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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Companion…J !!!

My Companion…J !!!

Hi Everyone… Wish U all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year with all good health & wealth…J

Its been a long haul.. After long gap of 2 months I am appearing again… J..But this time I am glad to post my blog from my home country sitting in my home on my sofa… J.

So…let me stop bugging Kencha as of now..!!! Coz my dear Kencha is not thousands of miles apart now…!!! Well… Frankly speaking… I was not able to make myself free to pen some words…. Haha..It doesn’t mean that I was busy with any ground breaking tasks.. But was busy talking to those to whom I haven’t spoke for over past 360 days J.. Ha.. one more reason is some new year friend of mine has really remembered me about that I also write blogs by showing link to visit her homepage…LOL J.. Thanks to her also..!!!

Well coming to point… Let me start my blog..To Prologue U all something…This time I’m thinking something to write who was always with me …Even in Oman… I was with her…well everyone writing about their fist love, second love , life partner n so on… So thought why shall I not take pleasure of introducing her to you all…and would like to share more about things went on from the first meet to till date…J

Well it was a sunny day busy street with vehicles & peoples moving east & west, I saw her first time.. I was just couldn’t take my eyes off from her…& I decided go near and see her. I moved near.. I was bit shy.. but still gathered courage from all billions of cell in my body and dared to touch her.. J I was sold out for her first look itself. She was not so fair but attractive from her looks. The next moment I decided that she will be from next moment to all forthcoming moments of life J I expressed my feelings to deepest as much as I can to her and expressed my eagerness to spend my rest of the life with her. Fortunately she also agreed for my proposal in no time. I was happy to have her with no real risk as we see in movies n all …LOL… J others beside her were jealous to see her tagging with me… J I was lucky.. she was soft to touch and might look rough to outer world.. J

From that day we moved closer to each other. Later I took her to my native also.. J I showed her to my parents…they were also happy to see her with me. They accepted her with all love n affection.. J then after she came with me like my shadow and stick to me in every step…LOL she became part of my life from there on.. We went all corners of city , shopping malls, parks, theatres….Hmmm where else… J Life became easier with her as I could reach any destiny without any fear. She became my soul mate. We both together overcame all hardest obstacles that came on our way. Together we really did lot many

Then that day came atlast… where I had to leave from here to a unknown world where people spoke unknown language…Yup Oman… that was the place where I had to spend next coming days… I became so attached to her that I was ready to leave my parents but not her.. Even situation was same with her.

Dear Readers, I heartly apologize you all because I never ever revealed you all about her anywhere when I was in Oman. The thing was she had a deal with me… that I shall never disclose about her to any. Even my parents dint trace it. But one thing.. I was too lone there and she was the only companion to make me feel that someone still breaths for me and make me feel that someone will never make me feel alone. She came with me in every ride and everywhere in Oman wherever I went else than Office J She would remain in room waiting for me all the time when I used to office..!!! And when I was home she never left me alone…That was the kind off love we had between us.. J Neighbors were jealous to see us so attached to that extent.

And after a year of span.. we were back…parents were happy to see us again intact…actually more intact now… JLoL… What else I can say to my mighty slippers J Yes… it was all her who accompanied me in every steps J she soft inside and hard to the outside world..!!! Oh… It accompanied me all hot roads and dusty ways that I walked throughout the year and served my feet from all 58 heat..!!

Everyone have always feelings towards the living species on earth. As they always interact & respond to stimuli. But We often forget those non living things that equally serve their life to give us comfort and they have no expectations..!!! Its my tribute to my noticed non living thing that served me all my hot sunny days and those trekking places where I would remain unarmed without those sweet foot wares.. J