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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Night at her Den..!!!

One Night at her Den..!!!

Beep Beeeeeeeeeep….. This was nothing else then the cell cry when it was hit by a message… pretty short. But there is always option to customize it to pull it long. Well this small continuous cry was what the reason to blink my one eye after every 3-4 mins. Well 3000 msgs free per month could keep anyone busy till late night that too when its matter of college days. Well spending 3000 msgs per month is worth in college days. Else the word “College Days” has to be redefined.

Well it was already thirty minutes over Ten at dark night and hardly anyone can live upto open both the eyes to read the msg on his/her mobile. I had a finest 6600 beside my pillow which betrayed me into another pocket in a city bus later years after college. I donno from childhood I loved right side of my body…In all preference I treated my right side as prominent one. It may be hand leg or in-fact even eye. So I just managed to open my left eye as I dint wanted to strain my right eye. The msg was from one of the fairy from our class. She stayed in home and that night she was alone. She carried one dabba cell (crap cell)….which claimed MOTOROLA company as its originator. It was the worst cell I had ever seen. But she always use to defend it saying it as the finest…J poor gal… its not her mistake. She was basically a gal from a village which hardly seen electricity from years and she was no better than a tube light which never glowed when required. So seeing a blue irresistible glow like a lcd watch that we get in all local fairs for 100bugs… with 1.5’ screen of her cell was something faster n colorful then herself… pretty interesting but true. The cell was the ancestor of all the current models. I think she also might have forgot its name…J to some extent I remember it as C-116… J

Now the reason I got the msg was some 40 lbs, 30 lbs plus some more doggies were celebrating a party night n singing in chorus around her fence. And this great gal who came to city in usual red bus without ticket hardly spent any night so lone. That too with these pretty cool doggies… I think it’s a movie scene in real in her life that night. Her breathe got warmer n heart beat was crossing its normal beat of 72/min. Well her hot breathes bursted out as storm in my room through her msgs n increased the temperature of my room in hostel. Well “I am afraid…L..These dogs are also crying…please do something” these were kind of msgs I was getting. I atlast asked her whether she expected me to be there at her home. Well with lot of calculations n verifications of my current status n background …she told “Yes”. I re-confirmed it from her whether I need to be there or not. Well I was not a spoiled brat n hence she also dint deny to be just a spectator n console her through msgs. But at this time I was no Superman to fly over to her home over 2 kms from my hostel. I then collected a OoCi cycle from one of my hostel chap to make my reach to her home. My roomy was already counting stars in his dream. She was terribly worried that night n my mobile beeped even in my way. I even answered those n consoled her in between. Crossing all curves n circles.. n overtaking all still n relatively slow moving objects on road. I at-last reached her home at around 11pm.

I was on cycle still n msgd her to open the door. The dogs around greeted me with usual chorus. They might have guessed that a devil came alive and started staring at me as if they have not seen a human being on this whole earth. I still dint release the handles crossed my legs out of cycle. I msgd her one over the other to open the door. The gal now turned guessing that I was just joking n me being out at door was no reality. Well it was really the time for me to feel the hot from bottom. It was my turn now to raise my heart beats and hold nerves. As it was a residential area n me being in-front of a gal’s home. It was simply a craziest thing I ever did in life. Knocking a gal’s door at night 11 is no joke. Its like locking our hands with handcuffs on n entering tiger’s den. It can turn anything. That gal has all rights to pull you into empty black-board future by turning her back and making it a big issue that a boy in a gal’s home at 11pm…I think no need to say more about this anymore I think…or make the life a pleasant one by just saying two words “Come in” when I physically knocked the door. Well I never thought all these before leaving my hostel that this tube light may turn like a comet in life. Hmmm a tube light like this gal had all required abilities to turn a mercury like me into similar tube light when connected in series in name of friendship.

The every second on earth made me feel heavy n heavier. I was able to hear the beep sound in her mobile but she was still suspecting that I was still not at her doors. I atlast surrendered myself to a call to realize her that I was really on her door. She then switched on a non-living artificial tube light of her room and thankfully it glew in seconds. Certainly not like her. I muted myself in parking the cycle side-ways of the lane. She released all possible locks to helps herself to open the door.

Oh..!!! she was in a shock to see me “LIVE”. She couldn’t believe herself for a second. Come in with a smile n surprise was the next call. She was really only herself one true fairy. She was in a yellow selwar which she worn it to college that day. She looked as pretty as someone sees the first pretty angel on the earth. She had never been so pretty in class though she came with all necessary minimum make-ups. Well the real beauty you can see in a gal when she is half sleep n no adjectives to add up. Heap of tensions that mounted … now melted as ice-cream below hot sun and made its way from head to toe in no seconds. I saw a four legged creature hiding her back. Oh!! This was no surprise like ice in Siberia. It was one more doggy. Well it looked like GOD might have erased the tail being visible n hided between legs. Later might have forgot to redraw it in right place. It was no less afraid than her.

I stepped in n slipped my foot wares in the pre-designed corner of the wall. She started laughing like anything like 100 lines without any punctuation marks. I dint know it was a smile of happiness or turning me fool till now. These gals really remain question mark sometimes in our life. Well that’s aint April 1st either, that made me to take a sigh of relief. I asked her a glass of water to heal my heat that generated by pushing the the peddles hard to her home. Well two glass of water quenched the thirst n heat.

I asked what actually things went wrong. She was still unable to stop her laughing. Later she gave some sugared thing to eat for my efforts n explained that she was all afraid of being alone n doggies out recalled all scary movies that she watched from her childhood… n obviously when they had power to watch it on television…J. She was freezed in a room and was really happy to see me at her doorstep. Hmmm I did a wise decision. I felt myself angel J . Then I laid myself in a room n she switched off herself in another room. Now atleast she can sleep the remaining night in peace. Doggies outside were busy in their business of finding a demon out there n were in chorus to invite it.

“Doggies are saying good night now J” she messaged me. This meant she was pleasant now n the chorus no more referred as credit song for a scary movie anymore. “Yeah Good Night…J” was my reply from the other room.

Morning 5.30 am I waved her n raced to my hostel. My roomy still slept clueless with mouth open to sky. I put a coin in that open slot n pulled my blanked to complete the remaining sleep… J Good night I wished…J

“Hi… Thanks kano“ she wished with a smile when I entered college that day. That’s something really sweet enough to blush someone…J…!!!