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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Me & My Shadow

Me & My shadow..!!!
A Reminisce…:

1st October’2011, 11:36 hrs,

Procession of series of sweat lines made their own route to flood till feet..Those feets which were busy in thier metabolism towards a new unseen place called Royal Enfield showroom. Minutes later Sweat over head was num with the happiness around…from bottom of heart to peak point of a about to fall hair to the tip of the toe-nail… Guess what… I was About to book my dream bike…My Beast… Honestly telling I never got such a close view to see the beast in my lifetime as it was not adviceable to see any other’s bike so closely or termed as a educated behavior…!!! J
I saw all the variants to every inch it shined & every minute I spent there in the showroom…Then started dreaming of the day when really I could hold my own beast with my own skin, muscle & bone… J

As I stood near the beast… its silence mumbled something in my ears which hardly anyone else heard..!!! It said… “I need to be more Muscled & heavy to handle it..” The whole night same words ate me raw & I decided… I shall hit the doors of Gym next morning…!!! But next morning was Sunday…& also Gandhiji’s B’day… J How can I miss my sleep & his B’day pulling mammoth weights & play hilarious gestures to really workout to some extent..!!!
Week rolled on…Reasons rolled in hand in hand..& both hands made me never see the longer & shorter hands of a analogue clock stretching 5am.

27th July’2012, 18:47 hrs,
Weeks rolled on to Months…& the day came when my mobile sobbed out to say something special…!!!! It had only 6 wonder words to say… “Your Beast is ready to collect.. J” And the whole world looked so pampered…. J. The same night … The same words played in my ears… I could barely build my tummy & everything remained same… L Next day I went with a friend of mine to grab the beast and he helped me in to land it near ma home…!!! My later task was to pull it into home fence & make it feel secure…!!! The 185kg Beast was quite heavy for me to shake it raw..!!! Putting all my un-dissipated energy from every corner of the body… I finally placed the beast to its place… J. I and my shadow… took a oath that night…. That I need to move on… I must get into some shape atleast to match & add some contributes to the beast for its mass & size…!!!
The next morning..!!! Both myself & my shadow couldn’t find way to think that we are suppose do some workouts atleast… As muscles & bones called off out of pain…!!! Then after daily oaths, commitments went in conflict with myself & my shadow…!!!

08th February’2013, 8:43 hrs,
Sixth Month on flow after the Beast has landed & No doors of Gym I found open for me…Hilarious but true..!!! J My long beard had something to grind my thoughts and give a new flavor & look to the ever-exposed part of the body..!!! I started having a C dumped
convex Mustache hung below nose & over a cantilever of lips which added some weightage to suit the beast…!!!! J  Myself & my shadow were also convinced a bit thinking there wont be any further conflicts or contradiction in their respective opinions….!!!

24th May’2013, 13:53 hrs,
I strongly believed I am the same old man with same length & breadth but 1 Re coin into the weighing machine turned everything into a catastrophe….!!! Days later I checked again in another machine with another coin…!!! Result was same..!!! I was blown up by 5000 gms… & tummy was loosing its geometry..!!! Again Myself & my shadow came into existence instantaneously… !!! Oath was mumbled within to schedule a walk for next day.
Same day evening I was caught with cold & related stuffs….!!! Uff.. My state was pitiable & No sensible homo-sapien in this world will dare to go walk in a chill morning with running nose & stuffs…So that day also got into futile ..!!!

01st June’2013, 6:30 hrs,
Finally the day came atlast… There  were too many reasons tried stopping me But the strong will inside never repelled from its focus... After having long conflict in mind for
about 30 minutes…Finally my both feets were lazed & with required outfits I stepped out…crossed many street poles with lights…unopened shutters of shops…crazy 65+ guys & gals…trying to walk faster than me…people riding in towards a park & from the park… People carrying milk & newspaper….ufff…I haven’t seen all such people in a single stretch in single shoot ever in my life…!!! Mornings….Early mornings are sooo different…!!! I had 500 mts to step..to reach the park… 5 mins later .. I found myself in a big park which had a perimeter of 1km…!!! I saw people wit hair to hairless… black to grey hair…straight to curly hairs….ear-holes to earplugs…bulgy to stiff…all kind of human race was racing one behind another to burn their inbuilt calories…!!!
I had one tough candidate who use to walk with one-half leg but use to move like pebble out of stretched catapult…J I tried all perimeter… but then thought why to hurt a person who has come over here to show the caliber under Physically Handicapped quota J.
1000mtrs plus walk towards home made me perspire….Legs felt increase of kelvins…I thought its normal symptoms of a athlete who re-starts his warmout after a decade… J
By evening I was worthless than that Physically handicapped guy in park…!!! Fever hugged me at mid of the park…without my notice…& even another’s
notice…J The Myself & My shadow who use to take oath at every circumstances of life…were found absconding…!!! I was left alone with the pain & kelvins…!!! I was left clueless & days after understood that the mother nature itself is not in agreement for my decision..!!! Then why should I go against it J
So there after… I killed Mr. Myself & Mr. My Shadow…. J Now leading a comfortable life  J


Unknown said...

U give up easily gubae....however liked your concious thoughts and observation around....:) good ones.

Vinay Hegde said...

Hi Unknown,

Thank U for your observation :)
But One has to also think about the thought process that started 2 yrs back... :)

shalu said...

very nice scripting..Good one...:)

Vinay Hegde said...

Thank U Shalu avare :)

Unknown said...

Ufff very short time span, just Oct 2011 - 2013 June :)

Vinay Hegde said...

I agree... :)