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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Kencha Saga-3 Rain Water Harvesting

The Kencha Saga-3

Rain Water Harvesting

The second sem already stepped into our rooms & colleges bringing all its new books that we exchanged with each other and made suitable photocopies that’s needed to get prepared for next sem end exam wars. Well this second also brought some un-swallowable heat to the hostel and to the rest of the city. It is not like un-swallowable but there would hardly any saliva left to swallow once the sun would rise to wish all ‘Good Morning’…Haha… it was the worst hit of heat on our backs and during those days there was no other way else than doing something really crazy which either no one can except else than we hostilities. Dear Readers… If you have gone through my previous blogs…by this time you might have come to know what my next topic is all about and with what I am connecting Kencha in this blog…J

Hmmm…Is it ???? You got it…????!!! Yeah….you are right… Its related with Kencha & Rain water harvesting…LOL…J!!!! Kencha ….don’t fire me from Manipal…LOL no worries I will finish off ya saga until Vidya gets back home so that you might be safe of all threats that’s going on in your mind that they might take place if she reads it all. Haha… All natural calamities that might occur between the four walls of your home sweet home is considered …. planned systematically and neatly executed at right time also considering risk factors at my end LOL…J Being Planning Engineer its my duty to perform or atleast plan the activities to yield optimum result with minimum risk factors in the mere future care…LOL J.. C’mmon man…You need to be proud of me of being such roommate of such a loveable pal who is sitting in some corner of the globe and making the world and penning down to make u localized in this big home called WORLD…LOL!!! J

Well let me not deviate a lot… Coming to point ..my might roommate never used a single separate cake of soap for his showers. Well my idea is not to say that he used more than 1 kind off soap in single bath … J but I mean to say that he always use to get a bunch of 6 Santoor soaps calculated accurately 1 per month haha…J if at all sometimes he took showers more than once a day becoz of more sweat n untidy days…the next day or the substantial Sundays would helped could consolidate his over dozed showers…Ufff what a MAN he was…calculated each atom that can be seen felt or existed physically around him. Haha this was a time to save something more than what he expected to be…J Well because of such gallons of heat filled all wells ,ponds, lakes around mere vicinity…It quenched its thirst with lot many more gallons of water and made the water table to exist at much deeper depth. Well that was all about underground activites. Let me focus what was happening above the ground haha…Haha though Kencha was popularly called “Undergrounded”(BHOOGATA what we called in kannada) has atlast had one genuine reason to come out of den… & that is for showers. As calculated he was with a bunch wrapped in single bounty sticker saying 1 soap free with rest of 5 soaps… JHaha calculative there also….But this time it worked more than what he might have calculated also. As becoz of less water out there …it was hard to move to bathrooms daily with bucket and soap in hand daily infront of 100 plus unshowered bachelors for more than a week…LOL J Well its really hard and embarrassing for him also…J For that reason only he also joined the Rainwater harvesting group of our hostel and smelled nasty day by day…J well deos always helped to some extent but this guy calculated it as a waste to invest on deos and I donno how he survived without smelling better haha…J he hardly wore anything called shirt in hostel as there was no way we could see him out so there was absolutely no need to be also…haha…infact he never stayed in our room also…always wandering to other rooms n would have got settled if he was caught up with any novels there. Night after 11 or 12 was his entry to native room. So I was safe from all his undeodised fragrance of his liquid outcomes. Well we also participated in this rainwater harvesting but really couldn’t compete with Kencha. At the end of second sem He was left with 10% soap in this soap case with 4 more left in his mammoth trunk. That means he used only 1.9 Soap for all these 6 months of second sem. As the showers were not regular we can say as per his calculation…He used only 1.5 soap regularly and 0.4 as approx extra soap needed to clear off hard layers of sweat & dirt. So ….1.5 soap meant for as 1+0.5…that means 30+15=45 days of bath in whole sem of 180+3=183 days. That mean to say One shower every 4.067 days…J…He was happy and strong until he steeped up to his native after this long nasty sem. Great Kencha….!!! J he consistently did this long term experiment with risking his own life for 6 long months and proved the world that Man on an average of taking bath once after every 4 days keeps him still healthy and glowing without any considerable damage.

Kencha I really got some good words for you. Now after coming here to gulf I have enlightened them with this message of saving water…they were all astonished and really following the tips that I gave based on your real time experience. They are grateful to you for this worthful experiment you did for them. See the consequences. We never dreamed also that those days will be this fruitful one day ….LOL J. Well I have showed them your pic and they do praise you all the time. You will really get a warm and red carpet welcome if you sometime wish to come here…J I have kept such an image of yours in these gulf region….!!!! J

Atlast what I all want is to spread ya glory to whole world…LOL J..You should be proud of your roomy for spreading your glory to world J….Let me come back with lot more in forthcoming blogs….LOL… Take care all…J