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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1 New Message

You have 1 New Message

“You have 1 New Message” Beeped at my phone screen….I checked in…!!!! It was a message from my “SHE “ friend…being typed “I want to ask you something.. Shall I ask???” I typed “Ok Go head” & sent back the reply. The next message beeped in… in 2 more minutes..!!! hundreds of thoughts gambled in mind trying to draw out what might be the question from her end…!!!!

Its not my fault…Its quite common in this age or to such messages generating curiosities… I do agree that gals have potential to generate curiosity to pull the guys towards themselves and this scene was not much different than those. As soon as I got next Message… My finger pulled it n opened to see what exactly she meant to say me…!!! And I was stunned to see something strange and unusual in that… It said..” What’s your pay-scale??” …. Now what’s more needed for me to get shrinked…because till now even my papa never asked so directly ..hahaha.. Later I asked her back “Is it any interview question??? “ LOL.. she told “Its kind off…” LOL I thought … “How Mean” I talked to myself saying that I shall never get into cradle with such a gal who would be ready to tie for my money… & not the living ME… Then later one more message pinged back saying that she got a proposal for which she was getting ready and he was a Civil Engineer…. Oh God…!! This was grey day for me to face without seeing one’s face and to answer such a pathetic question. Later I asked her… “Why are you asking like that? Do you think that Civil Engineer don’t earn or cant feed themselves??” For that she told “Its because to know whether will have better growth & money at the later stage of life…” I was stunned to see a gals mentality and the thought process that how she thinks about her life partner…I replied.. If you so much targeting money for rest of the life .. its better to target a Businessmen or Politician or some Gulf Shiek.. who can float you in money n make like sweeter as per your prospective…..and the argument continued….and it ended with a tragic end…!!!

But one thing I got to know about the present scenario… that gals are not as we think…!!! There are such kind of gals also on earth who live for money and have a basic mis-consumption that only Software Engineers are the only people who is called & recognized as Engineers on Earth. And the others are just …. no more to say I guess….I had a sharp edge sentence to tell her that “ Civil Engineers Do earn enough bread for their Life”.

Hope my conclusion satisfies all those other than Software Engineers… 