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Friday, March 12, 2010

The First Meet...!!!

The First Meet…!!!

It was a pensive day as usual. Not coz of work but coz of ma loneliness which had acquired me till neck...It was a feeling of squeezing my neck from all 360 degree. I was peeping out for someone who can free me out of this nail crunching circumstance.

It was Saturday. As usual I was pecking some pebbles into pond of orkut to kill the time. I found a desi gal there who was jus 3 yrs younger than me n fortunately she was from same college where i pursued my 12th. Life plays so much of hide n seek with us. The reason for this.. U ll come to know in a short instance of time as u proceed to few more lines. Ok I wont drill u much or crunch ya time..Lets come to core point..Ya...She stepped into my college when it was 1 year in my Engineering days. But still it was not too long to mention. Now its 4 yrs passed my Engg days and m working. Who knows ...where, when… even though I din had any pretty good intension to make friendship with her I still found something interesting in her. I knocked her by sending a request for friendship. I was not sure that she wud accept my friendship. This was killing me in silence

Monday morning I hurried to my office n able to break the silence by 9.30 A.M. As routine I checked my gmail n orkut after settling a bit. I saw the gal snap hanging in my frnlist which I dint expected to be so. Atleast so soon as it was weekened when i pushed my invitation. I should be thankful for her for her immediate response that too positive...:) I added one more beed to my stringline of friend. But she was pendent of my beed-line. The reason being she came in my life when life was drenching in the rain of sorrow. I was happy to see her in my list. The reason for the smile on my lips is coz she barricade herself in same caste with which i can feel the cushion to talk n chat in my basic language which surely keeps anyone feel sugar blended with honey. The very first day we had a Hi-Bye conversation. Both were eager to know about each other. So both were busy in shooting questions on each other more than typing answers for the priorly asked questions...Funny na...:) But true...Days passed..Conversation whent from Hi-Bye to future plans, Career plans, interests...dislikes...favourites to hatreds...From Orkut into Gtalk which cud make entering thoughts much easier and private exclusively for each other. I even joined her community “I love Finger Rings”.

Days Later I came to knw that her parents are very well known to mine and they had met each other in a function jus days back after our friendship. Strange na...I think I made it pretty clear that why the Nature played so much of hide n seek till now. Frankly saying in one line...she was a gal next door...And I was blind till now and also the door was closed till now.

Relation got firm n better n better as days passed. It hardly took any time for me to understand what exactly she wanted. Even she was on the same lane where i was travelling. Only thing was we were just parallel rails. Though they have same destination..They never meet. By this point of time I think u also might have came to a conclusion that even she also had the pain in her life what I was facing till now. Yeah...U guessed it right. It 'Loneliness'. The only thing in life that can do any wonder n blunders in life.

Days lightened up earlier n Battery charges started letting down more faster at nights...This is where I have to appreciate Nokia for giving long battery backups. Days started getting more pleasant for each other and hence the nights. She worked in BPO so cudnt get in touch at noons coz of time differentiation. Good morning n Good nights started filling more into my inbox both in mobile n in mail. And offcourse the forwded attached mails...Relation grew thicker and talks got more familiar n customized. Then atlast met each other after 2 weeks at Girinagar. It was 10 mins late from her side to walk to ma place where I got down from bus.Pretty Cool...She was with cell to find out where I might be and Myself I think I was busy in misleading her to reach me as I was also new to the area. Atlast she caught me n we had a pleasant look on each other...She was still in a half way from dreamworld..She was not accepting the reality as I was with her.

Then she showed me way to bench in a park. We caught with a bench sharing things in real. She was much delighted to see me out of computer screen. We talked a lot into ourselves, our childhood, School, College, Parents...bla-bla. But one unfortunate thing was we dint see each other face for more than 2-3 seconds. Seconds turned minutes, minutes filled up into hours but cheated hours dint last long for more than two. As I was upto leave from there. it was already few minutes passed 6. I hurried to move though really not intended. Even she had same thing in her mind. But no much option left for me. As time heels the wounds It’s also a reason to cause a wound. We had to move. Slowly we started. A Pani puri stall was waiting to celebrate our first meet. We had 2. I was hungry enough. Then started down the lane. She showed the way out for Bus stop. I crossed the lane n moved towards stop. Kind of hesitation was there in both. Later I reached home n cald her. Then I came to know about her expectations n even I revealed mine. She was interested to move with me till Bus stop. And even I wanted her to be with me till I leg into bus…

Well this was a first meet. And first meet is always a first meet… its just a seed… we cant expect more nor we should have any hopes. The point lies is how we manure this seed n water it to grow into a huge tree. After some stages if we cant manure it… at least should prevent it from killing . But as I said above…Time not only heels the wounds…its also reason to cause the wound. One fine day she brought a axe n cut all the branches of our friendship tree. I donno y these gals become so rude sometimes. With time passing the tree gradually died. N the silence of loneliness prevailed everywhere once again. I joined a new community in orkut. “DON’T TRUST GIRLS” Hahaha…. J. Infact I should thank her for one thing. She is the initiator to make write blogs. She did all stuffs for me from creating account to adding picture to the profile of my blog spot account. I think this was the route she found to make her way out of loneliness. Thanks there. I hope this message reached her by this time…J

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Know What I did for 116… ;-)

I Know What I did for 116… ;-)

June 8th 2005 3pm…I realized something really pathetic…. I lost my Environmental Engineering Lab Record which was to be submitted to step in the exam hall next Day. It was lab external exam that I had to face after a night sleep. I searched all four corners of room including my roomi’s table. Haha..It was like finding strawberry in a apple tree. Coz… My roomi was sitting in Electronics & Communications classes all Seven semester. Why shall he take my record for any good reason. Finally I decided to do something crazy n worth risk taking. I peeped into my senior’s door to collect old record if they had somewhere. Well notes, records n photocopies were maintained as BhagwadGeeta in our hostel…J I got some 3-4 records. In that I choose the best handwriting that I could get. I then made all necessary arrangements to make it feel that I am the owner of it. I was quite happy to feel the book with me.

8pm… I opened the book for the first time in life. There were 13 experiments in it. The name of each experiment was like surprise at first sight. It was all about chemical reactions n so many color changes to be remembered in each experiments. I never knew that we completed so many things in our lab. One thing is there in our Engineering days. The whole syllabus for the semester seemed to be like we were listening news for deaf n dumb in class though we were really not…. We wonder we use to collect n cover all 160 marks syllabus or at least 140 marks syllabus (even though it was thought for 100 marks in classes) in that last night before the exam. Strange but true. That night we use to understand the things like we were watching BBC world channel. All info straight n clear… I always wonder…why didn’t this BBC worked for rest of the days when we are in the class. Nevertheless now I had to study…but as I passed on the pages I felt it easier…as there were only color changes from start to end of the experiment. And we needed some common words to join this start and end of the experiment. Only thing we had to remember was start color of the chemical and end color of the experiment. I thought of taking a break as I calculated myself with the risk factor of having 14 hrs left for my exam n hardly 1 hour for each experiment could make me reach the target. So went out to peep in others room n got a room which was filled with those guys who just finished their exam that day and those who had pretty lengthy time for next exam to approach. I was a odd man out there. They were watching some movie n in watching movies we never stay odd anymore. All batch unite together like milk n water n watch it to end without opening the door of dark room. Now how can I miss this chance. I became one of the spectators for next two n half hour.

Now by 11.30 bell rang to do some worth full work for exam that was about to bang next day by 11am. So 11.30 hrs left for me now. But felt sleepy as soon as I opened it. It was all about to study the rainbow colors changing from one another. I made some easy method to pass it out. Did some coding between the colors and was quite doing it well. I felt then it was a small job n no such precious time to be wasted before the exam. And how better we can spend those peak hours else than sleeping. But still I was in initial stage of all these experiments…. I really had some time to spend it for first look. The next day early morning I planned revision of the same. But as per the saying…man proposes n god disposes… works word to word in next half n hour.

12am banged at all visible clocks n watches. My batch mates attacked my room to celebrate my birthday. Oh it was my birthday on June 9th …. And it was time to celebrate…. I was happy to see a cake n candles arranged for me. We celebrated took snaps ate cake pasted the butter and every stuffs that can make a birthday fun. I thanked all for remembering my birthday and giving the surprise.

1.30 am…celebration ended n fire inside me caught the real heat. Butter on my face melted. But meanwhile the butter has created all blunder n the cooling effect of it showed me way to bed. I found its really hard to read our next word that’s written by some mighty senior in his record. I couldn’t wait for the needle in clock to cross one more minute. Kept a alarm at 4am n pulled my blanket. It was heaven in my dreams in no time. But as usual failed myself to convince to get up when alarm sung.

5.30am… now it was time for my sixth, seventh etc sense to wake up n also wake me up. I felt something weird passed in my body n alerted like when free electrons is plugged into human body direct from a power socket without insulation. I got up n forgot rest of the world. I had now only option left too do in the world now. And that was to understand each n every English that was mentioned in the record. I buried myself on the icy chair n started sucking the color. At last un wontedly time clock dint show any mercy to show its 9’O clock face. It was a ugly face especially when the exam is to be faced in next coming hour. No breakfast nor shower. Washed face with some water to hairs which provided all special effect to show myself as fresh as just way out of shower. But the colors really showed its color when I really stepped in the lab. It was mentioned that until we pen it down the color change for first initial stage we were not allowed to proceed any experiment. And the main drawback with me was I knew the start n end color of the experiment. But the required was the intermediate color. Which again I had to do permutation n combination with the rest of the VIBGYOR colors. I still repent why I dint learn doing this permutation n combination right for the whole life. It played very major roles in most part of the life n most of them were wrong… J

It was actually pink to blue and then end color was brown. I knew pink n brown. Time allotted was half n hour to write the experiment procedure till the first color change. And I could see more permutation n combination on my lab mate’s faces. So I was not a exceptional. Now what to do….the every color in me turned black n white. A slight cut on the intermediate color could throw me out of hall. I wrote everything else than intermediate color. I guessed it purple. But I really had thing to correct. He came to my table at last. What to do now. Actually the color turned pink to blue but purple was what I mentioned. It was almost same only but not exact. And my lecturer dint wanted to take any chance in identifying any color. These liquid(chemicals) n color really turn u out pale n nasty. N what else can help me out than a liquid itself. A drop of water at right place can heel all the unseen wounds n keep me clueless to carry out further observations n reading. I got a small droplet on the exact place of where I had to change… and it worked out. I showed it to lecturer who was already so familiarized with color as 3rd std kid is familiar with letter ‘A’. he saw something unclear at the changed color part of the paper. He advised to write it clearly. I used ink pen rather than ball pens. And that really helped me now. N now why shall I take chance to write it blue in place of purple anymore… J I was clear now. Poor lecturer… he himself made me out of this puzzle. I thanked him n finished the rest of the exam in next half n hour.

I was out n submitted the seniors record which remained in college in my name now after … Jn came out. Finished some viva n I was out by 1.30 pm….there was lot of discussions with frns after coming out for 1 more hour... I was happy on road…that I successfully finished my unrevealed color exam in style. Suddenly I realized… that m damn hungry. And I dint have breakfast nor lunch n not even a single drop of water wet my tongue. The moment I came to real world all my sixth sense n all other nonsense kicked off from my body like a betrayed soul n went to bed before I could reach my den. The straight road started floating… I was like in mid of ocean who hardly swimmed in his life. I managed somehow to reach the hostel n bugged whatever left out at mess. My bed was unfolded n was calling both arms stretched. I surrendered myself to be n again dreams rugged me… J

It was 116 out of 125 at the end. Satisfactory for the way I did myself for the exam…. J and only I know what I did for my 116… J