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Saturday, January 2, 2010



1.5 hrs…!!!Oman lag behind India in time race . Everything comes one n half late here. Except weekend. Weekend makes its presence two days early. But still feel like going out on Sunday than working in office…J My roomy sleep till afternoon on Friday. Even GOD is angry on him. Of course its genuine to be angry as why shall he show him free movie till noon..??? DREAM also has its own meaning n timing right..???!!! Its limited till morning only. These are some initial kick I got to know about this plated island people. People read n write from right to left. They sit at leftto drive vehicle.

Hmmm weekdays are as same as it was before. I mean to say overall working days are same but not the individual day. Sun here starts playing hide n seek between those bushy clouds by 5 pm n spreads off his bed in complete dark by 5.30 pm. So we lead ourselves to home by 6.00 at the most 6.30pm. I take showers twice a day. Not coz I feel myself filthy but m trying my best effort to fulfill the unshowered days of these Omanis here…Someone should really thank me for this..!! J Again by morning 6.30..sun urges to wish Good Morning (though not needed everyday) to all here in Oman (donno exactly as I never got up so early to see his morning face). N the day goes on. Till now my weekends are bit same as b4. But the ly difference is I use to roam in Bangalore markets n malls but now in Muscat/Sohar beaches n hypermarkets. And one more thing is there I use to get down from bus one stop ahead n get back but here the taxi driver himself make all those necessary adjustments which makes me miss my Bangalore weekends…J Some things in life remain unchanged. Like this one…J Beaches n malls are the places here to kill the time. Both are stuffed by kicked off Indians from India including me…!!! I use to see more rainbow people in Bangalore rather than here. Here its mainly divided into 2 colors. That is Black & White. Omani Women are in Black n Men in White. It is further subdivided into again Black n White in themselves…. Like… Omani Women wear black Burka n keep their face RIN SUPREME white. I wonder wat emulsion they paint themselves. Even they glow in dark. Usually they come out wen sun sets. But the light n effect wat they produce is awesome. Coming to men …Omani wear white traditional cloth. Which they call kandoor or dish dash. For black contrast.. they add up madrasis n mallus…here widely cald as ‘malbaaris’ however u divide.. it wont catch up more than these two prominent colors. But whatever… our Indians contribute wherever they step in…that’s our speciality..

Here everyone is blessed with car. No matter the person here knows ‘A,B,C,D’ but he’ll be a skilled driver. Why not… 14 INR per liter first quality petrol can make anyone a better skilled driver.. we get ‘Bisleri’ bottle for same rate... Roads are as good as floors. They really invite anyone n tempt everyone to go crazy with the speed barriers of 140-180 Km/hr speed. They reflect at nights with lights. It looks like well polished floors. Our BMTC driver drives at 40 Km/hr max but here taxi guy pulls their bulls not less than 140 Km/hr jerk. One more fascinating thing I grabbed with these guys is they doesn’t beep their horn at traffic nor wen any 2 or 4 legged creature comes in front of vehicle. But I have seen people blowing it wen road is straight n clear. I dint get the logic here. I assumed it to my knowledge level that it might be coz they do everything in reverse manner…so they are afraid that any vehicle may kiss their back without knowledge. So to keep them alert they use horn. Great logic ha…!!! I feel its true. Actually in India they write “SOUND” “OK” “HORN”…and we read it left to right. But these saabis read it from right to left. So it means the driver moving front has to horn first n ask the tail END driver…is the sound OK..??...OOOppppSSS J they are not as buddhus as I thought haa!!! Wherever they go they are always with hands up to make on notice that they are really Saabis…!!!

Omanis are really soft hearted. They don’t get angry on other soon. If they get also they wont bark but if they sometimes shout also…people like me feel it normal. They usually don make more sound. Nor in roads neither outside roads. The language here is very easy to write. U can pick any word from at least 20 different languages write it in paper(preferably in user defined language)....n now once u are done with that now start reading it from right…U are a perfect Omani...J Pretty cool haa..!! but hard to digest…people here are very healthy with throat…coz they sing lot of songs with lot of people in chorus(unity in Omanity) digging their sound box to max haul that provides max impact. And people who listen same enjoy it to same extent. Unity prevails with everywhere with everyone. Songs are meant here by the people, of the people and for the people. Now lets talk about food…here also they continue to spread its shadow seamlessly...by surrounding a big round plate by 4-5 hungry hunks n sucking juice n hard muscles from dishes made out of almost all those creatures that can walk, creep n sail on hard earth n HO. No difference in any of the things. I was stunned to see ‘Bulls Eye’ as one of the dish in the menu list. I think they wont waste any part of body starting from eye to tail. I wonder coz it was a hotel maintained by a keralite. After seeing all these i shall define myself as “PERFECT DIETICIAN”. As being veggie itself makes here a big achievement. Here they like to convert non veg eatables into sewage even in the morning breakfast without break. Haha they work for it day n night. Hilarious…!!! No break in having muscles n no indifference.

Now lets come to Finance…Of course Vitamin M surely is the Pillar for any country n that’s wat it makes stable also. But as far as I can see the people here without specs (I even don use also J) in banks they do lot of works than required. They care their people a lot. So whenever wherever they find Omani customer they give them full liberty to come forward n express themselves. They mainly talk about the hierarchy of their family in solving n carrying out permutation n combination of their relations n relatives. As here 1 guy can marry n no. of ladies depending on his strength to buy her least price of 5000 OMR. Things are same with ladies but no money… So here gal child is like a investment. The more they get multiplied the more is the money. Poor guys come to bank n share their tragic stories n get suggestion from customer care for their future investments. Of course this is a national prob too. .n customer care people are meant to care their money. Anyways my point of interest was something else to explain. I opened account here in a nationalized bank. They flushed me out with account open along with ATM card in 3 mins . But it took 3 more days to get confirmed with my account no. as the acc. No. mentioned on ATM card, Envelope they provided, the mini statement n voice of sweet customer care completely mismatched with each other. This is the symptoms of strong economy. They doesn’t reveal any secrets to any. Even the A/c No. to their customer.. J

Whatever but m enjoying complete freedom here. No one to push me for bath or shave. As I had to follow strictly in ma prior lifestyle. Some changes should be always there as u know change is always constant. Though I take bath to regulars I stopped using blade. It took 1 long month to bridge gap firmly between hairlines to chin tip. Its like golden quadrilateral project which actually failed on our country map but passed with distinction on my face. Which makes me feel passionate towards middle east life style. This is the sign of perfect “UNMARRIED BACHELOR”. Now my beard turn its nose if I don’t provide enough shampoo while getting showers…J I never used comb to direct my own hair on skull since 9 months. But I need it now… even for my longitudinal oriented beard. My previous boss always use to ask if I use to go unshaved for a week. But here… no problem…my boss himself comes here to office once in a week. So he hardly can help himself to print my one week back snap into photogenic area of his mind. Haha… don let this to ma boss haa… else I may have to crush steel nuts which is really crazy thing to expedite.

I have still lot of things to tell but I really don think that u wud like to punish ya chair to bare ya weight n warmth anymore… so without taking much off your time I ll conclude to this here in next line n get some cool n crispy experiences in pieces relatively smaller bits…… Thanking You,........ Take care……J