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Friday, June 7, 2013



Dear All,
All characters in this story are real & alive J No imaginary elements are involved to turn out the fancy of the story… Inspiration being the same guy who plays the lead role in this story & his hangover situation during my last blog… J

Sem ….was about to end & henceforth my Engineering was on the matured stage of its 4 years…J I was much to peep out & less to work out as we were at the end of our education journey. Attended a campus interview few days back & was free out of internals & assignments..!!! so myself … paper …pen ..stayed on a vacation & I had something to plan…!!! J . And this is a cult followed in every Engineering College J..!!!

Its been four years since I heard anything from my schoolmates who stayed in different hostels which was situated in different parts of the state..!!!! Well… What else could be better than to meet those innocent pals whom I left from class 12th to the preset day..!!! It was a sentimental scene then…when we all betrayed after being together for 12 long years right from class 1..!!!

Now …on the present day… the world looked differently after four years….!!! We were on with the feathers & colors…seeking to reach heights of sky…J.. I planned a round trip of Bagalkot to Dharwad where I could congregate much of my mates of beehive of my childhood days..!!! There I set tour & travelled all the way to friend’s dens… J

I went Bagalkot first… found some of my boys…. Later went to Dharwad SDM college campus..!!!! Story begins here.. J there were guys gathered to rejoice… J Myself, Pande(Pavan), Jagga(Jagdish), Satii(Satish), Harsha & the Hero of the show…Patri(Prateek).

This gang fairly looks & ideally suited to make another Hang Over movie J …where Patri plays role of Alan Garner J (My fav J) who hardly knows what he is gonna do next moment J..!!!

We all had tons of talks… flashbacks… gossippsss….bla bla blaa…. In between suddenly my phone glew up with a unknown number…!!! Sometimes Unknown numbers do have something to trill about & awaken the dead soul..!!!

I received it & It said that I was selected in the campus interview that recently took place in our college..!!! & the gang around glittered up like a Diwali crackers bundle bursting out with a gasp of joy prevailed in every corner of the room…J We planned a treat that night.. & at that point of time Bachelor treat always resembles to flooded party under color lights around..!!! We all gathered few bikes & here it went…..vrrrooommmm…. straight to a unknown destination crossing railway lines passing narrow streets … towards a place where we planned to celebrate..!!!

We all assembled at the place where in we could get all required things to make the time colorful & memorable… Everyone ordered their own choices..!!! Some said beer…some vodka… Some never settled for Wine…!!! Patri’s brand was Wine..!!! he ordered a small bottle of Wine… which was nicknamed as pint.. J Me & Pande had to settle for soft drinks… L the odd man out of the group…L

Then the party begin… Flooded with spicy snacks & Al-chos….. J. Forty Five mins later… boys started rushing restrooms..Me & Pande enjoying the scene & provoking their thoughts to ouff out craziest desires & dreams lol….Its almost 2 hrs… & One by one started muting themselves from party… But the fair strong contender was out Patri… who was with his Seventh bottle of wine Twigling & Oscillating  onto the directions all around… But still repeating the same dialogue what he started at hi first lick... J “No kick in wine…So I prefer wine… I am still strong…” & putting fullstop everytime with a weird smile…J Hmmm…. In next 9 mins he ordered one more bottle … & was unble to sip the lower half…. & the head smashed the table… J This time mouth was jobless, sound muted…& Head told the rest of the message.. J We often forget that Silence also speaks thousand words… But Patri showed it Live… J

Somehow found him till the opening with two lateral supports on either sides… came to the darker outside world….Stretched one of his leg up on the bike… I backed him up from back..!!! J He was sandwiched between two of us… J Whenever I see the scene… of Amir & Kareena carrying Postmaster on scooty.. from 3 Idiots… My days re-reaps like anything  J..

Later Part-2 was yet to come… Reached hostel & dragged him to his room…. Cleared the bed to find the bed… & made him lay down…  The Wine impact was yet to happen…And the time came atlast… & he pumped off everything like a fully Automatic washing machine will throw of the soapy water after wash J… He found the floor more comfortable bed & we kept a bucket nearby … for his further coarse of actions J

The next morning I left out to my place & Patri came alive by evening…. J The Hangover was just down for him… J Pretty small scratches made him look & remember … he was down last night..Although he was shocked a bit to find it on his face… but it was either a much familiar one for him when often he use to lay down.. J

By then…..I often re-collect these moments & becomes a reason to cheese my mood with spice J And dear readers… If you can really recollect Kencha & his series, Hangout remains in common as both were good friends in their school days …J So obvious & most eligible Part 2 of the past Hangover J