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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My First Crush..!!!

My First Crush..

It was jus another day in class…we were onto our first bench facing blackboard. I had ma best pal PAVAN on ma side. We were considered the shortest n I was short no.5…n he was no.4.

We were with total strength of 58…out of 28 sweet gals rest all were guys. No doubt guys were also sweet enough..Until one day till a new chick wanted to change the above number and to swing the proportionality to more balanced n stable equal strength on either side.

“Excuse Me Sir…” was the call to pull the attention. Short hairs, knee capped sky matched blue frock till it support sleeveless to project out white shirt, black stripped belt on the waist with a plain red tie with a pair of black shoe n white socks fulfilled all the requirements to say that she is none other than our one more new classmate. She had stolen two 40 volts bulbs to visualize the world in front of her. Even it helped others to follow her till home…J this is enough to say that she had all glitters in her eyes..that capture anyone’s attention. Her sweetest name she can mention wen anyone asked her is RADHA.

First day … it was a shy day for her. N also both of us to go near her n introduce in a vice versa procedure. It took a week to make each other familiar n hence it can be cald a slow n steady start. My pal was also interested to move his attention wenever he use to get some free time. We started calculate love percentage n all…But eventually the other stupid guys were always ready with brick n mortar to build big bunglow of rumors around it n there were budding directors n storywriters who could create sensational stories around any one single rumor. So most of the things went in dark…

Things went into days..n days to month…once I met her in market with her Pa. I was hanging to ma papa’s pouch. Surprise n joy waited me to greet both ma hands wen pa’s of either started their chat as good old friends. But we both were shy even to look at each other…though both wished to…J its something crunchy shy n unexplainable feeling to put it on board here now. Paa’s continued their chat n we started looking all idiotic world else than each other. “Shall I stare her or not” this was the million dollar question which was 32 cm brain from all possible 360degrees. At last my pa pulled the brake by concluding the talks. A last glitter look n sweet smile while turning back made a everlasting picture on the film of mind n heart guaranteed until I maintain normal consciousness intact..J.

The next day was something to rejoice. The chori chori looks turned much familiar one now. We were managed to see each other n measure the radius of eyeballs now. Short phrased lines started emerging out of old locked lips which was waiting to get open since months. Only thing is key was wat we both lost to open it. Phrases turned to sentences n soon sentences made paragraphs. Before it turned to pages year ended like ink in the pen dries up wen u are writing last line of the exam to fulfill 35 Passing marks. It got ended n I got failedL

And before I could see her in first class of next year…she was no more with same uniform. This crunched some unseen dreams…but still she was ma first crush though it got crushed without ma knowledge.. J I don wanna say anything more about this.. coz she is still in touch… J

Days later we were promoted to sit in 6th std. n we were busy as usual without work…we were bored without seeing her. Until then a sweet voice made its knock…

“Excuse Me Sir….” N continued so on…J


Nivedita said...

Nice one... :)
Short and sweet crush...

Vinay Hegde said...

Thank U Nivedita... ;)

shalini said...

sweet crush.... till now how many:) ha ha ha