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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Queen Bee… !!!

The Queen Bee… !!!J

Oh Pavan(My childhood friend since class 1)…You have lots of interacts with me & I wonder why din you ask anything about the early days of college(Pre University) till now…Hmmm May be u are busy yet in ya life…J Well not a prob…I can make out..So I hereby took responsibility of doing so. Well let me step back to my college days again.

Hmmmm!!!! Subahh Hoi Gayi Maamuuu…..!!!!! Early morning took a hot water bath on early monsoon days. Some sought of energy filled morning it was… J excitement flew in each nerves. Prayed for bit long time n had breakfast.

Shoe lazed with new colored fabric dressed gave all confidence with a load of nervousness at back packed in bag, it was time to celebrate independence day from wearing uniform. Hurreeyyyyy…!!!! It took 10 long years to get this independence..!!! it was first day to college which stood at a distance of 17 kms from hometown. I along with Pavan n many more frns got admission in same college..!!!But first day is a first day….which shall remain evergreen in anyone’s memory. Hope if something greeny things happened to remember it for long time.

It was time leave now. Buckled the gate n ran into leap no bounds. There was still 15 mins more for the bus to reach the stop. But I hurried as it was the first day n I don wanted to be late in any respect. Bus came at its usual right time. Well I stepped in. Around 100 similar n non similar eyes pierced my full cutout size of 176cms as if some intruder bugging into their own bus…J It was a look as not less strange than group of hungry carnivorous rambling around a single innocent descent veggie prey. Hmmm this was no new to me…Hence was able to kill all those visions and make myself comfortable in a seat.

The bus bared my live load for half n hour more n stalled me in front of our college. Oh!!! The high of GF+1 building welcomed with stretching its arms of around 50 mtrs either side of the entrance. Hmmm took 10 more mins to pull the exact class where we need to sit that exactly meant that we were students of science. Hmmm atlast me with Pavan pulling his new trousers up above the belly entered the class. One thing I wana say about this loose trouser of Pavan is… He was a great planner. He planned that he will grow fat n lengthy in next coming years n so stitched a pant which was bigger in all respect…J so calculative he was… J

Well again all new faces looked us as we were like some day-time stealers J there were so many faces that were hardly we can remember at one sight. We were busy in scanning the bunch of guys n gals around us. Oh So colorful it was…

My day was green till now which I can mention as a evergreen memory. Until then till I found a gal who was really in green selwar. Oh wat a fusion of thoughts. Not agaaaaaain….!!! My lengthy pray in the morning went in vain…GOD cheated me again… J I dint wanted any crush stories anymore in my life. But long prays in the early morning also dint helped atlast.

Hmmm she was sitting on edge of a bench adjacent to guys group of benches. The unripped green memory turned ripped pink in no much seconds. She was onto board and I could get only the back n profile view of this inevitably beautiful gal. She had the longest hair which could anyone dare to or capable to have. I donno why this mighty GOD takes so much to design these kind of creatures and turn the guys weak. They say “Behind every successful MEN there is a WOMEN” this can be defined in another way like “Behind every Beautiful WOMEN, there are hundreds of unsuccessful MEN”. She the contribution, its almost 1:100… someone should really solute those 100 men who gave up whole of their life to make ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN… J well again coming back to her…she was with white dupatta to decorate herself from front. She wore a glass which added more to her personality and was sufficient to say that she was a studious gal…J

Suddenly she gave a glance back to me. Which showed all reasons for the prologue of this crush story. She dint spend anything for coloring her face. All natural but still beautiful.. she was a fused character of Aish & Angelina Jolie…I think no more to say anything how she looked and why anyone couldn’t escape from nominating themselves their name in crush list with this gorgeous gal. She carried a small leathery bag. She spoke fluent English n masala hindi to make her speech spicy. She looked like arrogance n dominating nature was already by birth and every chromosome in her cell had equal quality to contribute the same for her character. Pavan beside me also started looking this wit mouth open.

She was surrounded by her classmates of schools who again followed her n took admission in same college and were a hurdle to new-comers. Hmmm politics everywhere.. J she was the QUEEN BEE for all of them. And we were likes aliens on earth. We had our own troop but couldn’t help to find one more queen bee. Hmmm days went on to months n bunch of months helped to complete first year of Pre University Life. But no talks bridged bet us. Ly few memorable gestures made its mark which was sufficient to identify u if u were in group of 100 unknown peoples.

Well it was in second year where we actually started talking n crush turned to reliable friendship. It was now more relieved now because now I had no reason to talk to myself rather than I could talk to her directly… but I shall never dare to say that she was my crush…J. As we dint get enough time to talk or share by then as she had already overloaded with frns in her group…n over that taking me in that n that too as a close frnd with this much of understanding is quite a impossible thing that I could expect from any. Hmmm what to do… we guys always were bit away from gals as we all know the college and nature of peoples over there and what they think n spread rumors if they see any live conversation between a guy n gal. Hahaha… those were the college days. And we cant expect anything more from it.

After that I donno to which planet she migrated. Even after having so many communication facilities like internet, phone that really made the world small enough but I doono where n in which cave she buried herself till now. She was out of contact with almost all her friends donno wat went wrong or wat made her to take this decision. Now after 8 long years again, a week back she proved that the earth is really round and we meet the familiar faces again n again…Guess Wat!!! I met her in FB..and I think this blog answered Pavan’s question that why I dint write anything about my college days. I dint wanted to curtain this story with a tragedy ending..!!!

Hmmm I was born intelligent but this gals ruined me.. J there are lot of things that we do in our life without our knowledge. Now once we turn back n see the things what we did … I hope we don miss a smile on those things. J Take care readers..!!!


shwetha said...

Good concept vinay :) -- Tinku :) :)

shwetha said...

Good sense of humour sweetheart :) -- Tinku :) :)

Vinay Hegde said...

Thank U Tinku... :)

Anonymous said...

its very nice,, i like the way u describe ur queen bee it suit her perfectly... its very interesting to read no boring moments.. and i can feel ur admiration n respect for her,,, good job!!! keep it up

Vinay Hegde said...

Thank U there sweety pup :)... I liked the way u commented ... :) thanks again ..!!!