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Friday, May 7, 2010

My N73 GF….!!! 

My N73 GF….!!! J


All characters coming in this blog are quite imaginary and the blog is purely a fiction. So sit back on a weekend and jus enjoy the lines…J

07/07/07…. This impressive day and impressive date had something to do with my bank balance. Well this day made me take Nokia N73 music edition…which the brand new mobile billed 17k bucks at a stretch and there was no bargaining or discount on this to deal with. My frn accompanied me to a priority shop to get the piece. It looked so gorgeous as my imaginary gf.. J Big screen as to show whatever it has beneath at one stretch. Small comfortable keypad to input our required data and it would have processed within itself and shown onto big screen in seconds. 2 GB internal memory that can hold enough data that needs to be holded and processed. 3.2 megapixel cam to captures glimpse of beauty and fille it to memory. User friendly accessibility. Very sensibly designed features to make the intractability more easier. Very high n clear music to give me all peace of mind and enjoy the music to its base. Well this I can say had all those features that I looked into a girl friend.. J Big screen- open hearted, Keypad- to hear our needs, Memory- to cherish cheerful moments, Cam- to make the moments memorable, Music- to make u feel cool after a hectic day. Hmmm… I agreed for 17k and which was quite high for a mobile but still since it fulfilled all my requirements, I surrendered my bank balance to imbalance down by 17k bucks from the heap.

It really worked good after that. Thought it kissed mother earth several times inspite of my strict instruction…it many a times slipped to grounds in its lifetime till now. My frn who came with me to shop was also in love with this phone ad its features. She was also interested to have one in her bag. But since it was running out of limits wat she had… she denied to take it at that instinct.

Later days later it attracted her to heart n she couldnt stop bothering about the pocket money or bank balance. We both now had same cell which personified meaning of frnshp to much depth. But a year after her keypads lost its clarity that showed how rude she was with the lifeless phone. I guess she dislodged all her anger on this poor man made piece. But I really cared my cell and it was still as a new born baby.

But with time many new high end mobiles hit the shops. N73 was almost fading out of market by another year after. She also lost her N73 in mere days. But I had my girl friend where ever I went. It followed me like my shadow. And now it was her time to choose a new cell which suited her requirements. Now N73 got filed into history & 5800 offered service to fulfill her necessity this time and I hope she doesn’t loose it for a sake of any new cell…J

But I am still happy with my N73 as this mobile if I see it close… it has many things to say with my life. Within few days it fell down on road and its face and body was sculptured a bit. Even I fell many a times wen I was kid n so many craft works has been done on head n legs with thread n needles.. J later once it fell with lot of acceleration due to gravity exactly pin pointedly working the on the most sensitive and key part of the mobile. i.e the Joystick. Yup… this ruptured its joystick thereafter but still the efficiency dint had anything to do with the joystick. Even I had some serious fall that made me undergo several severe stages of life. But whatever still.. I still exist and do work as before.

But one thing I learnt is time has ability to change anything. Its left to our perception to change or not with the time. Many told me to change the mobile. But the mobile which is having so much of attachments n similarities with my life… Do you anyone advice me to do so..???? Your comments n opinion are always welcome..!!! J Thanking You for your time ..Happy reading..!!! Take care All readers J.!!!