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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Class- 6



This Valentine’s Day is something special for me. As because I am celebrating it in some unique way by writing this blog. This blog can be considered as concluding part of previous blog ‘MY FIRST CRUSH’. There is lot to tell about Class-6 in my life. This year now there’s no more RADHA in the stage to pull out the crush story. Nevertheless, life wasn’t a full stop for crush to make a entry.

It was another unwontedly regular day in our Class-6. Me n PAVAN with strange eyes grabbing all possible concentration, were looking onto the Blackboard. TRESSA MISS was Class teacher for this year. And we were already heard that his being quit very strict enough that can make any student speechless to answer silly question like ‘what is 2X2??’. We wud have thought twice to reply it. Sounds silly but really we faced it at the nearest. Sitting in her class was no better than watching 3D horror movie with 3D specs alone in theatre. Everything felt so near n realistic.

She took literature English, pathetic Mathematics & Social Science as her subjects she announced. I and Pavan saw each other as we saw never saw each other before. It was hard to digest for us for three most pathetic subjects are handled by the most furious madam of all time… but one thing I have to say is she was very good in writing on board n report cards. The third person never made a wrong guess to read out wat she has wrote…J she had that capacity of holding the finest Belgium glass on our performance…J. Else than that Science was taken by favorite Lucy Miss, Kannada by Itlakki Sir n Hindi by Behanji (Kulkarni Teacher).

Class started by 10am after daily prayers both outside and inside the class. We sung national anthem out and in class we had separate prayers for English n Kannada medium. We all stood in our respective place n sung with joining hands…the following lines.

“Oh my God,

We are…

About to study

For the

Love of the

We be seech the

God blessing.”

Damn good I guess I uttered the same words wat we use to jus surpassed by lip movements in group at our classes. I beg no one shall ask the meaning…J.All we sat back. I was sitting at second of second bench. Madam had her usual entry with bunch of chalks n a black purse, with subject related neatly binded text book. The murmur and bithching vanished with her steps marching forward towards the table as like rain stops suddenly wen it makes its wrong entry in hot summer. “GOOOOD MOOOOOOOORNING MISSSSSS” a chorus of 58 joined me wishing my madam. She wished back as usual in serious tone.

She erased the chalk writtens on board completely to make sure that this board now her property for next 45 mins. Black board really looked truly black now. She then dusted the duster to the offset wall of the door. The cloud of chalk covered that whole area. She then came back to her table n wrote ‘English’ in her own style of letter ’E’ being in mid capsed n other running letters followed as soldiers behind the Emperor inn lower case. She always used mid capsed letter to start with either that off high capsed. I tried all my possible options to show it as close as to reality which Mr. Bill Gates has supported me through MS-word with possible option of font style n color. She underlined it twice one over the other as if she is not at all concerned about that poor chalk which sacrificed itself to lit the tube lights that was set in all 58 students.

Me n Pavan had no good reason to prove that we are much interested in class. We were sitting because we were just sitting and we had to sit next coming whole year. Suddenly a sweet female voice “Excuse Me Miss” barricaded all other attention with a ham-fisted feared look towards the Madam .

Not Againnnn…… ;-) my mind alerted. The lantern in mind glowed as like 1000W mercury lamp. We couldn’t look back the Madam until she slipped the next line from her pink lips. She was again not Radha but more refreshing to look at with some unique features. Her hairs were lengthened till nose I front which she maintained to keep it over head with a black tiny hair strip and it quite cover till neck at back. She was transferred all the way from another project area ‘Shaktinagar’. May only to replace my first crush…J . She was with a cover in her hand which had some predicted text books. She was quite modernized as off others as she was very neat with her pressed dress covering most of the skin. She was not with shoe for the first day as she was not really aware of the kind off wat she need to follow. Oh those bare legs in sloppy healed sandals were quite destructing n disturbing to any idiot dumb who is classified in the category of MALE. The toe nails were polished with pink nail polish which obviously any unseen guy also can guess. But only a gal can explain y she’s crazy about the color ‘PINK’ in better way. She had a same match with her hands. A tiny round faced black belted watch peeped outside world holding her left hand with buckle. A white shirt n a blue skirt as usual ramped her till knee n rest were left free for us to ramped by our eyesites…J. Those hairless legs were something awesome to look at so close that too in that age n who else can spend so many hours to see that no unwanted hair could left alive that shall kill her beauty than a true beauty conscious gal... J Slim n hot to resist is over all what I can define her as a whole .

Madam greened her with reasonable introduction. She was made to sit at second of second in gals row as accordingly to height. Exactly where I bumped myself in with guys. In those days we had some crazy thinks in our minds. We use to match guys with gals with respect to their position of sittings in the class. Like if the middle half of the class is folded like a paper right at the centre then who’ll face their opposite partner. I was quite more satisfied now to match myself with her…J Sorry Pavan, You still remained on cutting edge of first bench which in turn matched a gal called SAPNA. He always use to say …”Sapnaa tum kab hogi apnaaa” hmmm quite a poetic guy. But I think I can’t expect him to bump himself so long to write this whole blog. So I have taken the charge of describing him n little bit on myself in this blog…J

Now my neighby was PRADEEP. Who always stood first in class in showing marks to his parents more proudly than anyone else could dare to do the same. And I was waiting something magical breeze flowing from his end wud change me from lantern light to mercury lamp…J I mean even I wanted to come first in class…Off course who doesn’t like to be….!!! But the theory of “If everyone become leaders then who’ll be the followers” always made me to think twice to lead the class n ruined me rest of the life…J

He was one of those silent creatures who could kill someone with silence. But sometimes he use to pull the neighbies…by their respective eye catching pairs…. That’s really cool n common but the person who is in see-saw was really found to be in fire…. It was hot outside n really cool from inside… I enjoyed the names twinkling up but ain’t so open topic to discuss. One more my all time(School days till 10th only) friend cum enemy was MANOJ who was considered to be the Master of Mischievous activities. Well this blog is not sufficient to explain his glory…J He was the inventor of LOVE CALCULATOR in our class. He use to join any two names in our class which belong to male n female category… n calculate the percentage of being matched n announce it in the class as if he is standing in some campaign for the forth- coming election. I was not any odd man of his victim list. Obviously he joined my name with many but I was rather curious to see the result until turned with her. He made use of all his best skills that he learnt till Class-6 to bring out the result on boards as 72% OOooops did I love her so much..!!! J A pleasant figure to look at. But the way he campaigned it like repeated Ad on television in any One Day match like repeatedly after every over…. really turned blushing pink to angry red. There was usual WWE we use to practice in such situations and the scene use to drop the screen by oathing each other of not talking for rest of the life. But this too dint remained for many long days. He maintained the same log sheet with many of us in the class.

Hummmm at last a day came where it was pre-declared test day made its bouncy entry in quite exact month end. Our knew one fact that guys go pink to sit with gals. And guys or gals together as a whole in exam can fetch any dumbo could earn the seal of COPY n PASTE of 25 below the line to above one or at least the digit with prefix ‘2’. So it was made a interlocking of guys n gals… I mean to say guy n gal seated besides to low down the copy cat skills. As from start first bench was mingled later it came our turn. She was made to sit beside me. Her angel eyes looked me first time so close. Even I was not supposed to dare to search her black eye-piece in her eye ball. It conveyed me to push back so that she can easily fit into to come inside with crossing any speed-breakers in between the desk. I shrugged back my ass as far as it possible to touch the back bench. She made her first close entry. The fragrance of ‘Spinz’ deo never been as pleasant as of that day. As the movement came closer…my heart beated as if some rock band is performing madly on stage with hundreds of drums.. As she came closer n closer to pass over me… it was like watching solar eclipse from hours together to see the complete dark…. And at last that magical moment came. The back upper shin of her knee sliced my hard knee bone. That was something I shall never forget. I was like I lost the knee down with that cut. Solar eclipse is now no wonder. Its happening every year. But that touch was once in life. OOooopsss… who else in this world can get such a chance to sit with his/her most believed crush in exam. Poor madam, coudnt judge us properly. I should really thank her for putting her best efforts to make us sit together. We shared all unknown answers for the known questions. We now no more blushing strangers. But we were blushing friends here after.

Every now n then here after she or me talked for one or the other reason. I asked her the perfume that turned me sick whenever she use to come near. She revealed with no shrink in face with quite a giggle smile on her face. Whenever I use to turn on gals row or vice-versa….we use to see each other. There are still tones of things to reveal. Think if I go on writing this…it will not end in just one or two pages. N surely her father will come with gun searching me on this desert island n I ll be his prey before you all finish the last line of this blog… J

Days passed to months n months to year. We were at the end of Class-6. We all gathered to pull out our lucky nos in the exam. Madam distributed the Progress Report to all of us as per the rolling nos. There was something more blushing waiting for me. My fav madam of Class 2 had something who once gave as many as 8 beating four on either hands has awarded 100 full marks out 100 for science which I never dreamt. I was made 10th most person to stand in a row of securing 10 best highest marks in all subject. The breeze that blew really had some effect to igite from lantern to mercury lamp…J Though zero had no value for her but I guess she was also happy with that zero… J

Hope I briefly ate ya enough time n head in revealing my Class-6 of my life…J

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The 8 mistakes of my life

It is said that parents or teacher screw their children when they are kiddies. It doesn’t mean that they don love them. But in turn it means that they love more then wat the childrens guess n mould them to the finest. I was one of them. Everyone was so much back of me that no one wanted to leave their quota of screwing me when I was kid…J

It was just a weak passed from my day of promotion from Class 1 to Class 2. We hardly knew who was our class teacher. Suddenly a sweet Madam in pink sari with matching lipstick came into the class as late comer. But aint she was. She was our Class Teacher…!!! I was just floated a bit and was happy to see the new madam. For this thing I have say sorry to RADHA addressed in my prior blog as my first crush. Actually I had the crush when even I dint even heard the word CRUSH. Meaning of it was like pineapple on a unknown island. Well now I feel the use of elders screwing their youngers is ain’t bad… we grow up without our knowledge. But only thing is the wonders we created in our childhood is only given the true color when we recycle it from the memory bin.

I never use to miss my classes. If I wud have done that also I wud have been screwed either home or school. N I dint know much places than either these two. But still I was not so buddu also…Honestly I was bit dishonest wen I really dint wanted to brush my shoes till school…JIn fact I was molded…J I had several forecast reasons to escape…like headache, stomach ache, fever etc etc…. But coming to this madam… she was very pretty n stylish then all…she was bit round about but nevertheless stood out of all n the prettiest madam I ever saw than the heroines who were like twinkling stars.

LUCY MISS…J ..yes that’s wat we used to call her. Perhaps every student practiced the same. But she was strict enough to me anyone’s nightmare. We always by default fear to that stick which she use to carry it like her number plate on vehicle. Never gets detached. And as usual n as said above I was loved too much from childhood by all. As a result I was 100% sure of tasting the stick in every 1st week or at the most 1st month of my newly promoted classes was a mandatory ethic I followed. I maintained it.

Now this time it was a heart-breaking sequence. More accurately saying…crush getting crushed…!!! My madam gave some 30 different English words to study n to learn it write it without seeing. That’s wat cald DICTATION.. The total dictated words wud not cross 10. So the probability was 1 in every three or randomly tougher in three…Punishment was 1 sweet kiss on hand from her beloved stick for every wrong word that we wud predict..I had very clear vision n highly defined grasping power to grasp the spell from others wen they move their pencils onto book...I somehow managed to mug up all those but it hardly got digested. There were thousands of thoughts going on in mind. In between how shall I remember these silly 30 words. But they were ain’t so silly wat we thought. At last that moment came. Where we wrote at the centre of whole new page DICTATION… which we all copied from the bored. It was the age when I cudnt spell my name itself. Actually after getting habituated to this way of learning I mugged spelling of my own name wen I was on the way to my school in Class 5. I still remember how I use to speak to myself repeating my spelling while walking side of lane with green bushy weeds on either sides of road. I have really put such a effort to remember 5 letters for 5 days without any confusion.. Then how can I imagine doing miracle in Class 2 with those 30 magical words. Which appeared like as if she has collected it from 30 different globes. Well I was no more a magician. As n how she started my mind started working on probabilities n combination with countless options. My mind was sound enough to figure out any lighter confusions into deeper one. Even grasping power dint help a lot. Coz everyone was in chaos that wat they are prediction will actually end with silver lining or they may end in deep shit… so one after another she went on dictating.. the page once started like a neat golf coarse had now become a pig yard. Erasers made their maximum contribution to keep it clean. At last 10 magical unknown words ended. Now the real threat started. Bench after bench everyone started to remain in line to get the corrections from my favorite madam. Till then I din say any hi to that stick. This probably the first time I shall express my gratitude. 3 mistakes, 5 mistakes.. the guys rolled in some or other probability in and around…. My term was next…n I was totally finding myself weightless… she was going on correcting my book..n I was counting the number of mistakes without any confusion… if I was not wrong it summed up to 8 out of 10. How fine it was if it was correct ones. Now how can I get screwed up 8 times in a row without rest. One after other with pathetic crumpsy wrinkling on ma face I managed to get all 8 out 8 on my only 2 little hands. It turned red. It was so hot n red that till then the crush which ws cooking inside burnt black n got crushed…L my first crush crunched in disastrous ending.

Later she came onto black board n erased the irrelevant on the board n also the heap of crush in my tiny heart… L n the cloud of chalk covered the board same way heavy droplets was about to civer my eyes. To much loving bring tears. This is really true…J and m very glad to inform that the same madam in Class 6 gave all possible 100 out of 100 in science. Now this shall make some real difference…J The 8 mistakes really fetched some fruit for me… J I still n ever respect u LUCY MISS…J

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Black Sundae


All characters n incidents coming in this blog are based on true story. Before writing this I shall be thankful n bow to ground to ma parents for whatever I am now n directing me unknown things n helping to complete this successfully.

Its was fairy busy Saturday 12th April 2008 as usual I finished ma office n packed up to ma aunts with a busy scheduling of roaming the city which I mandatorily followed like some religious ethics. I got a denim jeans n skinny T-shirt with ma woodland shoe which surely picturized a trekky look. This is wat I wanted to be on ma third anniversary of hostel day onto next day which I n ma seniors planned to rush into. I got into ma aunt home by around 8.45pm. I rested on sofa for a while after dinner to breathe out some fresh air though it is crime to say that I breathe fresh air in Bangalore…J my fone made its presence by opening its sealed lips with the ‘Asian koel’ ringtone which I customized it to buzz me if someone need me to talk on this two pieced lifeless thing which always made to stay connected most of the deserved n unwanted people in tact J… well it was ma senior to cald me to remind about next day program. It was decided that if we wont be able to manage to bury our bums on cushions then surely plan will be changed from hundreds of wheeled train to two wheeled bike. I signed the treaty n went to bed by around 10.30 plus hrs. I was eager to wear my new fittings to all the way to Davangere n meet ma juniors n our hostel where we got moulded to professionals. I was more active than yesterday wat I got up to office by 8am. Though my mind magnet tried to pull the iron pieced clock thorns…it maintained its dignity n strength to show same time to the world as it always use to do. I actually wanted it show me 5am…but it was jus diagonally opposite showing same old 10.30…

At last the most awaited day of my life strucked..13th August 2008…The SUNDAE…the unforgettable day of ma life…I managed to pile up with blanket till 4.45…n got up n also woked up the mighty sun to shed his rays…J I hardly get this opportunity to wake him…J n when I get I love to share it all whom I know J hope u also understoodJ dressed up as defined b4…with a bag on back I stepped down from aunt home on early 6 towards majestic…it took 30 more minutes…we all met with a smile stepping back in our memories to refresh our thoughts which helped to stretch our lips to tends its limit to its upper limit..we queued up to crunch a ticket to import ourselves from Bangalore to Davangere…No Ticket dudes was the juicy call from one of ma senior…J n much awaited decision which was now no surprise than as snow as in Siberia… we zipped ourselves to surrender two wheeling from Bangalore to Davangere… around 300 plus kms on Sundae morning… wasn’t it a crazy idea to go for..??? J Well we hated to travel in bus to so long on day time… so no other way to juice up n thrill up our journey than these two wheels…. So I with ma four seniors geared up into 3 bikes…

We started our biking n enjoyed the fortunate good roads from Bangalore…we did all necessary things that’s needed in a long journey cud furnish to be a meaningful one… got down after Nelamangala near a glass selling boy n everyone matched their taste with variety in color, shape, size n design..Each defined their glass in their own way n brand they liked. Fast trek, Ray Ban, Police etc. etc.. all designs were available with that boy…ly thing was it was not having label sealed on it…may be the manufacturers forgot to do so… J we had to full flexibility to assume to our fav. Brands on the piece…J 60 bread he demanded.. We managed to pile it up for 40 bucks each…J we then forwarded to catch up 300 plus kms n had a target by reaching by lunch…i.e 1pm…It was already 10.30am… banging on back to speed up our further activities. We then forwarded n had fun in driving n talking all the way to ourselves n to those unknown creatures who made their daisy looks n looked us as stranger…J Of course we were but isn’t been so unbearable for a second or two J… we customized our trip wenever we or anyone felt like ejecting out excess water content from their body…as it was a contagious so no need to worry of others…J we then had some tiffin at some point after Tumkur… It was time to spark the spark plug of the engine ..backs already started making its wrinkles on face n crunch the eyes n eyebrows to show its gratitude towards painy spine n waist… But the josh of going back to hostel after so long still able to keep the frown faces screened of all 5 n push the bikes to further more on road…Well for me it was not that big expedition..as before I had been to Goa from Mangalore that too in 3 days on bikes…Its bone breaking experience…J with 1000 kms on bike in 3 days… compared to that this was ly 30%.… we changed the driver seats..I was at backseated till now.. was now promoted to hold the handle… hmmm…we pulled ourselves in quick timings but one of us remained a km back coz of poor pick up….mine tachometer knew numbers from 1-120Km/hr…J I remembered my last ride wen we managed to strike the 110 barrier bell in GOA…roads n traffic rules were so supportive thereJ n moreover people behaved as educated on roads.. but this was totally a different day n different scenario to catch up with… here also we did bit of racing this that n all… I managed to lv all back with hard n last limit of 113km/hr speed…there was no more roll to accelerate n gear to step up speed… so I was helpless n fell short to reach 120 figure… Everything was in control… we reached Chitradurga by 12.30 noon…bit sought of record timings haa..after so much of excuses…. We overtook almost all that came in our way…still stones n trees, moving people n vehicles to reach the goal….almost whatever which was less than our speed… now it was time to low down our speed n maintain some disciplinary speed that’s good for mileage as we were into bounds of city…n traffic was bit senseless.. Now we sticked our max limit up to 60…we were around 20,000 more meters away from our mighty city Davangere… smiles on lips n glitters in eyes still managed to overcome pain on backs J

Straight road it was..vehicles ahead were a heavy Truck in front n a truck in opposite direction…we lined up to give way to incoming vehicles..i pulled back the gears to match the present surrounding condition…my senior from back managed to push his wheels to cross over me n the Truck moving in front n make his way between the truck and the other which was coming in opposite direction. I felt a way on left of this front truck as it damn slow… I kept my handles straight till I cross the truck.. but my sixth sense really din catch the network before as someone was really waiting for me in some undiscovered world for this moment n guess wat my bike got strucked with a other realistic BSNL network OFC milestone…in a split of a second I displaced my weight from bike to ground…here also I seated ly but there s a lot of difference in sitting on ground n forcibly sitting like this…I met with an eight lettered word ACCIDENT… thank GOD the Truckee din moved towards leveling me to Original Ground Level . It was in my childhood I fell with higher velocity n action n also came out with bloody in a chilly morning… Compared to that this was nothing. I slapped the EARTH with both hands but mother earth is so kind that it dint even gave a simple sign of even a scratch on ma palms…. So sweet of her.. J moments later my seniors who overtook n those who were back of me sandwiched me… I was sitting in opposite direction to that of how I sat in bike. Guess wat.. there was no bloodshed n no scratches…but was not at able to support my whole body to make its posture pin pointed perpendicular to earth. It was half perpendicular n half parallel. My right pillar of my whole body structure was not allowing to do it. It was not obeying orders from the high command brain. I surprised…L. I jus thoughtless to find the reasons..gently checked wat exactly hpnd in a split second. I saw ma knee joint that helps to fold is shifted above then regular… I wondered n touched me knees..it was well stable at its own place.. then how is this one more fold above..??? Uffff… I then consoled my soul that m in a bigger n deeper shit then wat I thought. I broke my strongest bone of whole body in a split second..!!! wasn’t it great!!! J I was jus blank to move any of the side..people gathered in all possible direction to separate me from the granolithic hard bed road. I saw my leg which seemed to be others…I couldnt feel any sensation on it. It was completely detached kind off thing for me now.. I never stressed my brain to this extent for a such low action of fluttering ma leg fingers..!!! all efforts went like smoke in air..!!! People around me n seniors helped me get into a Govt. hospital in Davangere. Which was a recognized one than any other for bony kind off things. But luck pissed off there also…The transporter took into City Central Hospital targeting his daily bucks. I was in no way out situation… In between those woodland shoes joined some woods n my koel was calling to its full energy all the while wherever n whenever network provoked. I switched off to inform anything n everything only after some moderated result. My juniors who knew me 3 years b4 n who never even saw me also came to see me in hospital. So sweet of them n so hospitile they are. Even a police drumy constable showed his gratitude for some bucks. I cleared him with some relative report n bucks n payed thanks for his gratitude.

4.30 pm..my cell had so many miscls n msgs to display. I had a frnd of mine who accidently came there to visit a marriage of relatives on contemporary. I had lot to answer now and very less to express. I was still a happy man… J I jus broke 1 bone out of 206 different hardly made 0.5% . But the quantum wen compared with strength.. it was so more. I was always bit weak in mathematics to calculate all these J

5.00pm doc told to operate..!!! Now this news rang the fire alarm in ma already slept brain to inform this hard news to ma parents. I at last rang to ma mommy by 7.30pm….and managed to say happily tat I jus slipped a bit in hostel n so need bit treatment n days rest in hospital. Mom already sensed the danger in this small info itself n cald ma papa n departed from Kargal by 8.30 bus… It takes 5 complete hours to reach Davangere..

Here my fnd also smelled something fishy n hence rushed into hospital. I was happy to see her but though wasn’t herself. I was with smiling face but she was terrified n shocked by seeing me on bed. She came closer n asked about idiotic things hpnd. I explained as like culprit defends himself in court. At last I told a sentence slipped from tongue which I have been not..at that time… J I told ‘I became handicapped ‘ with a sweet smile… n in reward to that I got a tight slap which surely deserved to stopped my speech but not smile J. She gave idly to fill ma tummy. My seniors arranged everything they can do it for me. I told them to attend the function. I din wanted them to lose it at all for wat they travelled so long. I was unknowingly getting captured in some unpredictable danger. I never knew this further can happen with me. I think my mighty GOD has forgot to place SIXTH SENSE antenna in ma mind…J but still I thank him y coz he din forget to surround my surroundings with highly sixth sensed people like my mom papa n that frnd. They took care of all my things… they cried all my pain, they did all my good deeds I had nothing else good thing to do else than a SMILE.

A compounder came over n told all to vacate the room. He was a lean structured GAY kind off guy. The talking style was jus irritating. He told they are ready to operate next morning. I told him to hold his breath till ma parents come here. He then came with some bushy cotton n some medicated solutions n razor etc. I was like….. pulled the curtains n took off my blanked. I donno wat he was trying to do. He told he need to clean me for the next day operation. I was not an object to clean me.. I also took bath in the early morning with ISI rated soap ly J then wat the hell he wanted to clean..??? then he came with razor to shave off hairs on ma chest n tummy. I asked where they are planning to operate me. Whether leg or tummy. Though I was weak a bit mathematics I knew that no probability or combination calculation wud match his conclusion of operating tummy for thigh fracture. I felt docs are also Mathematically weak so they don join Engineering after class 12. And this was a tiny compounder. Hardly he knew may be knowing spelling of Permutations n Combinations. After his jobs jus asked in his default irritating tone in kannada..”Nange enu ilvaaa..???” (I don have anything???)I told wat ???in a gasping frustrated look… He wanted tips for the tubeless work he did.. I asked ma junior there nearby to hand him some bucks.

My mighty god kept me the other five senses work 100% until ma parents reached me by 3.30 am…I had a sigh of relief as soon as I saw them. They asked everything as I was been asked as orals in ma school days n if I say something wrong I wud loose the marks J same here but no marks were allotted but instead I wud have got lot of love n care in return. I was slightly on my way to my own world which even I din came to know from before as tower in me were very weak to catch those high frequency waves.

14th morning I somehow managed to have some breakfast which I hardly came to know fully. My papa decided to take me out of hospital n got discharged from there n hired a taxi and I was detached from hospital n also Davangere by 10am. I missed my hostel day though I was in city that night. Strange na.. but true… L I was now feeling no more pain. As my mighty GOD has turned me mute or you say in standby mode. Whatever that happens inside will be kept confidential. I was taken in a soft cushioned luxurious car which I think I never stepped in wen I was able to see sun in daylight or stars at night. Now my situation was like I neither cud see any sun nor stars. I hardly saw any the sky after this. The pain wud have killed me either if I was awake…J that’s why the great architect of our body…the might GOD has kept a stage where no one can feel anything than physical presence. This is a stage which helps to come out extra rated pain. Yeahhh,…. U ppl guessed it right . I was in “COMA” state…Jthese four letters weighs more than the eight lettered word ACCIDENT. Anyway size wont matter but the impact really does.

My papa dint wanted any marks on ma leg n who else will like. Even if I was awake I also voted for that J but anyhow majority was there as mom also supported for that. I was taken to Todoor by 6pm. To a bone specialist n already made his word in joining the bone without surgery. I stayed mute there also. I never knew that I was been taken to that place. They pulled my leg to make the bone aligned as it overlapped like a biscuit broken n kept one over the other… J I still remained unexpressed any expression on face… he was also surprised to see my resistance.. J he couldn’t beat me… J after I had been to gym wen I was in college days J m also not such easy paper piece to tear it off…J but the actual things were something else ly…!!! I really cant pen the things went inside ma parents mind. I literary ask sorry for that n also for this deed which disturbed to core. He told its something more out of his reach as I was not responding his torture. I was taken back to Kargal same night 12am. I was some laid to sleep as I was doing the same thing from morning. Even ma parents were not sure wat kind off sleep I preferred this time…but one thing was sure..they were worried with my timeless sleep.

15th April 2008 one morning I never saw.. I was rushed to local hospital. There also they failed to diagnose. I think my subject was out of syllabus for the docs over there and henceforth cudnt examine. Or they might have studied like engineers for 100 marks ly n left out these circumstances. I somewhere got conscious in between n I saw people approximating half century were surrounded me n m on bed… haha RaajayogaJ I was taken in bed n took back in bed no where to get down….but these hardly I managed to sense anything more as I was forced to complete my pending sleep. I feel bad for one thing n that is poor guys who lifted me from home to ambulance n ambulance to bed n whatever. Its really hard to lift 70+kgs at a stretch. Mom prepared lunch in that tension also. Doc advised to move to shimoga. Rice remained boiled in cooker.12.30 pm… now my journey hopefully my parent’s.. journey was towards Shimoga. Papa, Mom n grany came in the same dress wat they had customized at that hour.

Here was the place where we met some real degree holders. We reached there by 3pm. They examined my current condition… it was not ly sleeping but really it was slipping. Slipping out of hands. Now this really meant something more to ma parents. They are now started analyzing meaning of COMA. It was really painful n to grip their nerves condition for them. One more breath taking situation was I dint expelled any liquid from body since 44 long hrs. It was termed to turn into poison if was left for some more time. They helped to find a way for this n directed them 2 options. It was either Bangalore or Manipal.

Bangalore was a better option for us as we had relatives n known city than Manipal. We started to Bangalore in same ambulance which either had a grip to bed or a oxygen cylinder to help patient breathe. It had ly one good thing n that was a retired formula 1 driver who astonishingly never crossed Shimoga in life now rided me to Bangalore…. J. We started from there by 5 pm…. It was somewhere in between around 7.30pm our great ambulance refused to move forward. Tension mounted to peak in parents mind and nerves. Somehow a another taxi driver consoled n helped me to move further…I suppose I was far more than wat they travelled. I was at he doors at this point of time. At the end they reached Bangalore by 1.30 am. But here also I was luck pissed off. They dint allowed to get in as it was already at critical condition n the hospital people din like to bare any grey things on their nameplate. This is the problem with over qualified docs.. J they trace their safety than the patient’s. My soul was left with 1 more hour to loose the gravity. Its coz of ma uncle as he knew the chief physician over this hospital, I got the gate pass to get inside. I was subjected to CT scanning which I was not at all aware off..!!! L I ly saw it in small screens. The real virus was for all these dramatic situation was found out n fixed. It was not the issue with ly bone broke down but also coz of that there was a nervous slip n henceforth the required oxygen was not supplied to brain. After that I was kept in ICU n covered my nose with white clear mask. Necessary circuit connection were made to make flow of liquid in and out without any hurdles.

Now it was time for m papa n mom to take some rest. But after this hard situation which dint loose its grip from last 2 days…. Suddenly wen this grip was loosened it fortunately made some imbalance in the blood circulations n in turn it resulted in low Blood Pressure n sought of giddiness for a while. But he was ok later with a cup of tea n bread.

3.15 am was the time I really started recognize with my eyes opened. My parents pulled me back from the unaddressed doors …even after travelling so long distance. Really great for them n proud to be their only SON. I was surrounded with some unfamiliar white gowned spechy peoples. Digital silence surround sound surrounded everywhere. This was sufficient to judge that I was none other than a hospital. I was with now full of consciousness. I was back in real world. They cald ma parents n relatives whomever they can fetch. Papa came n asked how are u but before that I had a question. N my ques was where I was..??? he replied calmy that m now in Bangalore n safe. It was more funny wen ma grany came onto screen and asked with a halfy faded smiley face…’Did u recognize me..???’ “Tell me who m I” … my inner soul started to smile inside again . It had started working after a long gap from that slap to this present condition …J it was still more funny wen my maava came n asked the same question…J did I looked like some ITM(Identity Teller Machine).. J things went smooth later on wen they were satisfied with my answer. Things wud go worse if I did played some fool J this was real viva then facing the same in school days or college days… JBut really speaking…it was a sigh of relief to see myself after these long 48 dark hours of my life.

Later after this for next 15 days I was made to be in love with ma bed n stick to it for all 24 hrs. Things turned in these 15 days that I.. started asking the people who came to see me that how are they n hows their life n all with smile as if m there for any toothpaste ad. Mom use to remind me that I should not talk much n behave as patient n not as I have stolen some patient’s bed to take rest...haha J

Nevertheless before concluding I wud like to thank all those characters who came in this blog n also whom I may left without knowledge…for helping me n ma soul to retain gravity…. J