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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Man.. Made..Money (3M’s)…!!!

Man.. Made..Money (3M’s)…!!!


Its been quite long time I had been away from blogs… that’s purely because of some hectic schedule n my idiotic boss who was back of me like a bulldog before a burglar…J Now on eve of my birthday on 9th June…., I had something more to share with you all… my boss got busted out of project for 2 months n henceforth a celebration of two things for me..Birthday n Independence day J… Let me come back to blog…I am hereby presenting u all a thought that is hidden in all but no one tried to pull it out from heart n put it on ground so that everyone can view it. Here is my small try to mirror out those hidden things to u all through this blog.. Just dig out line by line..U will come to know about wat I am all talking about.

Rs. 1500/- monthly income from papa’s pouch. Age- 18 to 22. Bank Balance=Rs.2000/- Morning Breakfast, Afternoon Lunch , Evening snacks & Night Dinner . This was the daily expenditure structure of our hostel days. No amount in bank nor in monthly income crossed 4 digits. Stretched my legs to cover the distance from hostel to college. Use to survey all possible ways to college to make sure that we atlast chose will be the nearest one and have lots of shade to avoid from sunlight. Some helped themselves to accompany with two wheels without engine along the way to college.

Any mela around the place or exhibition would have stretched it arms to pull us to take new fabrics. Some mid ranged n leveled jeans, T-shirts would made the favor of decorating ourselves for rest of the semester and well enough to catch one’s attention.

That roadside half tea on exam days n midnight teas, juice centres, mirchi stalls at half a km away from hostel.. but it never seemed to be so long… always we had so much to talk in between n so much to think J (certainly not about nation). Every time more than two legs accompanied to all these places.

Those Hostel Annual Days where all 4 years students use to unite in one streamline to make it a successful one. Unity seemed to be that intact that we wud have won second world war also if it happened against our hostel.

There was no people use to go to gym n all. Only few who were really active like me use to go J Some dembles in some room of the hostel bannered itself as a Multi Gym.

Zara zara song of RHTDM sung at some corner of the hostel at late 2.30 am as if he is playing in his wedding. I donno the meaning of playing it at that particular time but still it gave some unanswered peace to thoughts. No rooms got locked any nights. Every room was not well equipped with these personal systems. It was evenly uneven distributed in different rooms. Any single CD that crossed the hostel entrance got severely harassed in no time in all the systems. There was no multiplex in whole city nor AC rooms. No cushioned chairs to make one comfortable. No popcorns in between. But still we watched movies n had more fun. Prepaid calls n saving that prepaid amount and converting it into next month credit gave so much smiles on faces.

Cold or quite warm water to take bath in a common bathroom n common toilet in Queue system and timed In & Out was the early morning stories. No maid to clean the room. No special furniture found in any room. 10X12 made a dwelling place for 2. Weekly cloth washing with a piece of soap n powder in hand ended the job of a dhobi. A OC iron box to press the clothes served the purpose of being clean n neat to college. Every month without fail I use to go home.

This is all about the hostel life. Now lets come to present after 4 years. 5-digit salary n 6 digit bank balance. No need to find any shortcuts to any place. Four wheels of car helped to find the most wider n comfortable way. No need to search any shade. The AC in car gave all chillness u wanted in bright sunlight. No more waiting for any mela. All branded jeans n T-shirts or formals every month shopping with lots of side expenses in big malls hugged the present lifestyle.

Coffee day, Barista etc called to taste its serve. Roadside Pani puri stalls replaced to Pizza huts. Our hostel mates who accompanied to juice centres or mirchi stalls were replaced by girl friends n lovers, fiancĂ©es etc. Who always been equipped with a high branded blade to pull out from pocket. But still it dint made any such big difference . Surely 4 years back 10% of such blade wud cause a big financial downthrown for the month. J a big financial crunch…J but somewhere I feel the taste of roadside tea or mirchi seemed to be more rich compared to today’s Coffee day sip or pizza hut’s hot pizzas…. Dono somewhere I felt that difference … I hope u all also might have somewhere experienced it but may not have found time to analyze all these. Thought the distance is more than half a km n I have a car to reach much faster than wat I reached to juice centre b4…but there is no much things to talk which makes to feel that m more slow to reach the shop even with swiftest car than walking. Even though I watched many movies in multiplex it dint gave that pleasure which was there in watching in a ordinary theatre with frns those days under fully packed suffocated rooms.

Thought there are tons of original CDs and branded music systems with home theatre….but no one to switch it ON… L 4 digit monthly paid multi gym awakened early morning but else than thread-mill… no other equipment pulled the attention. As main intension to join the gym is not to build up but to sculpture the overbuilt body and to discover back the body in original shape and alignment.

Travelling in buses turned to flight. But one thing … I still need bus to reach my place…one sad thing is I cant reach back monthly as it was very true on those days. My parents who use to see me in real.. now habituated to see me virtually…. They peep into window as surprised as like they are seeing me for the first time… their expression ll be like their brat who is untrained and sent to fight at borders…its not their mistake…. But the current trend that has ruined the culture n lifestyle had made all these blunders… at the end of the day someone really suffers for all these…!!!

Though there is a home maid n washing machine to clean…but no mood to see weather its really clean or needs any attention. Though there is big enough place to dwell n well cushioned bed with AC… the sleep is missing. Though I have personal system and a laptop but no mood to switch it on. Thought there is everything somewhere I feel I am missing something. I am not getting that pleasure which I got from 4 digit monthly income from papa’s pouch..!!! J

I really wonder sometimes thinking of all these. Do this all make a real difference??? If so then wat exactly it is…n why it is???? From beginning we were all thought that money is the only whole n soul for everything... n it will serve anything n almost everything… but I dono y its not serving me or my inner MYSELF… what, where n why we are missing something..????if anyone can help me to come out of this then I will be thankful to him/her. I hope this question is there in each n every personnel… my small effort is just to give a thought n attach some feathers through this article so that it can fly in many of the system n wake up the slept off thought in each n every human wherever it flies…J

Thanking you all … do take care all my readers J