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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Name is Kichcha...!!!

My Name is Kichcha…!!!! J

Restless nights and hopeless mornings…these were the taglines that used to come across as soon as we use to wake up every morning in the early hostel days. Restless night doesn’t meant that we locked ourselves in rooms with books n finished entire six months syllabus in those nights. It was the introducing time for us for the fate that we entered the hostel. Nevertheless.. Engineering ain’t been so easy as if we were without introducing ourselves to all our superiors. There was real bonding on the later days but getting into that bond was as harder as dental student working out at his first bypass surgery…J No match right..!!! same thing happened here also… all branch juniors introduced themselves to their all branch. No matter he was Dental, Medicine or the hardcore Engineering.

Daily nights were colorful to see with guys crossing their fingers to enter into a new room. It was a daily routine for us with 3 to 4 guys moving in bunches. We use to introduce ourselves with name, branch, native, any special talents that we had, hobbies etc etc…There were highly technical n biological questions been asked by highly matured seniors. N some funny punishments which been funny when the term was really our own. But still it was not any harsh kind off. As days went we started enjoying giving these introduction.

It was a another evening at hostel n our term of getting into senior’s room was about to start..!!! we all first sem guys gathered in TV hall. As if we were found out..we were said to be IN in any of unknown senior’s room. So this was the safest place to hide into n discuss before we go into Warfield. We were watching a match n suddenly power slept n darkness got up…gathering all of us in its arms. We all became blind n kept ourselves unseen though vision was as good as in the morning. Suddenly a guy went off who was hanging onto window with a painful song..”YAAROO YAAROO GEECHI HOODA..” This song was an inspirational one for me. No matter I also knew only those four words I was successful to gather the further lyrics of the same in a day or two. Now this became a mighty sword for me to enter into the war field…J as soon as any of the senior asked about extracurricular activities or hobbies I started with these four words…n continued to complete a line. I maintained my throat in streamline to make the song to be heard as it is. But these merciless seniors started taking advantage by making me to sing it repeatedly as if I m a CD player. At last that CD got crap n I started the remix of same song by making song streamline with my original throat phoenix. Now this was something real time for me to enjoy. The next room I entered n start this song…. I was shown RED card…J n there was no much things to play anymore. I use to be on spectators seat enjoying the screwed up guys who came in parallel. My song became so famous that I started enjoying it during showers also. It was against the rules at least in the early days that a junior nominating himself as a bathroom singer…J

It was a night dinner n in the fully packed dinner hall …I was made to sing the song in middle of around TWO HUNDRED FIFTY ears. It was really ground breaking n everyone enjoyed the show. I was given some special treatment for this talent… J. My one mighty senior Venu.. still concerned of him…J came to me after this song n requested that never ever I shall deliver this beautiful song again. He told that he was in toilet that morning when I was busy taking showers with the song n he paused himself till I move out. Really pathetic for him that day. He couldn’t be productive in toilet for 10-15 mins. Quite a suffocating punishment for him…I ever dint know that my song had so much of spiritual power to pause some ongoing activity. I use to see such miracles in movies only where if something shocking scene has to be projected then they use to pause some birds flying or sea water gushing the hard rocks of breeze getting freezed etc etc..in late 80’s n 90’s movies J

Then onwards I was then popularly called as ‘KICHCHA’. This is my tale of getting this name…J...My name is KICHCHA…!!!! J


chaitanya said...

Nice one .... :-) Took me to ma col days again

Nivedita said...

Kichcha… its really nice, nange nan college days nenapu barta ittu...

yo said...

lkb....sesor board ge modlu nindu writings kalsu....den only post it....make me a moderator...

Vinay Hegde said...

@ Chaitanya.... Thanks..!!!

@ Niveditha.... Thanks..!!!!

@ Yo.... I dint get which part of the blog made u feel so... but whatever I would not make u as moderator... Because U are my next sweet Target...to write the blog..!!!lol,........:)