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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Veggie Burger…!!! J

The Veggie Burger…!!! J

Dear readers..its been quite gappy I had to stay away from blogging as because of this FIFA craze. Thought oman had really fruit to fetch but the people had really something to play with. I was the football and goals were 200 kms apart. Every two days I was in different pouch and different goal. This is here a small story of the same that I experienced into the same that I would like to share with you all…J

Passed few minutes after a sunny was making its fall back to its daily destiny. I was halh the way as usual from Muscat to Sohar. This repeated to & fro swing from past a week created a junk of idiotic ideas in mind. One of such was eating like as if u never seen fellow food on earth. I finished my heavy lunch by 1.30pm and now it was somewhere clock was ticking around 4pm and I was ready with knife & a sporke. Actually I had been got used to eat pizzas or any bakery items to tame my little tummy.

80 miles already we won on taxi and 80 more was still longing to travel. Me with 3 more hungry bugs at back seat of the car landed on a deserted destiny. It was more like a cowboy movie scence. Guns n caps were missing. Two big shops…Papa Jones for pizza on right & KFC on left welcomed me with red carpet. It was in my mind to decide where to shoot to make all possibilities sure in 5 mins. Well I experienced in the prior shoppies that for a take away in a pizza corner it atleast takes 10 mins. And I have only 5 mins to spare to make my tongue wet. Well obviously as a normal common sensed person I choose to move for a veg burger at KFC.

Ok got down n marched to pull a peace of veggie bread. As soon as I longed 31 steps I found myself at KFC as if it is situated at a ‘No Man’s Land’. A role super model from Caribbean greeted me inside with a low raged disastrous smile. The only visible parts in that lady was the red outfit, two bi-directional front teethes followed by remaining aligned back of it and two eye balls. Rest of the beauty she hided in her holy darkness. It might not be visible even to her also. Ahaaa what a class shot. I thanked god to make myself available to see such a beauty which she also might not seen in herself yet. Hmmm so without having no more option, I told her to pack me a Veggie Burger….She really had a suspiciously veracious effect in her smile ha. Take my words…she was really set to destroy some thing in me. I can let you know what it is at this stage itself. Else you all readers surely push off the chair and conclude my story in interval without reaching t climax…J.. Ok let me retrace the rail lines and not to divert much… as soon as I asked her veg burger… a bunch of uncertainty questions raised in her mind like waves in the sea and she put up her face in such pathetic way that hardly meant he heard something from a man from her own mother earth. She looked at me like m just landed from Mars and asking her some very similar cuisine from Mars.. then I showed her some cabbage leaves to make her understand what I really asked….. Oh yeahh….. J was the cry after a while with that hilarious smile which surely made her a distinguished personality in that shoppie. Thank god she understood … I thanked my MIGHTY without really raising the voice.

My food got steamed in 5 mins and I carried it to Taxi without having a turn to that mighty Miss Caribbean. She sustained the same smile until I slipped out of shop. Haa.. I pulled my car door and safety belt as journey was to cover 80 more miles. Hmmmm … its time to eat now… I couldn’t wait myself and see any hungry pigs sitting back or any hospitality to invite anyone else than I me myself…J I opened the burger pack which was having some sauce and tissues with a large bread stuffed with green cabbage leaf and bunch of tomatoe slices. Above all that I had a piece fried in oil .I imagined all possible combination of that sized broad vegitable. Potataoe, Kanda, a broad banana slice… every possible combination I tried. But all seemed to be hypothetical. Nothing matched in reality. Then suddenly I remembered the suspicious smile of that Caribbean. Oh My God..!!! I got the right size for that fried piece. I measured it as chicken. Ufffff … where was I..??? I being pure Brahmin.. How can I do this..??? I was still not sure. And it was humiliating to ask the neighby that was it a veg or a non veg. Brahmanatva in one hand and Empty Tummy on other hand. Which hand shall I give the right justice. Both hands fell helpless. Mind was the one super natural power that came in between and gave the right decision. I packed the fried part in the same pack and packed the remaining to tummy J. Wasn’t it a brilliant idea by my mind..???? Yeah .. I know.. U all have the same thing your mind also … J

Taxi halted after reaching Sohar. Being a Gentlemen, I safely slipped the cover into the garbage bin & walked away to room. With the proud ness in mind I reached room in next 10 mins and took shower and burnt two incense sticks to my MIGHTY to surpass if I really went wrong somewhere…J

In between can anyone tell me what actually was there in that fried piece in the veggie burger..??? Please let me know if its veggie stuff haa…else please keep num haaa…. Hussh…… hsshhh……. Hsssshhhhhhh…. Papa sleeping…. J Don’t tell my parents haaaaa J