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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The 8 mistakes of my life

It is said that parents or teacher screw their children when they are kiddies. It doesn’t mean that they don love them. But in turn it means that they love more then wat the childrens guess n mould them to the finest. I was one of them. Everyone was so much back of me that no one wanted to leave their quota of screwing me when I was kid…J

It was just a weak passed from my day of promotion from Class 1 to Class 2. We hardly knew who was our class teacher. Suddenly a sweet Madam in pink sari with matching lipstick came into the class as late comer. But aint she was. She was our Class Teacher…!!! I was just floated a bit and was happy to see the new madam. For this thing I have say sorry to RADHA addressed in my prior blog as my first crush. Actually I had the crush when even I dint even heard the word CRUSH. Meaning of it was like pineapple on a unknown island. Well now I feel the use of elders screwing their youngers is ain’t bad… we grow up without our knowledge. But only thing is the wonders we created in our childhood is only given the true color when we recycle it from the memory bin.

I never use to miss my classes. If I wud have done that also I wud have been screwed either home or school. N I dint know much places than either these two. But still I was not so buddu also…Honestly I was bit dishonest wen I really dint wanted to brush my shoes till school…JIn fact I was molded…J I had several forecast reasons to escape…like headache, stomach ache, fever etc etc…. But coming to this madam… she was very pretty n stylish then all…she was bit round about but nevertheless stood out of all n the prettiest madam I ever saw than the heroines who were like twinkling stars.

LUCY MISS…J ..yes that’s wat we used to call her. Perhaps every student practiced the same. But she was strict enough to me anyone’s nightmare. We always by default fear to that stick which she use to carry it like her number plate on vehicle. Never gets detached. And as usual n as said above I was loved too much from childhood by all. As a result I was 100% sure of tasting the stick in every 1st week or at the most 1st month of my newly promoted classes was a mandatory ethic I followed. I maintained it.

Now this time it was a heart-breaking sequence. More accurately saying…crush getting crushed…!!! My madam gave some 30 different English words to study n to learn it write it without seeing. That’s wat cald DICTATION.. The total dictated words wud not cross 10. So the probability was 1 in every three or randomly tougher in three…Punishment was 1 sweet kiss on hand from her beloved stick for every wrong word that we wud predict..I had very clear vision n highly defined grasping power to grasp the spell from others wen they move their pencils onto book...I somehow managed to mug up all those but it hardly got digested. There were thousands of thoughts going on in mind. In between how shall I remember these silly 30 words. But they were ain’t so silly wat we thought. At last that moment came. Where we wrote at the centre of whole new page DICTATION… which we all copied from the bored. It was the age when I cudnt spell my name itself. Actually after getting habituated to this way of learning I mugged spelling of my own name wen I was on the way to my school in Class 5. I still remember how I use to speak to myself repeating my spelling while walking side of lane with green bushy weeds on either sides of road. I have really put such a effort to remember 5 letters for 5 days without any confusion.. Then how can I imagine doing miracle in Class 2 with those 30 magical words. Which appeared like as if she has collected it from 30 different globes. Well I was no more a magician. As n how she started my mind started working on probabilities n combination with countless options. My mind was sound enough to figure out any lighter confusions into deeper one. Even grasping power dint help a lot. Coz everyone was in chaos that wat they are prediction will actually end with silver lining or they may end in deep shit… so one after another she went on dictating.. the page once started like a neat golf coarse had now become a pig yard. Erasers made their maximum contribution to keep it clean. At last 10 magical unknown words ended. Now the real threat started. Bench after bench everyone started to remain in line to get the corrections from my favorite madam. Till then I din say any hi to that stick. This probably the first time I shall express my gratitude. 3 mistakes, 5 mistakes.. the guys rolled in some or other probability in and around…. My term was next…n I was totally finding myself weightless… she was going on correcting my book..n I was counting the number of mistakes without any confusion… if I was not wrong it summed up to 8 out of 10. How fine it was if it was correct ones. Now how can I get screwed up 8 times in a row without rest. One after other with pathetic crumpsy wrinkling on ma face I managed to get all 8 out 8 on my only 2 little hands. It turned red. It was so hot n red that till then the crush which ws cooking inside burnt black n got crushed…L my first crush crunched in disastrous ending.

Later she came onto black board n erased the irrelevant on the board n also the heap of crush in my tiny heart… L n the cloud of chalk covered the board same way heavy droplets was about to civer my eyes. To much loving bring tears. This is really true…J and m very glad to inform that the same madam in Class 6 gave all possible 100 out of 100 in science. Now this shall make some real difference…J The 8 mistakes really fetched some fruit for me… J I still n ever respect u LUCY MISS…J

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shillpa said...

Good one. i went to my school days. soo nice..