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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sorry Bird...!!! I Couldn't make you fly again... !!! :(

All incidents & creatures coming in this below blog are true and closely related with today’s life.

A tight meal had made the boring Monday bit better than as usual. Myself with my two colleagues sipped the chilled buttermilk and watered ourselves and started pedaling. Dusky Sun scorching our heads, dusty roads and more dusty footpaths. Unfortunately we are padded with shoes… Henceforth were forced to choose the dustiest footpaths to make our way to office.
Both others were ahead and I was left behind with the empty cup of buttermilk. I crushed it & stepped ahead. I was barely moving…and few steps after..I found a species with two legged & two wings lying on ground.!!! Oh that was a sparrow….I recognized… Oh god!!! Suddenly my mind struck … Why god is so cruel… it was numbering its last breathe…!!! I couldn’t stop myself from helping such sweet n small creature…!!! 
But on one condition… I should not touch it with hands…!!!! If I do so..Then the other birds of her community won’t let it into their group and they surely would crunch its life by piercing with their sharp beaks and turn it dead..!! which I dint wanted to happen. So I told my colleagues to get some water & paper. One of them rushed to fetch some water and the other went to get a paper .We collected it onto paper for fetching water and give her some strength to fly again.
We tried to fetch her some water. She was trying to breathe and suck some drops…  This situation had no sound to tell really what’s happening to her. But it had all message to convey that she is not able to respire and her condition was no more than a creature counting last minutes on her death bed… … She tried her best to make herself relived but the nature had some other call for her .Its breathe started slowing down and the moments of her chest & tummy gradually got slow…until it had its last breathe to pull…  in next few seconds she told heart crunching soundless good bye to this world and flied away invisibly 
It might have sucked a drop of water as a whole but made me to drop two drops of salty tears . Later I threw that water glass aside and was counting my steps back to office alone. I was thinking why God is so cruel.. but suddenly three big cell phone towers were standing infront to welcome me. My mind strucked with the thought that it was not the God Almighty who has done this damage but these visible towers which expel enormous radiations… makes all these disturbance in the nature… I felt sorry for the mobile phone that I was using… Man has evolved a lot but equally disturbed the nature to unrepairable extent  To the present day…man cannot live without cell phones. With the same he is not allowing other species to live also which has equal right to live on earth. Really shame on our path to be so called evolved…
I whole heartedly oppose these type of civilization that has condemned life of other species on earth and resulted in the imbalance of nature. Japan’s disaster is one such wake up call for humans from nature. Now he should get ready to answer all his disasters done to the Mother Earth. Once again sorry bird…  I couldn’t make you fly again…