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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Spectacular Eyes I ever saw..!!!!

The Spectacular Eyes I ever saw..!!!!

Well this is something different from my normal blogs...!!! Its all about the EYES that can create wonders if they are really that iconic....!!!

It was a another normal day into a shopping Mall...I was just rambling here & there for tagging my trolley with all those necessary to sustain next a week...lol... I was suddenly arrested by those two remarkable eyes that i shall never dare to forget at any moment of life...!!!! I just remembered the famous pic of the Afghan Girl Sharbhat Gula clicked by Steve McCurry in 1985 during the Afghan war...which captivated the whole world to show the horror of those bombardment and life got so scary & starvy....!!!This is the girl about whom I am talking about till now..!!!

Now let me come to the point....!!! I am hereby to show one of my capture on that day...and it was really quite mesmerizing...!!!

I ever like to see this cutie pie more & more...its not just a one time stuff..I bet that anyone who sees this eyes will definitely spend some seconds to study the whole chemistry of the subject...Well for me its still an abstract but may be because it contains a lot to say and my book of words havent been so satisfying to feed its needs :)...lol.... Well this is what I wanted to show...the baby in the pouch of a trolley with such glorious wonderful distinct distinguished penetrating blue eyes.....!!!!! This captured for a long time and I couldn't help myself without taking this photo...I shall never forget this strange watchful eyes of this sweet kid...!!!