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Saturday, January 23, 2010


JAN 22ND 2Thousand plus 10. Morning 8.47…jus breaking my sleep out off those exhaustive workouts in ma dreams I jus managed to stretch my arms as if m carrying whole day load on ma mighty arms…J ma roomi wished me another new morning…dislodges ma blanket n managed to reach till mirror which was eagerly waiting to show ma horrorful face with tones of bushy hairs including face. Somehow pierced out ma left eye to clear out my own picture n confirm that my mighty GOD has not changed my whole design part in a single night. I killed few more seconds to confirm that the design n geometry of ma face is as symmetrical as of yesterday night…J thank god he bluffed me by turning me Enrique Iglesias for few seconds…J

I finished ma daily duties n got ready to urge out of den…I was passing on my way saw a guy still busy in his dream world with blanket twisted showed his total rolling he completed till then with a leg still pulled up half bent to 87 degree…he seemed to race for more roll rounds… funny right…its normal story on Fridayzz…zzz….sleeping all the way is the main aim n assignment wat our flat ppl follow without fail. I stepped further to ma car…

9:02 am..ma driver was blowing horn from all possible blowers..He was eager to kick his ass from the half day duty..so he took with his 120 speed norm n halted on a Round About. Where there is chances of mammoth vehicles urging to kiss me in all 3600 . Hope it was early morning n no one was in mood to do so…J I made my lane towards for which I was waiting from last 3 months 12 days which surely would have changed my identity next coming month if I still delayed now.

9.07am this is where my time begins. I entered to the place for which I got up early…raced back to that guy in ma flat who was still rolling his blanket n cut ma dream working out to burn ma fatty acid in ma body n gets slim, which was also a dream of ma MOM. Now thing is I too join her in balcony too watch this dream…J. It was a 12by 14 four secured wall Painted in light sky blue on bottom 3/4th n rest 1/4th covered by creamish yellow. I looked at 4 welcoming eyes with a unknown hesitant strangy smile.. I responded 50% to that..they had a TV to be watched with ASIANET channel making its sound on screen. It was oriented in such a direction that no one can watch it sitting front of it. It was 450 on the direction diagonal to the four secured walls. A mirror on to n fro direction of non consecutive wall made the virtual image a real one. A guy with white beard & whitely dressed (Obvious as here the nationalist maintain the same dress code) entered the walls from a transparent glass door which opened for me also J.No sooner than he got in.. he wished all of us including me. He told salaam individually as if he knew me also from ages. But the fact is here ppl wish everyone who all present in the stage where they enter. That is one good thing I have mention about Omanis.

9.11am..there were two guys mid-aged bet 35-42..with white gowns with 4 pockets tidily dressed. One of them cleaned the surface for the next operation. He had a knife n all other necessary sharp edged weapons that’s enough to kill any two legged healthily walking guy.Ufff….guessed the place where m I??? if not let me continue. One of them was having all cruel look packed in his face that is the necessary eligibility for a butcher. Thankfully he dint attend me. N also he was looking in a pensive mood also. I got into well cleaned n cushioned chair which was warm enough to say that it had cushioned many more warm guys from morning. He had clinching scissors, knife in which he can change the blades n very often he changed to a new one for me. Moreover apart from having all these equipped…he had my neck. Two of his hands can easily make me stand on cutting edge of life n death… I had some similar experience wen I was in hospital in past….only difference was I was given partial anesthesia to feel no pain while operating but here was all open n fair to be without anesthesia… They had put up glouse n mask n also covered hairs with white surgical kind off cap to save their identity so that if at all by their hard luck if escapes with all senses in his body working to same magnitude wat it was before wen he entered…n he could refer or complain about their job…still they can walk safe outside. He also had hot water to wash n some antiseptic lotionscreams, and some anti blood flow liquids n spirits to control in some unpredicted accidents.. He continued his job for next18 mins…

Finally 9.29am I was out safely with new look which I hoped my almighty to change myself wen I was peeping myself in mirror early morning…J think HE heard my prayer which sungin some corner of ma heart Enrique’s ‘RING MY BELL’ song I uttered while moving backhome…Jonly thing is I sung alone n no co-star for that.. Jreached home n that guy who wasbusy in twisting ..his blanket now slept as if he was jus out off some high temperatured or some horror dream… I hope u might have guessed the hidden character by this time…. Any guess…!!!!He was with white gown, glouse, mask, cap...cuttinginstruments like knife,scissors, hot water,lotions etc etc…. hope ya brain has processed all necessary action to bring out the picture of a surgeon or a butcher. Do pen ya guesses down in comments…J

Take care All….!!!! J