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Friday, April 2, 2010

Summer of 03/09

Summer of 03/09

Drop of salt water from body took a short route from bunch of wet hairs n plunged from the tip of hairs down to mid of chest and n touched all sensational cells and at last got sucked into clothy strip of shorts at belly. The journey ended. But the followers dint stopped following even though they knew that they have to commit suicide after travelling that long distance from head to belly. Only few of them made their way to touch the ground. Well frankly saying it was not at all their wish or will to do so. It was the mighty hot SUN who extracted them forcefully from the body harassed them, not to stay on body in which GRAVITY also joined hand in hand to pull them from head to ground. In which many lost their lives in between and only few succeeded. This is all about the story of sweat that oozed in the summer that started around March 9.

This is all about the summer that sucked our nerves in 2002. Pretty hotter then ever we had some close relation with sun for that year. I donno why he was in love with us that too that close which was pretty hard to resist. The MOTHER EARTH was so tempted to see the sun so close and it sucked water from almost all small n medium lakes into unknown gravity. Wells turned stone pitched ditches. People digged bowels using longer shafts. Since existing one already surrendered itself. Farmers still communicated skies n use to predict rainfall dates based on wireless msgs that they use get by looking into open sky. Pretty high was their sixth sense transmitter use to work. It was hereditary gift that came in blood for them.

This was all about the condition in the city outside the hostel. But things were totally different inside the hostel. Infact shortage of water was there in hostel also. But still the mighty SUN or MOTHER EARTH couldn’t bind any barriers around us. Well that is HOSTEL n HOSTEL LIFE.

The main thing we had is unity. We used to co-operate regardless its senior or junior. We have contributed a lot during that summer to the whole city. In further lines you can just see what all things we contributed and how we still managed to keep ourselves happy in this pretty hot condition also.

The main source of wastage of water was BATH. So we started taking bath every alternate days. And Sundays its holiday for all. Later we found its that scarcity of water was raising, we started contributing from heart. We started gaming a contest of remaining maximum number of days without bath continuously. We had gauge to measure our odosity also. That was like gals in colleges started standing 2 steps back then wat they normally use to stand with a guy. So that meant that u are at average level. If they started talking by sitting at their own place… then it meant that U are pretty hot to resist nearby. Now when lecturers also followed the same, now that really cant be defined as HOT but it was then meant its time for us to take bath…J pretty simple n cost effective gauge…J during this tenure we used to spend for all these deos n all… that added in contribution as overall development of business in the city. As far as I remember I contributed maximum of 7 continuous days of non bath taking days to this calendar. Alternate bathing was a routine that we had to follow. Inspite of that it depends our own interest n dedication that we can contributed. There were seniors who contributed even 20-30 days by staying at hostel and saving water. Afterall youths are the backbone for the country. And we youths of our hostel were always 2 steps ahead in sacrificing our pleasure for the sake of country and MOTHER EARTH.

The other things we use to do is of course my roomy was the god father for this. He never use to wear shirt. Only one red short that was washed once in a year as like the carnivals use to happen once every year. He use to give lots of new thoughts n definitions on it. So we all became his followers. No shirt means saving water to wash it. And it in turn helped odor from shirts. So less washing clothes less usage of water. Shave once in a month. That was his second advice. That meant save water n still u look studious… J especially in the exam times.. J

Our hostel had a open theatre at nights. I mean to say it was beside a ladies hostel. After bugging all throughout the day under hot sun it was time to chill out a bit n chill our eyes. Nevertheless the gals in the beside hostel knew that the spectators are on the terrace by night 9 onwards they use to do all necessary actions n dramas to peace our minds. For the first time I repented why I din take Biology as a elective in Plus 2.

The world outside was burning out of heat but still we had the same peace of mind n happiness that prevailed at all doors of our hostel. I hope this tradition is carried out still n the contribution to save city in fact the MOTHER EARTH is still in process. The people in that city still greet us with lot of respect n love for the contribution we did in our hostel days and because of which now the awareness has prevailed to all other dwelling places…J