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Sunday, May 29, 2011

People Blog..!!! But Why..???

People Blog..!!! But Why..???

People blog…!!! But Why..??? Do anyone know the answer for these..???? Well I have some opinion on this… and not personalized to myself but customized to all others who are reading & writing blogs..!!!

People normally in this busy world as of today’s condition people take it as pleasure way to release their stress rather than on stress ball. They just scribble some A-ve rated slang words to make a sentence and push it on “www” and leave their followers to follow up the rest… Haha…!!! This is one of the types of people who call off out of routine life.

Next category comes for those who try to match and race competently in today’s world. They just like to be the talk of town and grumble the attention of all those who were never listed them before. They just want to be conspicuous diamond between rest of stones. They write something which is very familiar between us in day to day and pull the subject to the farthest stretch that’s possible until one can read and other have patience to hit the keyboard. But all together after putting all sweat in piece of paper and wasting all big day time… the reader will be left with one simple question… “Was it really required to pull one single line sentence to so many paragraphs.???” Really these people never bother what other’s write but they are keen watcher’s on their comment board rather than understanding what the reader may understand or not. Now-a-days these people fantasy not only limits the blogs but also newspapers..!!! Even such newspapers do fail to understand what these writers are trying to bug up all together. They even fail to understand is it publicity stunts for those timeless writers or for themselves…LOL..!!! I have read so many articles which just remains in mind as waste of time & energy…pity on such writers..!!! Painful act is they even involve some social “www” for free publicity.

Third category comes for those who work on to write because the side bencher writes. Its not like they themselves want to express some realistic thoughts. But like I am writing because somewhere someone is writing. And later they want to circulate among friends and enemies to waste their time in punching keyboard to put down comments.

Fourth category is pure publicity. They write in blogs, in newspaper and sometimes weekly magazines. They want themselves to be recognized in between the four concrete walls. I have seen many articles there wont be anything really to be delivered or informative. But they just freak the reader by explaining even the velocity and force required to punch a nail. And later explain every punch in detail.

Fifth category is surrendered to those who daily take new words dosage as part of their routine and experiment ocean of new words on sheet of white paper. Haha… first itself people hardly make time to read the blog…On top of that if these bloggers omit tons of English & English related words… who has time to open a dictionary in alternate tab and search the meaning of what they actually want to say.???

Its not like there are good bloggers. There are many in quantum but tracing out is 1 in 1000. Is this the way to exploit the facility given by the corporate or the facility given by Internet.

After scratching every hair of my head I came to a conclusion.. Is this all required????Please don’t mess up the life with more of such blogs which may be the reason to roll up some one in deeper crate . If you people are really stressed out then help yourself to release from that rather that pulling someone else to the pit… So dear bloggers please give good blogs that gives some relaxing, informative, share some experience, & try to put it in simple words so that it can be understood by any common men who can join the letters & makes words and hence can understand a sentence. Make that sentence informative rather than confusing that laymen.

Cheers J