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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Night in Majestic 3G !!!

A Night in Majestic 3G !!!

It was a freezy starving night. I was rushing to a place where I can feed my lonely empty stomach. It was past 5 minutes to 9.45 pm and I had to rush to bus by 10.15 pm. And the bus stood around 500mts away from food court.

I sipped a cup of curd rice in 5 minutes to fulfill the minutes balance between the bus and food plate. It was 7 mins more I had to be back on stand. I finished off everything in time and featured out in time. I passed all the stores & people atlast on the lane to reach my stop.

Hmmm I saw different colored people within that small area belonging to many different races & religion gathered in same place…!!! Haha where else we can see these diversity in a single hub..!!!??? Haha its Bangalore Majestic Saturday Night..!!! Thickly populated with random peoples around across the states & also globe finding their way out to move & reach their destinations…!!! LOL J

In between these normal peoples I found a girl black & white youthly dressed may be around 24 rambling around a lady may be in left & right of 35. Both were busy in some discussion. The picture came clear as I cleared some more distance. She was in white saree but actually she was not she. It was Heshe… I hope u all understood… Yup .. the 3rd Gender…

I kept on walking further neglecting the prior strange look and moved for 2 more mins and reached my place where I could get my Bus to home. Actually my reason to travel all 367 kms home was also unique. It was to cut my hand nails lol… J quite conspicuous matter… J

I was worrying about where shall I see my bus and my eyes started searching all the while on front end… Henceforth forgot to check back. Seconds later I realized some shadow accompanied me in searching same bus lol… I got a sudden U turn…!!!! And what I found..!!! Bhoommmm!!! Can anyone believe it..??? It was the same white dressed girl and that Heshe was some footsteps apart..!!! I was like my temper gone down sudden and if somebody had checked literally my body temperature with a thermometer… there could find the real difference in temperature between foot & head… Really it would be astonishing fact. I could feel the temperature dropping down bit by bit… I was like some people gets accidentally captured in gigs & Laughs shows. Every other humans around were staring at me as to know what shall be my next move. I was stunned for a while. That girl so openly & so near…!! Ufff…!!! I stepped back n with a high sigh of relief gasped into crowd…!!! And made myself realized that I am no more in the show…!!!

Uffss first time in life I had ever experienced such a panic situation lol…!!! I had a sigh of relief and shall never ever forget this night with 3G in Majestic…LOL J !!! 3 G ever meant 3rd Generation for the world ... But I had something different to mean... for me that night 3G meant 3rd Gender... LOL J