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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Kencha Saga-2...The dark Terrace...!!!

The Kencha Saga-2

The Dark Terrace

It was me, Jetty & Kencha… slow & steady run created for out friendship but being in same room it got lot of things to discuss and guess what we discussed lot about our mere past.It was always Jatti to start with & me to end it. This double faced chap used to nod his head for all positive rankings on his side and shut his mouth of rest of the time. May be he had nothing positive to say about his mere past…LOL…J That even till date he never mentioned…..Haa may be atleast he would have lied something J

We studied a lot. Honestly in 1st & 2nd Sem… we really studied a lot. We were actually stunned with the syllabi or just may be the book. We had 2+ books to be referred for the same subject and same marks to earn. As out college was under Kuvempu University.. It was no single bible for each subject as VTU had.. L that was sad thing to say.. L. As in first & second sem we shared same subjects we had few flexibility to discuss and what else…haha night outs near exam time was a common practice. But we enjoyed those night outs. Probably not in those days. But yeah as of today those night outs are better than today’s day work in between the corporate walls…LOL.

This guy never seen out else than college time and when the bell rang to eat at hostel central...He was also known to be called as Undergrounded for being absconding between friends…haha.. I don’t know what all he read all the time… But I can say one thing…How much I read in whole engineering… he completed in earlier two semesters only. He always put his mind on google search to hunt each and every page of any novel that could be readable. He was such a freak in this matter I can say. I guess he even collected the novel that was lying orphaned in dustbins also. He even use to take books from library in other’s account. This can lead you to say what a freak he was about novels. I honestly being his roomy never stolen a single word from his library of novels. Uuuufffffsss… I was tired to see him reading like that…I never read a novel before nor even till now…!!!! But this guy have read the novels that’s sufficiently for next incarnation. Hmmm this was all about being good…J

Now let me turn to other side. Lets spice up a bit… Sorry Kencha this much only I could help you to drive you in good way…I guess I tried to add each possible word that could make you praise among the friends… I cant lie anymore… J Let me come to some reality that you played all around these years… J

It was a daily routine for us to take some fresh air after food. All we use to do is get onto floor on the terrace and absorb the fresh air with the freshers in the neighbor ladies hostel…lol J I think that’s one of the reason to be absconded. But I enjoyed movies and as to respect my room no. I watched 23 movies in theatres in my first semester. Hopefully busy in watching movies. Nevertheless I also .. not only me even other batchmates also came on dark terrace to watch the angels & devils on the other side of the road. This is quite normal but we were lucky J . After all a busy day.. it was time to cool n relax eyes out of hot sunlight n dusty roads. Everything was ok… but only one man can really deliver hourly lecture on what he saw even for a half n hour was this great gizmo freak Kencha. He had a hidden talent to grab people on his side and explain all biology, history, physical science of those gals that he saw on the dark terrace into simple understandable manner. Even though he always said that his class is filled with only scraps and no use of being sitting hours to sit in same class…. JHe still managed to see the beauties around him and most incredible thing was the way he use to explain them.We used to think what a dumb we are…J but Kencha was genius in this. He liked gals in RED. (This may be a good tip tp Vidya). I don’t know but he was real freak of RED. He always use to wear red shorts, used red towel, most of the shirts had atleast some traces of red. His red fever is still hot and the Picture above can tell you how much true I am J… He never use to speak much. But when he spoke no one else shook their lips. That was specialty of this little Jeeni.. J At this point of time… its no surprise to say that he is the first guy in our batch from hostel to get married & hold the flag of victory of being sweet Papa. Oooppppss too fast & furious…..!!!! J

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Kencha Saga-1 The Jewel Thief…!!!J

The Kencha Saga-1

The Jewel Thief…!!!J


All characters coming in these series are real and based on true incidents… This saga is basically rated only for Boys and that too our hostel boys. It is kindly advised that girls, pregnant womens & under 18 creatures are not permitted to read the contents as it may cause severe effects on their life & lifestyle.


One can cherish their hostel life by enjoying below lines. Here the main character for the stories is none other than my all time roomy..Santosh Hegde..Who bared me for 4 long years…Haha… Now a days married life breaks in a year..but ours was a endless saga. It was even his wish that I could pen something about him in my blogs…!!! This is my small try respecting his words…J

The present day, he is well settled in Manipal…working for Karmic as Software Engineer…with a sweet wife Vidya of his choice and a kiddy is on the way to land on mother earth. Very fast amongst all of our batchmates and very brainy in colleges days too. So here am I taking pleasure to introduce him to all our known and unknown peoples.. and Vidya might record all these to convert it into stories for the kiddies… J And believe me…kiddies wont stop listening you…LOL…J Yeah…this series is just a dedicated to my all time best roomy to cheerish our memories for long long time. I know He can never burry his ass on same chair for hours together to convert these moments into words…So here I am the almighty to create and play the scene whatever and however as I like…J and he cant stop me from writing truth…Lol..!!!! JSo sit back..fasten ya belt & enjoy the Saga J

Story Begins..!!!

Day started creepy…!!! Slow Sunday made its finest entry in one of the normal early hostel days..!!! I was just been lodged in Room 23 for hardly 7 days. I gathered all books required for chemistry cycle. But unfortunately it was Physics cycle to be start with. Early times na…it was something to keep all my 10’X12’ room clean & tidy. All new faces rambled around with some unknown faces peeping into room…Haha.. It happens in every small to biggest hostel. People peep inside to make themselves more familiar to each other where each one(especially freshers) get some guts to battle with the senior’s late night introduction series..Hahaha...Now on present day…It still stretches our lips than normal if one sits back and clinches all these oldies & those introductions..!!!

Hmmm that was a busy Sunday morning..I was hoping to clear of some things at my table where the chemistry book was pretty fat barrier to move on..!!! I was thinking to take back to home n store it like precious jewel for next 6 month until I face my chemistry cycle.

Here he is…with his first entry of the main caharacter at my door. Yeah ..knocks the open door…and we first time sight each other eye to eye…haha.. He was with his spiky medium long oil bashed hairs hiding half forehead with thick eye brow, parrot nose, kissable Angelina Julie’s thick lips, pumpy chubby cheeks with a two day beared, red burnt ears,more flesh at shoulders, tummy & thighs..with purple & brick burnt brown & red medium big squares acquainted on his shirt with brown contemporary 3 plated pant covered him all that needed to be…J In short..Just a stealer next door who might have trepassed gates of central jail hour before..Haha…!!!

Well this was just a first gesture…there is lot to say in coming series..Now lets move on here…A friend of mine who was hailing from nearby place of mine introduced him as Santosh Hegde. But because of his nature of getting red to heat..He was named as Kencha. He was popularly called as Kencha and it was customized in whole of our hostel too..He was from Jogfalls..Just 5 Kms from my place. And another guy Avinash…who introduced Kencha was my classmate and he hailed his territory from Linganmukki… 6 Kms from my palce. So I was sandwich between two…!!!

Then he got inside room. Talked a bit. But then he was not that familiar yet. He suddenly asked to get the chemistry for himself for next 6 months and he shall return it for the next semister. But for me.. he looked not less than a Jewel Thief. Well it was not my mistake too….He made his appearance like that..!! He was moving with the other students who went to Electronics & Communication classes. So he was totally out of focus to see in my class. So if he disappears…where shall I trace him…being with such a look at first time…doesn’t make a good sense to lend the book for such a stranger…!!!! LOL… Kencha might turn red again by this time…Haha… Sorry Kencha…cant help… somewhere I have to reveal the truth…And truth never dies…J

Then I had to proceed the scene…I should end it..somehow I have pull it. Then I thought for a while and told him that a gonna take my books home..!!! His face crumped like crushed plastic bottle…Haha..I was helpless…!!!

Later some interactions some hi-byes….some togather introducion classes in senior rooms made to know each other bit better than to think as a jewel thief..!!!LOL…J

At the end of 14th day…final room settlements have been done….I tagged with Kencha(Santosh Hegde) & Jatti(Avinash) in Room no. 23. He was still with chemistry book so, then I passed my book to him to own for next 6 months… the crumpy face spurted out with sweet smile like soaked soyabean…LOL..and from there our hostel life started…J This is just a introduction… You will really enjoy knowing this charater more & more…J Let me conclude this here and alert my Kencha to pull some short memories that can add more color & contrast for remaining parts of the story…LOL…Kencha I guess u reading each line very carefully…J Don worry… the bigger is yet to come … J Cheerrss…!!!!!!