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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Class- 6



This Valentine’s Day is something special for me. As because I am celebrating it in some unique way by writing this blog. This blog can be considered as concluding part of previous blog ‘MY FIRST CRUSH’. There is lot to tell about Class-6 in my life. This year now there’s no more RADHA in the stage to pull out the crush story. Nevertheless, life wasn’t a full stop for crush to make a entry.

It was another unwontedly regular day in our Class-6. Me n PAVAN with strange eyes grabbing all possible concentration, were looking onto the Blackboard. TRESSA MISS was Class teacher for this year. And we were already heard that his being quit very strict enough that can make any student speechless to answer silly question like ‘what is 2X2??’. We wud have thought twice to reply it. Sounds silly but really we faced it at the nearest. Sitting in her class was no better than watching 3D horror movie with 3D specs alone in theatre. Everything felt so near n realistic.

She took literature English, pathetic Mathematics & Social Science as her subjects she announced. I and Pavan saw each other as we saw never saw each other before. It was hard to digest for us for three most pathetic subjects are handled by the most furious madam of all time… but one thing I have to say is she was very good in writing on board n report cards. The third person never made a wrong guess to read out wat she has wrote…J she had that capacity of holding the finest Belgium glass on our performance…J. Else than that Science was taken by favorite Lucy Miss, Kannada by Itlakki Sir n Hindi by Behanji (Kulkarni Teacher).

Class started by 10am after daily prayers both outside and inside the class. We sung national anthem out and in class we had separate prayers for English n Kannada medium. We all stood in our respective place n sung with joining hands…the following lines.

“Oh my God,

We are…

About to study

For the

Love of the

We be seech the

God blessing.”

Damn good I guess I uttered the same words wat we use to jus surpassed by lip movements in group at our classes. I beg no one shall ask the meaning…J.All we sat back. I was sitting at second of second bench. Madam had her usual entry with bunch of chalks n a black purse, with subject related neatly binded text book. The murmur and bithching vanished with her steps marching forward towards the table as like rain stops suddenly wen it makes its wrong entry in hot summer. “GOOOOD MOOOOOOOORNING MISSSSSS” a chorus of 58 joined me wishing my madam. She wished back as usual in serious tone.

She erased the chalk writtens on board completely to make sure that this board now her property for next 45 mins. Black board really looked truly black now. She then dusted the duster to the offset wall of the door. The cloud of chalk covered that whole area. She then came back to her table n wrote ‘English’ in her own style of letter ’E’ being in mid capsed n other running letters followed as soldiers behind the Emperor inn lower case. She always used mid capsed letter to start with either that off high capsed. I tried all my possible options to show it as close as to reality which Mr. Bill Gates has supported me through MS-word with possible option of font style n color. She underlined it twice one over the other as if she is not at all concerned about that poor chalk which sacrificed itself to lit the tube lights that was set in all 58 students.

Me n Pavan had no good reason to prove that we are much interested in class. We were sitting because we were just sitting and we had to sit next coming whole year. Suddenly a sweet female voice “Excuse Me Miss” barricaded all other attention with a ham-fisted feared look towards the Madam .

Not Againnnn…… ;-) my mind alerted. The lantern in mind glowed as like 1000W mercury lamp. We couldn’t look back the Madam until she slipped the next line from her pink lips. She was again not Radha but more refreshing to look at with some unique features. Her hairs were lengthened till nose I front which she maintained to keep it over head with a black tiny hair strip and it quite cover till neck at back. She was transferred all the way from another project area ‘Shaktinagar’. May only to replace my first crush…J . She was with a cover in her hand which had some predicted text books. She was quite modernized as off others as she was very neat with her pressed dress covering most of the skin. She was not with shoe for the first day as she was not really aware of the kind off wat she need to follow. Oh those bare legs in sloppy healed sandals were quite destructing n disturbing to any idiot dumb who is classified in the category of MALE. The toe nails were polished with pink nail polish which obviously any unseen guy also can guess. But only a gal can explain y she’s crazy about the color ‘PINK’ in better way. She had a same match with her hands. A tiny round faced black belted watch peeped outside world holding her left hand with buckle. A white shirt n a blue skirt as usual ramped her till knee n rest were left free for us to ramped by our eyesites…J. Those hairless legs were something awesome to look at so close that too in that age n who else can spend so many hours to see that no unwanted hair could left alive that shall kill her beauty than a true beauty conscious gal... J Slim n hot to resist is over all what I can define her as a whole .

Madam greened her with reasonable introduction. She was made to sit at second of second in gals row as accordingly to height. Exactly where I bumped myself in with guys. In those days we had some crazy thinks in our minds. We use to match guys with gals with respect to their position of sittings in the class. Like if the middle half of the class is folded like a paper right at the centre then who’ll face their opposite partner. I was quite more satisfied now to match myself with her…J Sorry Pavan, You still remained on cutting edge of first bench which in turn matched a gal called SAPNA. He always use to say …”Sapnaa tum kab hogi apnaaa” hmmm quite a poetic guy. But I think I can’t expect him to bump himself so long to write this whole blog. So I have taken the charge of describing him n little bit on myself in this blog…J

Now my neighby was PRADEEP. Who always stood first in class in showing marks to his parents more proudly than anyone else could dare to do the same. And I was waiting something magical breeze flowing from his end wud change me from lantern light to mercury lamp…J I mean even I wanted to come first in class…Off course who doesn’t like to be….!!! But the theory of “If everyone become leaders then who’ll be the followers” always made me to think twice to lead the class n ruined me rest of the life…J

He was one of those silent creatures who could kill someone with silence. But sometimes he use to pull the neighbies…by their respective eye catching pairs…. That’s really cool n common but the person who is in see-saw was really found to be in fire…. It was hot outside n really cool from inside… I enjoyed the names twinkling up but ain’t so open topic to discuss. One more my all time(School days till 10th only) friend cum enemy was MANOJ who was considered to be the Master of Mischievous activities. Well this blog is not sufficient to explain his glory…J He was the inventor of LOVE CALCULATOR in our class. He use to join any two names in our class which belong to male n female category… n calculate the percentage of being matched n announce it in the class as if he is standing in some campaign for the forth- coming election. I was not any odd man of his victim list. Obviously he joined my name with many but I was rather curious to see the result until turned with her. He made use of all his best skills that he learnt till Class-6 to bring out the result on boards as 72% OOooops did I love her so much..!!! J A pleasant figure to look at. But the way he campaigned it like repeated Ad on television in any One Day match like repeatedly after every over…. really turned blushing pink to angry red. There was usual WWE we use to practice in such situations and the scene use to drop the screen by oathing each other of not talking for rest of the life. But this too dint remained for many long days. He maintained the same log sheet with many of us in the class.

Hummmm at last a day came where it was pre-declared test day made its bouncy entry in quite exact month end. Our knew one fact that guys go pink to sit with gals. And guys or gals together as a whole in exam can fetch any dumbo could earn the seal of COPY n PASTE of 25 below the line to above one or at least the digit with prefix ‘2’. So it was made a interlocking of guys n gals… I mean to say guy n gal seated besides to low down the copy cat skills. As from start first bench was mingled later it came our turn. She was made to sit beside me. Her angel eyes looked me first time so close. Even I was not supposed to dare to search her black eye-piece in her eye ball. It conveyed me to push back so that she can easily fit into to come inside with crossing any speed-breakers in between the desk. I shrugged back my ass as far as it possible to touch the back bench. She made her first close entry. The fragrance of ‘Spinz’ deo never been as pleasant as of that day. As the movement came closer…my heart beated as if some rock band is performing madly on stage with hundreds of drums.. As she came closer n closer to pass over me… it was like watching solar eclipse from hours together to see the complete dark…. And at last that magical moment came. The back upper shin of her knee sliced my hard knee bone. That was something I shall never forget. I was like I lost the knee down with that cut. Solar eclipse is now no wonder. Its happening every year. But that touch was once in life. OOooopsss… who else in this world can get such a chance to sit with his/her most believed crush in exam. Poor madam, coudnt judge us properly. I should really thank her for putting her best efforts to make us sit together. We shared all unknown answers for the known questions. We now no more blushing strangers. But we were blushing friends here after.

Every now n then here after she or me talked for one or the other reason. I asked her the perfume that turned me sick whenever she use to come near. She revealed with no shrink in face with quite a giggle smile on her face. Whenever I use to turn on gals row or vice-versa….we use to see each other. There are still tones of things to reveal. Think if I go on writing this…it will not end in just one or two pages. N surely her father will come with gun searching me on this desert island n I ll be his prey before you all finish the last line of this blog… J

Days passed to months n months to year. We were at the end of Class-6. We all gathered to pull out our lucky nos in the exam. Madam distributed the Progress Report to all of us as per the rolling nos. There was something more blushing waiting for me. My fav madam of Class 2 had something who once gave as many as 8 beating four on either hands has awarded 100 full marks out 100 for science which I never dreamt. I was made 10th most person to stand in a row of securing 10 best highest marks in all subject. The breeze that blew really had some effect to igite from lantern to mercury lamp…J Though zero had no value for her but I guess she was also happy with that zero… J

Hope I briefly ate ya enough time n head in revealing my Class-6 of my life…J