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Friday, April 16, 2010



All characters coming in this story are just said to be a fiction. It has nothing to do with the real world. But definitely lots to do with the content of the story. So sit back. Fasten ya seat belts not because u may skid out off seat but to make sure that u ll be there till u read the last line of the story…J So sit back for next a hour n enjoy the story.

It was 6.30 am on Sunday morning and I got up as if someone working on weekends also. But the real cause was my tummy got upset n I had some rinsing works to be done to make it fine for rest of the day. My wify was lying unconsciously sleeping on another bed due to heavily dozed last night party. It was a wedding anniversary of one of her friend who got married to a guy of gapping 12 years. Strange but true…Well the the present generation is against it , but still… may be her father did a big deal by looking into his back up and not his age….And haa Don think that my wify had a fight with me and so was sleeping on another bed. Actually she preferred sleeping lone whenever she is tossed. That happens most of 5 out of 7 nights a week… J

I carried myself to flush myself n then came to balcony with a newspaper n a cup of kofy. My thoughts were rambling over here and there than the words written broad on the paper. I was trying to figure out where it went wrong. Then I realize that I had some baked n ready to eat food last night n that drowned me to this pathetic state. Well what else… I had no option. Wify was busy in her world n also now…J and there was any hardly piece of food that really cooked at home. Well frns its not the story of one day. It’s a daily newspaper headlines of all those kicked off high profiled families that stayed here out of home and home country. No one had time to think about ‘what’s next’ factor. With this food stuff itself we can figure out like in the early days mom use to prepare stuffs with all natural ingredients available. But now..the thing is changed. Everything comes packed. They will be preserved for long days by these preservatives. Which in turn wont preserve our health for long time… J Funny but a worrying fact.

Hmmm by this time my wify jus clinched a bit n got up with a yawn n stretching her arms. As if whole night she had whole world on her shoulder and jus now she put it down n relaxing. Well she came out rambling her hairs n joined me with a cup of juice as she was more health n fitness conscious. Well let me introduce u all about my wify.

Long years ago she… in the sense her parents had put up her profile in matrimonial service stating that she is currently working in some bla bla bla country…n she prefers to have her partner as some highly profiled working in same bla bla bla country n he shall support her for her carrier for atleast 4 years of marriage. Hmmm this was a slow poison which was not guessed by anyone. Now its 14 years of marriage and she is still in working condition without any trouble. Her father also just wanted to export her from India. She was like a package for me J . Somehow we managed to bring out two kids. And they are purely customized to this bla bla country’s culture. They can hardly speak in our mother tongue. As the tongue to thicker n adopted as per the country standards. And much strange thing is when we go to our homes in vacation…they look their grannies as some Aliens. As they are from another world. They don have that attachment or communication which makes them feel their bond. Even for our parents also especially that exporter(daughter’s pa) he is quite confused to jumbled with these kids. Even if he wants to love them.. he cant convey them. I think now he realized the side effects of this export business. Well this was ly my part story. He had 2 more daughters which he already exported to some other similar un-related world. I donno wat was his pathetic condition over there. They couldn’t see their grand childrens first steppings.. all we did is we captured it and then..they watched it as movie. Suddenly my mind was gathered with so many thoughts in jus minutes and the kofy was loosing its warmth.

Well there was a person to put a brake on this. “Hi Mr. Vinay..!!! Good morning..!!!” A crumpy mashy fat voice wished me. Mr. Santosh, from the next door with a tough specs on his nose wished me with a smile. My thoughts stopped travelling into deep and why not..It was Santosh who has pulled the disk brake on. I jus with a brisk smile lifted my head n wished him back. He was of same state and nearby place in my home country. Now m lucky to have him as a neighbor. But the luck couldn’t creep more. He being of same origin never atleast spoke in our mother tongue. Its all prestige n hell lot of level of living that made walls of itself. It seemed to materialistic now to express or talk anything else than the business or future expansions. The next sec..he got call from his wify and so he has to leave. He bared a different story. He was brought up with 3 more brothers n 2 sisters. Out of which all stayed in India and only this spoiled brat stayed next to me. I unofficially use to ask him sometimes that when u planning to go back..???? His reply was ridiculous. He told he goes back once in every 3 years…J my curiosity couldn’t stay behind bars now. I use to dig more.. for that his answer was like as he had 3 bros there in India, they are enough to look after their parents. And he is happy here. Why to turn back anymore..??? its just a waste of money and time… Huuufffff this is really something ringing the bells. Are parents are piece of cake that are to be shared among their childrens????

A plate of bread n jam came to table with no reason to stretch her lips. My wify was like she just brought it for me… Haha I got back to my flash back where my mom use to prepare all 7 different types of breakfast on all 7 days. But this… it was like feeding a buffalo daily J same shrubs n stuffs. Eat buffalo eat…!!! J the chorus sung in my mind…Well I cant complain her much. As she was a export quality goods sought of.. J she knew ly packet foods. And she either had that patience to do anything by herself also. She observed me for a moment and asked what I was thinking in next moment… I replied “m on diet” that either meant I was really on diet on I was not interested in food. But the real meaning was I bugged with that mechanical life. Which my wify never understood.

Well we don’t exact get the the root cause for this kind of situation. Whether its this generation mistake or the way of thinking of our parents. Well let me expand this. Well this current generation thinks finding a job abroad is the ly ultimate goal of life. Well to make money this is the only way. And this in turn makes them & their parents proud in the society. And once they plug into any other country they fell sick to leave it and go back. No matter someone is waiting for them every morning at the door. No one hell matters about the pain that they are giving to their parents. I donno when this generation will understand all these thing. As in case of Mr. Santosh.. he stated that there are his bros to look after them. But did he ever thought that his parents also did the same thing when he was a child??? He never. Whats the fare use of being so educated and being so dignified. Our generation is keen in serving other countries. If the same they would have worked for our own country then there was really no looking back n other these bla bla countries could sustain our success. This they never understand. They shal never know our potential. Well they all know is money. M not opposite to that. But everything has a limit. Make some money n come back. Coz we never know wen the door which is open and someone is waiting will close without our knowledge.

India is meant for its rich culture. And culture is not out of something without any relations or bondings. In no other country we can see people of 2-3 generations staying under same roof. But in our country it is still there. But now its alarming stage for us. As the present generation and the forth coming are spoiling this culture. The bonding between generations is getting weaker. There is no end for this money making business. And in between we forget all except ourselves. All are jus mechanized. This generation is serving other countries more than ourselves. I think we have to wake up. If there is something fishy in our home..then being one of this family we have to take responsibility of cleaning it up. Not like escaping from the responsibility n run n stay as hostage in other’s home. The upcoming gen is highly intel but very weak in moral thinking. Where we are stepping day by day..??? no one is thinking that.

Hmmm this is all about the generation…now coming to out elders.. please don revert any bad opinion after reading this but this is what happening… the present scenario is such that a guy if he has a gal child then he just thinks of exporting her with a care taker(Poor Hubby) to any of the country that can be traceable on geographic map of MOTHER EARTH. I donno wats the big deal he is implementing by doing this. Is this pulls up his collar in society???? Or is he so bugged up to see her daughter in front of him??? Or Is it like if he hangs her with any guy serving in same country will diminish his glitter in the society. Is he really happy after doing all these??? Is his daughter happy after marrying to a over gapped guy or a guy who always runs back of money and no idea to turn back home??? Or Is it a pride for him to watch his grand childrens first stepping as a pre-recorded video brings him all pride and happiness???? Coz of some helpful technology he is able to talk n see their own ones live through video chats and etc… but just sit back for a moment… is it really a life??? Did he wanted all these??? Well money is needed for everyone… but no one can eat money when they are hungry… no one can buy that happiness of being intact and being under same roof with money. At the end no money will come back of anyone. It is the 4 people around him with whom he spent lifelong will be there to take him on last physical bed. Hope u all got it..

Months back I use to hear about this 2012 disaster. That whole world is going to quench its thirst by swallowing the build on world by man n bla bla bla. I thought its jus a rumour… but after following with last 15 news all round the world… there are more natural calamities happening all throughout. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fire burst outs and so on…. So dear incredible intelligent high profiled non related Indians… its high-time to think a bit else than money n pride and ticket yourself to home before the door closes for u forever…

Hmmm.. now its time for my kids to wake up… as guessed…they came out of room and sat on my thighs… both shared the place… By now I was pretty sure to tell my conclusion to my kids… I gave them bread with more jam… n feeded them J I holded both with my arms n told dear kiddies we are going back…!!!! J they were surprised to hear that suddenly. Hurrayyyy!!! Both stretched their hands…n kissed me up and hugged me n went out dancing…!!! My wify was still in shock with eyes and mouth wide open..!!!!

Dear NRI n their respective Parents…Please help us to change this bugging mentality and help India to grow both in ethics culture and as a developed country. Make people pride to live n work for the country. Stop this exporting business and leading artificial life. We have got one single life. Lets live it to core with our people around. Please don push the generation onto No Man’s Land…. This is just a thought. Its upto you how u take it…!!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now or Never..!!!

Now or Never..!!!

This I can say a concluded part of my previous blog ‘The Black Sundae’…where I stopped myself till open my eyes to see the existing world rather than trespassing it n rambling around the doors of heaven…J well I cud see the ceiling on top now and couple of known faces who were trying to make their glimpse clear before I shall close my eyes again…. Haha m also not that weak to sleep again. I just bowed up to clarify myself about my present condition. Right at my nose straight I could see a leg hanged on with weights to the other end of the bed. Two more breaths…realized me that those are my own legs with one on top hanging n the other laying back on bed. I was stabbed with needles which had internal pores to pass on the glucose to my body. From childhood I liked the soothing effect of glucose powder. I use to steal it without my parents knowledge sometimes. I never assumed in my dreams also that a day will be waiting for me where I ll be pierced n forced to suck around more than 50 bottles of glucose in jus 8 days. Although its not the same glucose which I found in childhood but still glucose is glucose. Whether it is fed from glass or glass bottle.

Hmmm no sooner than I opened my eyes my parents n granny had lots to tell about. It was as like as surprise of a waterfall in mid off Thar desert. It was all 7 oceans are ready to ooze out off eye lids but they jus holded it to prove that elders don cry…J but I knew that even elders do cry.. because it’s the youngers like me had all powers to wet their eyes. C’mmon I had given up my half channel to of this body structure to make them cry…n I deserved a hairline of water down the eye lines.

Hmmm… now its identification time…my known relatives around me came front of eyes n started asking their name n made sure that I identified. Smile spurted at inner skin n thought was prevailing in mind that whether they forgot their own identity coz I met wit accident or they want make sure that m the same in same world. I was strictly instructed to behave like patient. Hmmm I was… but from inside I was all healthy n fine. Donno why the real world peoples around me dint identify that. Hmmm a day passed with few more hours left. Doc appreciated as if I came first in class n papa n mom are ready to celebrate my success. Haha he shrugged my shoulder n told ‘Brave Boy’. I had something more to think now. Well really aint I a brave guy??? Or he pushed me out to the limit where I never reached. Coz as far as I remember I was afraid of dark in childhood n that doesn’t sound BRAVE. Well I din fought n won any war to be called brave. But it was the war of life n non-life wat he meant. I understood later part of night n slept for a normal sleep n not a long one.

The next morning I was again gathered by peoples who cared me. Who else you can guess with no brothers or sis.. I am left with my loving parents. They stood instead of me. They holded brush to scratch my teeths. I donno..was it really necessary brush everyday..??? J quite a insane question I guess… but dear reader…have u ever thought that is there any major change that u found by brushing your teeths???? The teeths grow as it was bound to grow. And if it has to spoil.. it spoils for those who even brushed twice daily. Well no one achieved any big benchmark with teeths brushed. Even our father…Father of nation dint had teeths to show the world. But still he is remembered. Even I was advised to brush twice a day. But it was real waste of time n money…J but see the situation now. Now I, not only my two hands but four more hands accumulated to help me out as if they are waiting to fill the credited brushing from my childhood. So many thoughts struggled for existence in mind in a fraction of second. No one ever sensed so much around me. Infact its ly my thought n ly I can sense it…J

Breakfast decorated the table soon after fresh up. I was feeling all luxury of life now…J infact it was hell for my parents... their only lifeline was lying infront of them with leg hanging at 30o. Well I AM SORRY PARENTS. I gave u lot of pain. But at the same time I cant jus stop myself from sharing the humor that was continuously disturbing my mind n thoughts n shrugged my serious poster. It was rather nauseated to disclose it in that particular point of time. So I am disclosing it now being so far. So that u also can enjoy the same wat I felt with you(parents) both.

I heard before that nurses are pretty good in big hospitals. Now its time to make it realize in practical. Minutes later nurses joined to help me more to get the unwanted injections & change the glucose. My hands became notice boards in no time. Everytime they use to come and take the needles off n push a new one as if they are changing the circulars on board. My hands turned red..later went to green..still they were not satisfied. It next changed to blue and lastly settled at black. The pain always use to start wen the nurse use to step out. Or may be I use to realize once they use to step out. In the whole group one was very keen in observing me and take care of me…J well she always use to ask how I was feeling and if I want something to fetch my thirst.

I had a visiting hours from 4pm to 6pm..no single day was vacant. And I was happy to see that my schoolmates college-mates boys gals elders all visited to see me J was I so important to this world..??? And is it necessary to break a leg to see how important n loveable person u are??? I was getting only these kind off questions in mind. But never disclosed infront of parents…J

I was tired to act as a patient. Literally I was tired to be a patient. I had no more patience to be a patient. I started acting as if my parents are worried about me and m all the way fine. I use to talk to my friends elders whom I knew and whom I saw first time as if they were my neighbors and m explaining some incident that had happened to someone else…J It got by-hearted to say the same story for whomever came to see me. I started asking ‘How are U?’ to the people who came to see me instead they shall ask the same. Mom screwed me up and told not to laugh so much n talk to them as like it would put them in dilemma that did I really broke ma leg or simply I was enjoying my leave.

No sooner the operation day hugged in 7 days , I was done preliminary check ups. In that oxygen level was found low and saturation level strucked at 92-94%. Operation was postponed and I was told to seal my lips n behave as a sincere patient. The nurse also advised the same. She cared out of her salary limit. I was wondering why I was so much concentrated. And atlast the day came to operate and I was seeking a cam to record my operation. Haha…docs were in a gentle shock wen I told this. I think they thought to shift me to NIMANS after discharging. I myself donno why n how I became so open n brave to express myself like I was never before. Somewhere I was feeling that this rebirth has given new life to lead with courage and openness. It somewhere whispered that do any homework now or never. I started realizing that this moment is ours. Who knows the next moment. Anything may happen in the next moment. So live this moment to fullest. And keep no works pending for tomorrow.

But one thing I had to keep pending was my beard. Atleast with that I saw like patient J but no one could suck my smile from the face though I was out of operation theatre. My parents had question marks of all thousand five hundred languages on their face but I had only one simple answer on my face and that is smile…J. The nurse who was a keen observer, told I looked like a saint… so now it was really time to shave…J I never chopped grass on my cheeks. This was first time and it took some real effort to grab all black grass from my face. Hmmm that was my real face emerged out of bushy shrubs. She gave a smile and it conveyed that I was all fine..J

Atlast 15th day I was kicked out of hospital in a ambulance and before that doc became very homely in this short time. He said..”If u again repeat doing these mischievous things again…then I will cut ya tail..” my mind was thinking something else ly. I was no Alien nor a species with a tail. Then from where he found a tail to cut…!!! Well he meant it simple but mind took it complex…. I gave a smile to him..n I was pulled into van…J