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Wednesday, December 16, 2009



I never read a word out of academics in my life. Not even thought of reading. One fine day 4-5 months back I read my first novel. Now I realize something more about novel. Finally I finished.

Till now I never use to get time to read. As the surrounding kept me so busy. But now I think time has changed. Now…I am trying to keep myself busy with the available surroundings. Now I even get time to revise the whole novel again. This helps to know more in depth about those left-out words, phrases, sentences, lines, paragraphs, and even chapters which I skipped due to shortage of time or because of low contrast or may be because I was weak in vocabulary. But now its time to complete those things which would have done lot before at first time itself.

Anyways nobody is perfect. And experience do make man perfect. Thing is he should put his best effort to make it perfect. Even Life is same thing. We complete many chapters in our life without knowing and understanding. But in between we get some blank pages where we can pen down with our own ink. Where we can the left outs. But still we become crazy of those forthcoming colorful pages. No one wants to waste their ink to fill those blank pages.

But now for me here its time to revise those words, sentences, n paragraphs n even chapters which were left unread. The only difference between novel n life is in novels we know how many pages are left to read. But in real life, we fail to recognize the epilogue.

Henceforth many chapters in life go unread unsolved and undiscovered.

Now a new chapter has just begun. My previous chapter was colorful. There was so much to read but less to absorb and still less time to make it adopted. Now I have lots of time to read in depth n to absorb. But colors are absent. Here I have to create many a things to make it colorful. Because here in this new chapter everything is new n unknown to me. The people surrounding here speak undefined language. The gestures are the only thing I can make out. So I get ample time without any disturbance to look into myself and lots of room to think about future.

So as n how m analyzing I am able to find where exactly I stand and where I have to be. I found many of the undefined words n sentences in my life which I left untouched. I hope I shall clear myself all the untouched words n sentences and fill the remaining pages with new ink in more better n meaningful way before it reaches the last page.