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Friday, March 12, 2010

The First Meet...!!!

The First Meet…!!!

It was a pensive day as usual. Not coz of work but coz of ma loneliness which had acquired me till neck...It was a feeling of squeezing my neck from all 360 degree. I was peeping out for someone who can free me out of this nail crunching circumstance.

It was Saturday. As usual I was pecking some pebbles into pond of orkut to kill the time. I found a desi gal there who was jus 3 yrs younger than me n fortunately she was from same college where i pursued my 12th. Life plays so much of hide n seek with us. The reason for this.. U ll come to know in a short instance of time as u proceed to few more lines. Ok I wont drill u much or crunch ya time..Lets come to core point..Ya...She stepped into my college when it was 1 year in my Engineering days. But still it was not too long to mention. Now its 4 yrs passed my Engg days and m working. Who knows ...where, when… even though I din had any pretty good intension to make friendship with her I still found something interesting in her. I knocked her by sending a request for friendship. I was not sure that she wud accept my friendship. This was killing me in silence

Monday morning I hurried to my office n able to break the silence by 9.30 A.M. As routine I checked my gmail n orkut after settling a bit. I saw the gal snap hanging in my frnlist which I dint expected to be so. Atleast so soon as it was weekened when i pushed my invitation. I should be thankful for her for her immediate response that too positive...:) I added one more beed to my stringline of friend. But she was pendent of my beed-line. The reason being she came in my life when life was drenching in the rain of sorrow. I was happy to see her in my list. The reason for the smile on my lips is coz she barricade herself in same caste with which i can feel the cushion to talk n chat in my basic language which surely keeps anyone feel sugar blended with honey. The very first day we had a Hi-Bye conversation. Both were eager to know about each other. So both were busy in shooting questions on each other more than typing answers for the priorly asked questions...Funny na...:) But true...Days passed..Conversation whent from Hi-Bye to future plans, Career plans, interests...dislikes...favourites to hatreds...From Orkut into Gtalk which cud make entering thoughts much easier and private exclusively for each other. I even joined her community “I love Finger Rings”.

Days Later I came to knw that her parents are very well known to mine and they had met each other in a function jus days back after our friendship. Strange na...I think I made it pretty clear that why the Nature played so much of hide n seek till now. Frankly saying in one line...she was a gal next door...And I was blind till now and also the door was closed till now.

Relation got firm n better n better as days passed. It hardly took any time for me to understand what exactly she wanted. Even she was on the same lane where i was travelling. Only thing was we were just parallel rails. Though they have same destination..They never meet. By this point of time I think u also might have came to a conclusion that even she also had the pain in her life what I was facing till now. Yeah...U guessed it right. It 'Loneliness'. The only thing in life that can do any wonder n blunders in life.

Days lightened up earlier n Battery charges started letting down more faster at nights...This is where I have to appreciate Nokia for giving long battery backups. Days started getting more pleasant for each other and hence the nights. She worked in BPO so cudnt get in touch at noons coz of time differentiation. Good morning n Good nights started filling more into my inbox both in mobile n in mail. And offcourse the forwded attached mails...Relation grew thicker and talks got more familiar n customized. Then atlast met each other after 2 weeks at Girinagar. It was 10 mins late from her side to walk to ma place where I got down from bus.Pretty Cool...She was with cell to find out where I might be and Myself I think I was busy in misleading her to reach me as I was also new to the area. Atlast she caught me n we had a pleasant look on each other...She was still in a half way from dreamworld..She was not accepting the reality as I was with her.

Then she showed me way to bench in a park. We caught with a bench sharing things in real. She was much delighted to see me out of computer screen. We talked a lot into ourselves, our childhood, School, College, Parents...bla-bla. But one unfortunate thing was we dint see each other face for more than 2-3 seconds. Seconds turned minutes, minutes filled up into hours but cheated hours dint last long for more than two. As I was upto leave from there. it was already few minutes passed 6. I hurried to move though really not intended. Even she had same thing in her mind. But no much option left for me. As time heels the wounds It’s also a reason to cause a wound. We had to move. Slowly we started. A Pani puri stall was waiting to celebrate our first meet. We had 2. I was hungry enough. Then started down the lane. She showed the way out for Bus stop. I crossed the lane n moved towards stop. Kind of hesitation was there in both. Later I reached home n cald her. Then I came to know about her expectations n even I revealed mine. She was interested to move with me till Bus stop. And even I wanted her to be with me till I leg into bus…

Well this was a first meet. And first meet is always a first meet… its just a seed… we cant expect more nor we should have any hopes. The point lies is how we manure this seed n water it to grow into a huge tree. After some stages if we cant manure it… at least should prevent it from killing . But as I said above…Time not only heels the wounds…its also reason to cause the wound. One fine day she brought a axe n cut all the branches of our friendship tree. I donno y these gals become so rude sometimes. With time passing the tree gradually died. N the silence of loneliness prevailed everywhere once again. I joined a new community in orkut. “DON’T TRUST GIRLS” Hahaha…. J. Infact I should thank her for one thing. She is the initiator to make write blogs. She did all stuffs for me from creating account to adding picture to the profile of my blog spot account. I think this was the route she found to make her way out of loneliness. Thanks there. I hope this message reached her by this time…J


yo said...

good writing dude...narrating was impressive...but u could have lit more light in the climax.....jee...don tell me dat this was ur effort to make it small....not so small though..

yo said...

i think u should not have joined the community "i love finger rings".....dats wer u made mistake....i hope u understand....anyway past s past...dont do this mistake in future....and btw u r near sea now ...n u can start pecking pebbles in the sea.....lol

yo said...

i think u should not have joined the community "i love finger rings".....dats wer u made mistake....i hope u understand....anyway past s past...dont do this mistake in future....and btw u r near sea now ...n u can start pecking pebbles in the sea.....lol

Vinay Hegde said...

Hahaha... Yo...To counteract that only I joined 'DONT TRUST GIRLS' community... ;) And the reason of lighting up the climax is same as u stated... ;) Well Thank U for ur comments... :)

Chinmay said...

Vini...en story no idu....Gotte irlilla...yavagaytappa idella?

Vinay Hegde said...

And @ Chinnu... All things what i write is not fact... there is lot of imaginations in between...Jus they add more colors..!!! :)