have gone crazy for the spice & taste they provide for this famous two eatables…Readers…I strongly recommend you all to taste the origin n pure Benne Dosa atleast once in a lifetime. Well now in this busy mechanical world people might have no time to send their parents to Kashi or Rameshwara…atleast send ya parents to Davangere to enjoy the feast..LOL (Bit more exaggerated I guess LOL). Sorry to deviate …I cant stop writing or stop my excitement when I just remember those chilly evenings stuffed with hot benne dosas & mirchi bajjis…J

Lets invade our Kencha now… J Well it was around 11.12 pm…door was locked apparently and someone came close to it to knock it. I opened door. It was Kencha again. I thought he might have lodged himself in some room counted between 1 to 50 except Room 7 which was allowed for Secretary to sit and do his homework. But my mind was rambling with a thought of why he was sweating in that cool season. Well thoughts got derailed out of good thoughts & caught the evil train and started thinking…Did he…..aahh…No no…this was bit more evil but never say anything haha…becoz it was Kencha…haha..He can do anything…LOL..Yes almost anything…J But I just couldn’t surrender my thoughts with some evil assumptions…So I unleashed my fights of good and evil thoughts by spitting the 4 letter and most hated word “WHAT” on Kencha’s face. Kencha absorbed it as cool as you suck the first sip of soft drink which eventually evaporated with his hot bulky body which was already sweating. His ears turned to his favorite red. He kicked his rolled bed..stretched blanket to some of the length & breadth…& buried himself as if he cant withstand the night anymore and was eagerly waiting for the next sunrise. Hmmm my thoughts travelled all along the possible thin n red lighted paths to any fair ideas. Well I had to wait 7 more hours to get the real or may be atleast near to real answer. I hit the of upper head of switch n pulled the blanket to secure me out cold till morning. Kencha was lying with half covered and half betrayed out of blanket. I was worried basically. Well I was his roomy. I had to help him out for anything. Well for anything & everything it was still 7hrs I had to wait. I even turned off my thoughts and hugged all possible sleep that was lying on each corner of the bed.

Morning 7 rays itched the most sensitive eye and holded the tiny protective hairs of eye striving to pull the eye lids to see the world again. Well it was always almighty’s decision to open the eyes atleast after the hot ball peeps from window. Well I somehow opened my left shutter & tried putting my first vision on my mighty roomy Kencha. But where is he..???? The bed rolled back to its default position. He was already awake. Oh…m I drunken…??? I turned all my 55kg mass and opened second right searchlight also…well it hardly needed to search a astroidic body weighing 135lbs of live load without any accessories fitted over his eggy body. Hmmmm…Where is Kencha???? I pushed back overloaded head back on pillow.

Minutes later Kencha made his entry to room with short towel rolled his half of lower half…J Readers…Please don’t imagine now…J..guess what…haha he always had a sweet catwalk all along the lengthy corridor with around 78 steps to reach the door of room 27. Atleast 50 steps were cleanly absorbed by the neighbor gal’s hostel and Kencha was the first and early morning treat for them…J. Well with a red bucket stepping inside with my slippers as he lost his slipper last night in some undefined world.

My mind alerted the same 4 letter word and I grumbled him WHAT.. well it was not as easy as of last night to suck into….He had to rebound something. Without taking much seconds he rebounded WHAT with a sour smile.. I asked what happened last night……His sour smile changed to some bitter stretch of lips and bended to take the clothes out of his bucket. Then he said what he did exactly last night. I told the happenings…Hmmm he had a sigh of relief. Then he said he had 5 shots…!!!! Oh my God…!!! I rambled…blood gushed in all possible veins in no time with high pressure opening all possible ways open the evil thoughts…!!!!

I asked shots..??? Is it…????? OOOoooppsss… No he cant be that weird… I cant say him weird also.. Its not his mistake…His age…and his class… wherein all 100% beautiful gals of college had 10% were worn-out scraps and unfortunately all 10% seated in his class only. He was bugged off of his class and college. Well that might be also a reason…It was all thoughts in my mind…but still…somewhere my mind was crunching to grab the full information from him…I asked what 5 shots..???? Is it..something…???? He saw question marks on my mind and took a eraser and erased everything saying 5 shots of TEQUILA.. OOpppsss…my mind was not that matured that time to think what exactly tequila meant…. Still evil thoughts ruled mighty brain saying that tequila is a name of a gal and Kencha had 5 shots with a gal called tequila. OOooopppsss..now its time for me to sweat lol…J

The day went in carrying tons of doubt on my tiny brain. How can he move out of limits..???that too at this extent..!!! Its not possible…there was a war of good & evil in mind crunching every second. Well it was not false that I had seen him sometimes some natural ups n downs of heeps and much of motions after lying. But all that was natural when the age comes to picture. But this..???? is it true..??? Am I concluding in right way???? couldn’t come out of this jail of thoughts. Hmmm evening 5.45pm…we both gathered in same place as we met early morning…LOL our room only…J I atlast turned on the nozzle of cylinders of pressure that I loaded on my tiny brain from morning…and asked who is that Tequila…It sounded like Ayesha Taakia….He had a gasp n busted a cloud of laugh saying that it’s nothing else than alcohol…LOL Well Kencha with alcohol was also a shock for me as I never new till that day that he also sipped ethane and related proportionate till that day…LOL..My mind cylinders bursted out and was not less than the Tsunami waves bursted few years back…LOL… He later said he is used to it since he was class 12thJ well his parents also never knew this it seems…J

Clouds around me cleared and we both stepped for another benne dosa & mirchi out there…J

Friends sometimes really share things which shall not be shared with parents also,..LOL Well friends like me share it with world and make someone like Kencha… A unique identity..LOL…J

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Kencha Saga-3 Rain Water Harvesting

The Kencha Saga-3

Rain Water Harvesting

The second sem already stepped into our rooms & colleges bringing all its new books that we exchanged with each other and made suitable photocopies that’s needed to get prepared for next sem end exam wars. Well this second also brought some un-swallowable heat to the hostel and to the rest of the city. It is not like un-swallowable but there would hardly any saliva left to swallow once the sun would rise to wish all ‘Good Morning’…Haha… it was the worst hit of heat on our backs and during those days there was no other way else than doing something really crazy which either no one can except else than we hostilities. Dear Readers… If you have gone through my previous blogs…by this time you might have come to know what my next topic is all about and with what I am connecting Kencha in this blog…J

Hmmm…Is it ???? You got it…????!!! Yeah….you are right… Its related with Kencha & Rain water harvesting…LOL…J!!!! Kencha ….don’t fire me from Manipal…LOL no worries I will finish off ya saga until Vidya gets back home so that you might be safe of all threats that’s going on in your mind that they might take place if she reads it all. Haha… All natural calamities that might occur between the four walls of your home sweet home is considered …. planned systematically and neatly executed at right time also considering risk factors at my end LOL…J Being Planning Engineer its my duty to perform or atleast plan the activities to yield optimum result with minimum risk factors in the mere future care…LOL J.. C’mmon man…You need to be proud of me of being such roommate of such a loveable pal who is sitting in some corner of the globe and making the world and penning down to make u localized in this big home called WORLD…LOL!!! J

Well let me not deviate a lot… Coming to point ..my might roommate never used a single separate cake of soap for his showers. Well my idea is not to say that he used more than 1 kind off soap in single bath … J but I mean to say that he always use to get a bunch of 6 Santoor soaps calculated accurately 1 per month haha…J if at all sometimes he took showers more than once a day becoz of more sweat n untidy days…the next day or the substantial Sundays would helped could consolidate his over dozed showers…Ufff what a MAN he was…calculated each atom that can be seen felt or existed physically around him. Haha this was a time to save something more than what he expected to be…J Well because of such gallons of heat filled all wells ,ponds, lakes around mere vicinity…It quenched its thirst with lot many more gallons of water and made the water table to exist at much deeper depth. Well that was all about underground activites. Let me focus what was happening above the ground haha…Haha though Kencha was popularly called “Undergrounded”(BHOOGATA what we called in kannada) has atlast had one genuine reason to come out of den… & that is for showers. As calculated he was with a bunch wrapped in single bounty sticker saying 1 soap free with rest of 5 soaps… JHaha calculative there also….But this time it worked more than what he might have calculated also. As becoz of less water out there …it was hard to move to bathrooms daily with bucket and soap in hand daily infront of 100 plus unshowered bachelors for more than a week…LOL J Well its really hard and embarrassing for him also…J For that reason only he also joined the Rainwater harvesting group of our hostel and smelled nasty day by day…J well deos always helped to some extent but this guy calculated it as a waste to invest on deos and I donno how he survived without smelling better haha…J he hardly wore anything called shirt in hostel as there was no way we could see him out so there was absolutely no need to be also…haha…infact he never stayed in our room also…always wandering to other rooms n would have got settled if he was caught up with any novels there. Night after 11 or 12 was his entry to native room. So I was safe from all his undeodised fragrance of his liquid outcomes. Well we also participated in this rainwater harvesting but really couldn’t compete with Kencha. At the end of second sem He was left with 10% soap in this soap case with 4 more left in his mammoth trunk. That means he used only 1.9 Soap for all these 6 months of second sem. As the showers were not regular we can say as per his calculation…He used only 1.5 soap regularly and 0.4 as approx extra soap needed to clear off hard layers of sweat & dirt. So ….1.5 soap meant for as 1+0.5…that means 30+15=45 days of bath in whole sem of 180+3=183 days. That mean to say One shower every 4.067 days…J…He was happy and strong until he steeped up to his native after this long nasty sem. Great Kencha….!!! J he consistently did this long term experiment with risking his own life for 6 long months and proved the world that Man on an average of taking bath once after every 4 days keeps him still healthy and glowing without any considerable damage.

Kencha I really got some good words for you. Now after coming here to gulf I have enlightened them with this message of saving water…they were all astonished and really following the tips that I gave based on your real time experience. They are grateful to you for this worthful experiment you did for them. See the consequences. We never dreamed also that those days will be this fruitful one day ….LOL J. Well I have showed them your pic and they do praise you all the time. You will really get a warm and red carpet welcome if you sometime wish to come here…J I have kept such an image of yours in these gulf region….!!!! J

Atlast what I all want is to spread ya glory to whole world…LOL J..You should be proud of your roomy for spreading your glory to world J….Let me come back with lot more in forthcoming blogs….LOL… Take care all…J