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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ek choti si Love Story J

Ek choti si Love Story J

Dear Readers…. I cant help and sorry for making you to read one more love choti si love story… What to do.. its not my fault… J My age is driving me like that J Here we start…. J

Drizzling out and crispy dosa in… Hmmm what a combination…in a rainy day…lol.. J I left the dosa camp… Hmm next to move to office…the two thorns in the watch were faster than me J I raced with those & made my way to Bus-stop… Minutes later it was a awesome moment of my life… I coudnt resist from waving her n stop her…!!! She stopped near my knees…!!!

Oh God ..!!! I was standing near my destiny of life… J Hmmm she was staring at me & I was staring to my life’s one of those who will be further responsible to connect my destiny…LOL who knew this fact haha…!!! She took me in her vehicle to my office… J she started staring at me as the tires rolled on. We dint had much to talk between us but there was so much to know about each other..lol J silence talked rest of the things till we met our stop to office… J she dropped me & had a caring look and moved away…!!! J

Hmmm I reached office. But she had already pre-occupied in my mind for the day.. J It was first day for my office and I din had any other thing to discuss with my colleagues. While coming I somehow got her but how to go back…!!! My office stood almost outskirts of city which was supposed to be part of waving hands to those visitors who wish to travel by flights…. Hope you guessed my work-place J. The day went in discussing about how to go back as it stood too long out of heart of city…

Hmm day slipped to noon… And noon greeted evening…which meant..I have to say bye to office and need to find way to connect back to home. I wished to happen the same that went on at morning..!!! I wish she would come again and pick me to my place again J I waited for minutes and atlast I had something to cheer atlast J..Guess what.. She came again J I was like there was no fullstop for my joy J I waved again and she stopped with a smile…I got into and she was on the way… we shared some of our things that made us more familiar wit each other…J things got warmer and hot bit more… J some grooves of sweat made their path-rised to down the lane. Uufff hot she was this time all together J. Hmmm atlast reached my home she went to her den.

Next morning same story repeated…same hot dosa …cloudy weather … she came at right time… J what else one can expect from a partner for rest of the life…. Comfortable company till office J but she din say her name anytime… L I tried to ask her details many a times but never she let out her secrets.. But one thing was there… She was a great lover of mine.. She started catching me daily at my office timings … on early chill mornings & rainy evenings. Sometimes it use to get late at nights..still she din even care her parents at home…& came for me..!!! we got close to each other day by day..and got to know when she will leave her home and where to catch her and the timings etc etc.. J we started moving on weekends… J our relation got thicker..better understandings…!!! She never let my foot down on roads..uff what else a partner need J… I am really happy travelling wit her and moving round the city.. Hope u have guessed her by this tume….yeah…you caught it right..she is none other than our soul of the city… the BMTC buses… J