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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Devil’s Day Out

Devil’s Day Out

Its undisturbed 20th Sept Morning surely very disturbed one for me.. Its jus 9 days(my Lucky No.) added to Sept.11(the disastrous day for US) together borns a new devil which backed me for a Day n made me feel that the HELL is right here on earth… J Coz I preferred some more sleep than to kick off from bed. But I was not left with any other option. So got up n got into bath. My hardluck even got into with me. It shook me its first presence beside me by loosing ma soap into toilet’s endless hollow pouch. Ha…!!! I wud have realized maself abt this that the day wud have the same way as that of that soap. I was blind in the mood to leave Bangalore in the early morning to a wedding in Mysore. Got out of bath , dressed up, bagged up with the gift which I got onto ma back n moved to Bustop.

I never knew that the devil is also in the same bag. Driver was urge to move n I stepped in. I was really happy to see his urge as soon as I came into stop. But my happiness lasted for next 10 secs ly. As I got to know that he dint drew in the direction jus opp to where I really wanted to go. He pointed out to another bus was moving infront. I got down with more energy as I had to kill the next challenge. Caught it as usual n plunged into as a common monkey runs n catches its food. But I was better trained….:) 2 mins later got to know that it makes way not to majestic but to Shivajinagar. Ha one more blow. Got down in Ulsoor.

As the traffic was following I need be on footpath for a while. I jus turned back to see for any lifeline that can ease my breath n put me down in Majestic. Fortunately and Unfortunately it was the same bus who put the back gear once I stepped before. Haa….Wat a slap…this is the fourth one for the day and its still 8.12 am. Fully action packed. I enjoyed every kick but unfortunately I was the victim to be kicked all the time. He threw me at BMTC Bus Shelter Bangalore.

I was few steps back to reach the start of ma goal. Ma goal was to reach Mysore early. But due to ma pitiable condition my goal shrink till catching a bus to Mysore. I had very bad idea in ma mind that Volvo reaches lot faster n lot before than any other bus in the row. I hired a trip to Mysore in Iraavata. That was awesome. He directly went to Deepanjalinagar stop n slept off…What else can hit me better than a Volvo. Another half n hour in dungeon. At last he managed to continue his drive by 9.45 am. Pissed off from Bangalore by 10am. At last my aim got pretty clear that I ll reach by 12.30pm. But even the driver was pretty more clear with his ideas than me. He clearly figured out that he’ll touch the point not before 1.30pm. He made his way by 1.30. By then I was fainted. I cleared myself that I wont be the person who wud be greeted well as others.

It was quite embarrassing to reach Mysore from Bangalore in 4hrs that too in Volvo. My damaged day dinted ended with this…It continued as I got down. Thought of hiring a prepaid auto. But the Q was quite as big as healthy grown Anaconda. I slipped into streets n waved for a auto. I specified him destination. It was KC Layout. The guy was pretty much more clear abt the location Jus before I step-in. Although he was not later. He peeped out to another auto guy on the way n he was I think master in misleading who already misleaded. Misleaded Advice Misleaded direction Misleaded person Mistakenly I was carry of these in single stretch. It was ly Rs.30 when I enquired in pre-paid Auto Stand. But this guy I think was enjoying festive mood which prevailed all over Mysore as its Dasara in its full flow. I think he dint like me getting down the auto. He ran all around n my temper crossed its bulb when meter striked Rs.66. I ended up his sweet journey with a quite cold dispute. I told him to get back to same bustop from where we started… But he was pretty sure that he ll definitely reach the destination although I was not. Piercing him from back went off till meter turned 88. Later as a honest angry middle-age man he judged himself to take the meter off n killed the meter by breaking the neck of meter. It went to Zero. But my conflicts level had already belled many zeros which followed 1 before.

Its 1.45pm I was thinking whether to go to function or to go back to Bangalore, although it meant in other meaning for the driver. He atlast reached the place 10mins before my watch wud strike 2pm. I made myself clear that I wont stay for long time. I entered the hall. I entered No man’s land in that populated mysore. All chairs were in highly disordered manner with curtains pulled off at stage. It was dream come true wat I thought in bus that shall never happen. I reached ma goal…J This was seventh slap…quite embarrassing although J I could find anyone hardly find anyone thinking of marriage or about the couples. Even couples were not there on screen. I took few minutes to make myself relief and to find some one who can pin me with her papa. I captured a guy n addressed him about bride’s father. He pointed me towards dining hall which found never invited me as it was time to pull the curtains. I actually never saw her father though she was ma childhood frn. Even he dint knw me. So two unknown stranger got face to face one with hand dipped in delicious sweets n what all they can make for marriage.

Cudnt get the exact item or count as I shall Enjoyed all those. He directed me to have lunch. Someone with lot of pain managed to give a leaf n other to serve rice n sambhar. My lines in hand aren’t so false. It always had good response for food. Many studied hand n had told before that I can get anywhere wherever I go. But this lasted till the thought lasted. I turned to ma right… I could hardly find any. No one to serve anything more. In fact I was at wrong time doing wrong business. Later I pushed off ma chair with half tummy got rid off n washed ma hands. A person asked about me who was keenly watching since I came for food. He was starring at me to see when shall I lv the tap. I was waiting to find myself way to toilet. But that guy dint lv me to deviate to do such a good deed…. Hw can such good thing happen to me in such a good time… I shall never hope such a silver lining in ma sucking day. At last he took me till the main floor. He introduced the groom without name mentioned.

I was in total dilemma to carry on the conversation anymore. But managed to on for few more mins. I pulled his attention by mentioning tht it was time for me to lv. He got alert n braked my further move by asking “Did u met ya frn?” Haaahhh…. This was right question I was longing fro him to ask or anyone else in the whole convention hall. I told “No” He continued to make me feel comfortable by saying that she ll be here in mins. Thank god this is the ly thing that happened accordingly. There she was…at entrance.. he went n received her. At the met her also..she was quite happy n why not I was the ly candidate from her childhood days. She looked abt bit worried. I think she already read ma face that I was with half tummy n back with the devil who knuckled me so badly from the time wen day started.

She asked me again n again abt ma food n I managed to keep myself balanced on the knife of lie. I gave her the gift n she offered a photo. Haha how can luk click here ???? any idea…???? Surely its not….the photographer had windee off everything to say goodbye. Somehow with her request he accepted to take it off again from bag. I added a sentence saying that I have a cam mobile I can manage with that. Haha wat cud be more embarrassing than this. Wrong sentence from a wrong person at wrong time. So everything got flopped.

I pissed off by 2.37pm. every bus went too chamundi betta from there. N y shall anyone can miss wen its jus few kms apart n u have whole am noon to spend. I became a common visitor/tourist n reached the peak….got darshana…asked for blessings n geared down to come to city. I feel someone else wud rather spent money to come down thru bus after getting heavily damaged with so many shots in such less amt of time. Surely it was better idea to come down by closing eyes. Its pretty sure that intensity matters. And for me it mattered more as I was still not yet home n day wasn’t complete without meeting ma home doorsteps. Came down to city bustop.

I hardly knew that main bustop is miles apart. If it is also then a bus wud surely made my way. Things turned more violent. No bus was there to help me out to reach main stop. Then a guy in green with specs was there to help me out(actually piss me out). He directed a bus to get on n also helped himself to accompany me. Who else can guess that this is going to be disaster than a fortune than me. Haha this time the driver misleaded the way by going to right instead of left from a circle. It was all together a wrong turn for me as it was made one way from that day to buzz my peace. I slipped off in next stop n that guy changed his minset to go towards where the bus earlier went. He was a flexible man. He wanted jus to move I think without having right destination.

But hw can I forget my destination. Later got into a auto who really made my way to main bustop. I had one more slap to go in this city of celebration. I suppose they were celebrating my disaster J… Hopefully not…!!! I got into a bus selectively not Volvo this time…..I din wanted to get peached one more time. But the devil din liked too….It wanted me to bug once more…anyhow I settled in bus n bus was about to move…the person who had never been found before came into bus n asked everyone “Anyone travelling without Ticket..???” Surely I was the with some other to raise the hand…I am honest too…. I was on an idea that the conductor ll deliver the ticket…but unfortunately I ly got delivered from the bus as the counter was closed for that particular bus. Suiciding time for me….but I was left with nor a rope or a support to hang on…!!! I asked in enquiry he directed in opp end of the stop….i went till the other end but it was for booking other places than Bangalore…then again he directed the same where I asked before…haha I was a football literally… mins later I found a conductor shouting for passengers to get in…it was thirty mnins past 5 in the evening…n I cudnt wait more…directly went to him n asked “are u going to issue tickets or I need to take somewhere else” with same pace n rhythm he replied “ I ll” I had thousands of gods to thank for this 2 words…..atlast got into bus n sun was about to sleep in next thirty mins…. Conveyed my Good night to him n gone dead in bus till he stopped in Maddur for Tiffin.. I accomplished all the need in few mins there that my body…

At last I saw Bangalore after n hr later…But still with ma bag on back …Haha surely there was something still remaining for the devil to give a last kick… The bus unloaded on the out square of Bustop coz of Traffic had gone sick which made me end up my journey with a brisk walk of around 875mts in that dark… Atlast saw the glittering face of BMTC Bustop which tend to be inviting n as if it wanted to care me n make me loose my whole fatigue n pressure. But things still din ended thought I got into a Volvo again to ma frn’s room. Got a call froma frn.I was loosening my bag onto seat. She was eager to knw that I reached city or not. It was “Agar Tum Mil Jaavoo…Zamaana chood denge Hum” playing inside the walls of bus with a 94.3FM ad in between. As soon as she cald she was more eager to hear ythe noise wat she was getting more than my tender sweet sloppy voice. She immediately guessed & never the less asked me in next sec “ Are u in any petty shop or something???where they delightedly trade Cigarettes n Beedis wit Liquor as optional….Wat else can a better kick than this..???? No words prompted from ma lips for a sec. I admitted… There was no wonder a person who has been pissed off so badly wud deny to accomplish a small desire which cud make them happy n stretch their lips for 5 more seconds. She was delighted. I unloaded my bag in ma frn room n also the devil.. It went off without saying bye. I was grateful…. J the whole day I enjoyed the kicks though it was bit hard to resist. I shall remember this day for rest of my life…J Thank u for crunching ur time on ma article….. J