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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Once Upton a tym in 2nd Semister..!!! J

Once Upon a tym in 2nd Semister..!!! J

There is always a reason to laugh on our yesterdays…!!! J No matter what the person is today…he is still better than his yesterdays..!!! 

Well my last blog was a far off yesterday…where in I was focused to look onto my past when I was between sand dunes..!!! Its been almost 2 yrs to re-gather the some clarity & space to think of those days & find the right thread to catch the fish of old memories.

Banged …!!!!Uuuuuufff … Hot summer under Non-AC  3.8mts height RCC roof had something to say at 11.15 hrs on one of the routine Tuesday morning. It was time to step inside after  leisure at our University of Brahmappa Devendrappa Thavanappanavar College of Engineering. We… as usual had something to mumble in between towards each other & towards opposite poles that sat on the other half of the class. Gazing gesturing towards the other part was a part of settling down on benches & atlast time was set to face a unforeseen calamity which was least expected in the classroom in few upcoming seconds.

Mr. Nataraj ….our honorable Mathematics-II Lecturer had his left leg into class with bundle of Internal Assessment paper in his left hand & heavy Mathematics-II book served in his right. Everyone’s eyes got gulping around to find the  Temperature rised with certain degrees & pulled the sweat out of pores of every open & closed skin. Moisture inside mouth was like dried up Oasis. The simple reason for this natural calamity in class was…Maths Internals –II had a disastrous end a week back & that day was result day for the same which could reveal who had flooded & who got survived.

Papers got started distributing like some pomplet  for a evening show. Crowd started moving towards the lecturer as & when he called out the names. Many received Single figure & many more received nothing but just a answer sheet that was submitted. Clinch of gitters able to surpass the first double digit. Target was for 25 & to get the starting double digit itself was a Herculean task. Don’t know with how many wives he fought before setting the question paper. 

All papers sub-ceeded among the students. No stretched lips around. Atmosphere of a funeral prevailed to every second person sitting beside. Lecturer congratulated on this funeral & made a announcement…. “Those who has scored below min double digit…are suppose to pair with their parents or brothers/sisters next day”. It was a cruel assassination of students  without even asking the last wish..!!! L Mine had all every possibility of getting over double digit…But just missed & draped at 9 collective marks…. L Actually 9 is my lucky Number. But here…it was not enough to do the magic…!!!

Unfortunately I had no Predecessor or Successor in my life to witness  next day..!!!Being in hostel with a distance of 210 kms apart from parents…I had no clue or good reason to invite my parents on this auspicious occasion..!!!

It took 20 long years for my father to realize that I can do Engineering. But we were born Engineers. We have solution for everything. Gururaj S. Bubby… A Medicine guy..!!! stayed at Room 29… suddenly had too much affinity & became more closer than my own brother… J So… Doctors helps when child gets birth… J But a Engineer creates a Brother timely when required… That is the power of an Engineer J Another unbeatable truth is… this power limits creating brothers only… J

Hmmm the next day …. The ceremony day was on… My forged  blood relative ..My Male Angel with two pieces of glass over nose & a white shirt to make sure he won’t loose counts on no. of spits he could catch out of his tongue … J It was like some poor guy from earth has gone to hear a verdict at Mars..!!! J

Poor Bubby…  stood like a god from start to end of the session.  Session went from 10-15 mins…. Atlast henceforth came to some treaty.. had a brisk smile on each other’s   face … retraced there opposite paths….!!!!

Lecturer was on a satisfaction of spitting out his fire out like a angry dragon spilling out its fire storm..Bubby was on way home as it if there was a Tsunami at Mars..!!! And myself was floating over river band of chocolate J !!! 

Next two more internals was good enough to score over 20+ & keep a healthy double figure on the triumph card by the end of the sem…!!! J Parents were happy with the end result..!!! Mr.Nataraj was happy after spilling fire…!!! Bubby was happy after absorbing…!!! I was happy throughout…!!! J  This is the beauty of Hostel life … J Everyone was happy all the time J Miss those days really for sure ..!!!


Unknown said...

Nice to see a Blog on Bubby Name :) He is always like helping others who are in difficult times :)

Vinay Hegde said...

Yeah...liked it.. :) Feels like someone from our hostel has left this comment...!!! who remembers Bubby.. :) It wud be great if you wud have mentioned your name across... :) anyways thx for the comment.. :)

shalu said...

Back with the Bang ....:-):-):-):-)..good one ..keep it up...:-)

Vinay Hegde said...

Yeah Thank U Shalu :)

Bindumalini said...

:) Nice..Reminds me of some common things which are common to all engg candidates!

Vinay Hegde said...

Good to hear Bindu...!!! :) some other corner of this field also persists same wavelength as what we faced...no matter where n what the time is ... Engg....& Hostel....are just evergreen forever :)

Venkatesha N said...

Nice one hegde....mathe college days ella nenapagtha edde..!

Vinay Hegde said...

Good to hear from u Vanki :)