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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Five Point Nothing…!!!

Five Point Nothing…!!!

It was the early days of Engg we hardly new any counter game techniques to play with the subjects that were preached in colleges. It was then physics cycle for us in the first sem. We had real tough time in the beginning. As we were going out of focus in classes as coz of new pan of subjects in front of us and we being outsiders had some daily duties to be followed like introducing ourselves to the seniors at hostel after moving class. We hardly could focus anything hard on studies.

A week before it was announced that we will be facing internals of twenty five marks. But the syllabi was getting bulgier day by day. This created some sought of panic inside as the first internal for us doesn’t meant not less than as of writing a final exam. We were all new to this system of having eight subjects for six months. We were habituated to handle six subjects for twelve months. So eight subjects really meant some One Twenty percent more to us.

Last two days before the first internals…I found no difference in day n night. Made both the ends meet with a gap of three or four hours. Prepared as if I was leaving for a war unarmed. Two internals per day was no joke for me at least at that initial stage. I coped all possible questions n damn answers n some derivations which was sure to appear. I prayed my mighty GOD to give me the power to pen down the right things in exam.

At last that mighty hour came. Bell rang to start the exam. Q-papers prevailed every end of class room. I was in love with my Q-paper. Love at first site. As it had all those questions which I guessed. I grabbed my Answer book and started. Things went well for five marks. At last had I was to derive a equation for black body radiation or something. I donno my pen refused to move further. Mind got blocked as if m into all new incarnation n I don’t remember the past. And that too in a examination hall it was like your car gets strucked in a no man’s land and u have still hundreds of miles to reach the destination. No help knocked me in all possible three sixty degree. Sweat resisted to fit inside the body n started growing thicker on face. There was no Oasis for me until I got into end bell of the exam. I pathetically ended my first internals in on a mid desert.

Results were out in a week. And I knew I there was no much to cheer for me. But still collected the answer book. It was just all added FIVE for me. I tried for something more by checking with undoubted doubts in the answer book to get something more than five. But dint work. Class ended. And the famous song “Yaaro yaaro geechi hooda…” uttered in clear tone from inside. That night I honestly cald home n informed about the marks. But still they supported for improvement in next. But that guilt was eating me raw.

That day only I decided to change the study culture. I freaked out for movies. Threw the books onto the shelf and touched it only night before the internals. Watched as many as twenty three movies in theatres in first sem alone. Still managed to score twenty n twenty five in second n third internals. The average marks of best of two internal was calculated n twenty three was stamped at the finals. Whatever may be…but the figure FIVE POINT NOTHING for the first internals remained history in my records.