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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Kencha Saga – 7 ScrewBalls The Wrong Turn..!!!J

The Kencha Saga – 7

ScrewBalls The Wrong Turn..!!!J

Drizzling rainy days was no new for us in rainy season. It’s the age when the blood is too warm and always asks the warmth… and warmth without any friction in those chill weather is like trying to light fire with just a match stick. Without a rubbing surface there was no fun of fire. Well the evening hot mirchis & spicy chatey with hot dosas was our regular feast to keep ourselves warm. But did it serve all…???? Well human nature is like that… its never been said to be accomplished with all its desires. Well desires ignited more and more as and how the mercury lost its stamina to stand erected at its normal length. I mean to say atleast 240 C.

Well something to be found alternative to maintain the ecological balance. Kencha read something new in the video theatres. That cost around Rs.10 – Rs.15 which was far cheaper than in any theatres. A month back Laxmi video theatre was re-opened after a raid for 3 months. There was no big deal to close else than they showed some realistic which the big screen hided from big audience…J but nevertheless these had potential to grab youngsters much into its den.

Cool air was passing through all pores that came in touch. That evening we got to know about the new movie inside the small den. It was Screw Balls… and there was no sigh of saying no to it as all knew that it was a good movie to watch. That too watching in a video theatre is something that can be done in that age itself J …Kencha smiled at us and asked… “Chale kyaaa…????”Well it was not any tough question to answer and Me, & Jatti nodded with a smile…J

2 cycles with 3 guys seated... the troop started by 9.10 pm. Movie was at 9.30 pm. We were on the way to the finest video theatre. Poster said something ‘Cold Blood’. But the movie inside was really hot. Well ‘Screw Balls’ series are always hot. Hmmm the movie started in the dark den. No one could see each other. Well the screen also had no much things to show with heavy lightings. Everything went in dark and there was much biology and science to learn. Well somehow movie came to interval. Guys and only guys who acquired all 118 seats came out to fresh up. Believe it or not all were of same college as the college hostel was just 300mts from the door steps of theatre. Its obvious to meet all. And many of them were Kencha’s classmates….LOL J

Well we re-gathered to witness the next half of the movie. It went on for 45mins more. No was willing to move out till the last name on the screen disappeared. As all the making of different shots were shown at the end of movie with some credit song. Hmmm the actual fire was now to ignite. No one had the bit of information about it…LOL…

We three were about to step out…suddenly people rushed as there was any big tsunami inside the theatre…..well the waves were about to hit us from front… it was not any Tsunami but the Police around that area had came to know about the reality if the theatre and it was again to be raided…lol J and we three successfully ran to the cycles. Kencha forgot that he had placed his cycle on the other side. Well he already took a wrong turn…!!!! We both somehow made our way out but Kencha had to rush on the direction where the constable was running towards him with his long stick rolling in his hand. Kencha had no option else than to move away from there. We escaped from there in next 2 seconds but kencha ran as fast as possible… pathetically he could not race with the rolling stick which the constable that swung at 90km/hr. The stick made its milestone mark on his big ass like a bee making its life sacrificing bite…!!! He made a quite huge sound which we heard it on the adjacent road. Jatti peddled with all his energy zipped down on his feet. Kencha somehow escaped in the darkness and was able to collect the OC cycle after spending half n hour in dark.

We were waiting for him at hostel doors. 35 mins later kencha arrived like risen stallion dividing all his 65,000 grms on the 2 peddles of the cycle…LOL J he had similar posture all throughout his travel as he was now unfit to sit pleasantly on his own butts anymore…J

Sweat was showering on his face and probably from each cell of his body was hot now…J that night he slept with fan on in a rainy night with his ass towards the ceiling to catch all possible chillness around to cool down itself from the burning shot. For the next one week he sat on desk as if he is ready to run away from the college…J sitting in this same posture from the start of the class till the end promising the lecturer that he have no intension to run away from class is aint a easy job either….lol J… Well at this stage of life… Kencha was so fulfilled…I can say he was more overfilled with all desires…LOL J He… no more dared to watch any more movies there after in that theatre….lol J

After a gap of of 365 more days… it was far enough for him to forget the last season…J But this time it was a big screen…J Kencha again hicked up to say… “Chale Kya..????” smiles nodded J