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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Ugly Truth...!!!

The Ugly Truth…!!! J

A day…. Unexpected…. A call… Unexpected..!!! from a friend of a friend.. Totally unexpected..!!!
I never stood in the line of people who outstands themselves to the world of fashion & redefine themselves as a magnet and attract the unlike poles..!!! I was a simple straight going person who shall just had a focal to visualize towards office & Office to home…!!!
Imagine…. If such kind of guy who lives in the age of 1960’s & receives a call from a friend’s friend & that too if the call is from a SHE who believes that she is in the present world of 2000 plus… asks you to join a weekend… Then it is undoubtedly a UNEXPECTED J…!!!
The mobile also demanded for a day out with a nice movie that was hung on the banners around…!!! We concluded to meet & watch the movie together…!!!
My days rolled onto weekend & even her’s…!!! Atlast we had to meet up to watch the decided movie…!!! I was bit nervous & frankly it was my first time to schedule some plan & execute in life…!!!

We met..!!! She was in white… fair make ups…made her look like a Angel front of a guy who caught the red bus to travel & see the clouds in this city…!!! Ufff .. First time… My mind was almost blank & tongue was almost freezed… What to talk..??? What to react..???...Hmmmm Fortunately gathered some words ..words to sentence & formed a necklace of beads of words … We went inside the mall & saw lot of colors around..!!! talked few words & silence had a major share…. Minutes later she met with her with two guys who shared some place under the same roof of her office..!!! she had 200% more to talk to them & they had 300% more curious & enthu while talking compared to my silence since the time I met her… J I was like a lone person standing on Mars & she with her friends are busy in talks on Earth…!!! J

Couple of minutes later they disintegrated and I traveled back to earth to integrate her for rest of the day’s plan…!!! We moved floors up to reach the movie den..!!! A shock greeted me the moment we stepped the floor & the movie was no more alive in the plex which the banners outside had some different story to tell…!!! Both looked each other the four eyes had four question marks to talk about..!!!! we later decided will go for it as we came all the way to watch movie only.. So dint wanted to go back without it…!!! 
Got inside..!!! Sofa greeted us & we had no idea what the movie was all about..!!! Show began..!!! Starred by Gerard Butler(Mike) & Katherine Heighl(Abby). Butler was bit familiar as he starred in veracious warrior movie called 300….!!!! J
Movie went well until we entered…..Hilarious & strange things started happening once we butt down to sofa….!!! Dialogues were pretty needle straight & Butler had no mercy to hammer on anyone sat inside the dark room…!!! At some stage of movie…Katherine gets on to a tree to hold her cat which had already mounted itself.. Catches the cat & catches a sight at Neighbor….Doctor Eric (Colin). She watches his every moves out of hot bath with steams around for special effects & the point load of herself along with the buldy cat increases on the branch which breaks up making her head down hanging like a bat & calls for rescue..!!! Doc cruises out to depart her apart from the tree in the same towel wrapped condition in which he came out of steams… Fortunately or Unfortunately Heighl waves her hands & Gravity also supports her & attracts the towel & Heighl gets shock of the life hanging inverse on a tree & I accompanied also me…sitting in theater !!! I fainted & dint had a clue that what might be going on in her mind…!!! OOooppss..!!! I kept fingers crossed till the movie ended & watched whole movie like a punished child in a class…Still & freezed J…!!! I never faced such pressure with my office also…J Sofa felt to be harder & harder… I watched whole movie like a horse with the shield…fortunately movies were shown with lights off so that no one can see the each other face or reactions J..!!!
Many more scenes & dialogues realized that it was a wrong choice for a guy who is operating for a first time movie with a gal…!!! But fortunately nothing went out of control as she was also enough matured & knew that it was not deliberately done… J

 We came out & dint talk anything regarding the movie else than smile & gigs…!!! Later things got bit diluted & we still laugh on those incidents J